The Big Deal About Chip And Joanna Gaines Net Worth & Their Love Story

Things that make a man and a woman ideal for each other goes beyond physical attraction and the love they share. The idealness of a couple borders around a wide range of things that include each of them valuing the other person’s interests and supporting one another in the pursuit of their different goals and aspirations. Because of this, people are often encouraged to settle down with individuals of similar purposes. Chip and Joanna Gaines possibly prioritzed this before they decided to get married as the two are not just man and wife, but also business partners that have achieved celebrity status side by side each other.

Why Chip and Joanna Gaines Are Famous

Chip and Joanna Gaines are the co-owners and operators of Magnolia Homes, a remodeling and design business in Waco, Texas. Fixer Upper, an American reality television series about home design and renovation revolves around the couple. The show covers the many processes the duo use to transform dilapidated but reward-promising houses into showpieces that are helping revitalize entire neighborhoods of central Texas.

Working hand in hand to salvage hopelessly looking homes, Chip manages the construction and TV reality aspect of Magnolia while his wife handles the designing. Together, they also act as part-time counselors to clients who can’t see a structure’s beauty beyond the blemishes.

Their marriage has lasted over a decade and a half as they tied the knot in 2003 and have thrived as a couple ever since. Shortly after their marriage, Chip and Joanna Gaines ventured into the real estate business which as they would admit, wasn’t easy at first.

The couple was, however, able to weather the storm as they now own the profitable Magnolia Silos, a trio of chic home goods boutiques that have a presence in their hometown of Waco, as well as online. There is also Magnolia Homes, their high-end home renovation business, and Magnolia Realty which is their real estate agency that sells dream homes in cities in East Texas; Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio.


Comparing The Couple’s Net Worth and How They Achieved It

Chip and Joanna Gaines are said to be worth a combined fortune of $20 million, which they earned mostly from their house remodeling business and other ventures linked to Upper Fixer, their TV show. The business is fetching tonnes of cash for the duo and here’s why. Apart from the above-mentioned Magnolia businesses, the couple owns the Magnolia house, an exclusive vacation rental house where a single night lodging costs as much as $695 and above.

Also, they publish a quarterly magazine specifically on home improvement which according to statistics, has as much as 700,000 subscribers who pay $20 each for their yearly subscription. In addition to that, they own a line of premium interior paints that sell for around $46 a gallon. Their paint business complements their home renovation business. That is not all as it is reported that they earn over $30,000 for each episode of Fixer Upper.

Over the years, some of their fans have wondered who’s the wealthier among the two. The truth of the matter is that they are both worth $10 million, at least to the best of our knowledge.

How Chip and Joanna Gaines Met and their Family Life

Did you know that Chip and Joanna Gaines attended the same college? Yes, they both graduated from Baylor University in Waco, Texas in 1998 and 2001 respectively. They, however, never crossed paths with each other in the school as the first time they met was in Waco in 2001 after Chip saw Joanna’s picture in her father’s auto shop. Determined to meet her, he started frequenting the shop and it paid off a certain day when he met her and they chatted for a while outside the shop; marking the beginning of their love story.

Chip wasted no time to ask Joanna out after he met her. He called her the very next day and asked her out. The duo went for their first date and bonded over some fried chicken. A while later, they had their second date. Joanna was said to have been hugely attracted to Chip’s personality, so it was easy for the two to fall in love as they also have a lot of things in common. In all, Chip and Joanna dated for a year before they got engaged. On May 31st, 2003, they walked down the aisle and became man and wife.

Chip and Joanna have since welcomed five children; Drake, Duke, Ella Rose, Emmie Kay, and Crew. The couple have done their best to keep their kids away from the limelight as they have raised them on a farm. Despite being famous, the couple has maintained a very little distance away from home in order to give their kids the best care and upbringing.

The Truth About Their Divorce Rumors

Rumors over a possible divorce between Chip and Joanna Gaines have been circulating for a long time. The couple, like others, may have faced some challenges but they have been able to work things out.

Sometime in 2017, it began circulating again that the two have fallen apart and are getting a divorce. Chip wasted no time to shut it down with the tweet shown below.

In an interview with People, Chip acknowledged that he and Joanna have had issues. But then, he pointed out that they have come a long way as life and business partners. With that, he asserted that they would keep working towards spending the rest of their lives together.

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What Scandal Trails Them?

The latest scandal tailing the Gaines is their partnership with the mega-retailer, Target, to launch a new home line called Hearth & Hand with Magnolia. Several criticisms from loyal fans questioned their commitment to Christianity and traditional marriage. This is so because the couple had been praised in the past for upholding their Christain faith in their business decisions.

Fans called the Gaines’ partnership with Target hypocritical because of Target’s well known controversial policy on transgender bathroom use. This came after the scandalous lawsuit by Chip’s former Magnolia Real Estate partners who sued him to the tune of $1 million. They claimed Chip intentionally deceived them into selling their shares to him at an undervalued amount without discussing the future plans he had prior to the sale. However, Chip’s Lawyer dismissed the allegation as unmeriting.

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