Understanding Chiara Ferragni’s Rise To Fame, Husband and Net Worth

Through the years, Italy has become one of the most important places as far as wine and fashion are concerned – that is why as the cliché goes, you are to dress Italy even when you kiss French and eat English. One of those who has been defining and influencing the fashion of the country and beyond is the delectable Chiara Ferragni, an icon of great repute.

She is a fashionista, fashion blogger, model, influencer, and businesswoman who has become one of the most important individuals in the world of fashion. As proof of her groundbreaking achievements, she was ranked No 1 on the 2017 Forbes Top Fashion Influencer’s list. Though her parents are in diverse careers from the path she chose, they also influenced her choice in many ways that are worthy of note.

Who Exactly is Chiara Ferragni?

Chiara was born in the city of Cremona in the region of Lombardy, Italy, to a dentist father, Marco, and a writer mother named Marina. Her birth took place on May 7, 1987. Her father is from the region of Lombardy while her mother is of Sicilian origin and was born in Northern Itay. She was brought up along with her two sisters named Francesca and Valentina.

Not much is known about her early life, but she has stated that she was influenced by her mother’s writing ability and this pushed her to start a blog in 2009 which she called ‘The Blonde Salad.’ As at the time she started the blog, she was already a law student in Boccioni University in Milan.

She would later discontinue her education to focus on her fashion, blogging, and modeling exploits. At first, the blog was a mixture of various contents such as beauty, food, and travel. But as the blog grew in terms of visitors, Chiara decided to make the niche of her blog to tilt towards the world of fashion.

Why is She So Popular?

As at 2011, when she was discussed in one column as “One of the biggest breakout street-style stars of the year” by the ‘New York’ magazine, her blog was already racking up about 12 million views per month. Her success is a clear proof that making a career out of your passions really pays. She became famous as a result of her numerous exploits as a blogger and fashion, as well as her stints in modeling. These areas are arguably some of the fields that draw the most attention in the modern world.

Between 2013 and 2016, Chiara Ferragni won several awards, wrote an ebook named after her blog (The Blonde Salad) that contained fashion tips and styling advice. She worked together with an American fashion designer Steve Madden in designing a spring 2014 9-shoe collection and appeared as a guest Judge on American reality television show called ‘Project Runway.

She continued on her winning streak, making records in the process. In April 2015, she appeared on the cover of Vogue Espana issue for the month. That was the first time that a fashion blogger would grace the cover of the notable magazine.

The supermodel has teamed up with several brands to create different products, including working with Intissimi to produce Intissimi on Ice in 2017. She has also teamed up with American toy-making company ‘Mattel inc’ to create a Barbie doll that’s in the likeness of Chiara, amongst others. She has a fashion store in Milan.

As expected, Chiara is an extremely stunning lady with a height of 5 feet 10 inches and a weight of 55 kg. She has hazel eyes and blonde hair which may have inspired the name of her blog. In all, she is a real blonde salad, complete with all the toppings and trappings.

Her Awards and Recognitions

Chiara, through her blog and fashion enterprises, has been named one of “the most influential moms in the fashion industry” in May 2018. Her name has been on the Business of Fashion 500 most influential fashion people since 2013 and it seems like it has come to stay for good.

Named the Best Personal Style blog on a regular basis, her works earned her a spot in Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2015. She has also received several ‘Blogger of the Year Awards’ which includes three Bloglovin both at home in Italy and overseas.

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It didn’t come as a surprise when Pantene named Chiara Ferragni as the brand’s global Ambassador in 2016. She subsequently went home with the Footwear News Achievement Awards.

According to the fashion businesswoman, if not for her blogging, she might have continued with her studies to become an international lawyer. She nursed this dream earlier in life but it seems the fashion icon in her is stronger.

How Much has She Made?

With a blog that amasses over 15 million views per month and over 1.5 million unique views every month; in addition to several collaborations with big fashion companies and business people in the industry, several modeling gigs, several awards, and endorsements, it is safe to say that the Italian who is still young is living the life of her dreams. Her net worth is said to be around a whopping $8.5 million – $12 million.

Who is Chiara Ferragni Married To?

Chiara Ferragni
Chiara Ferragni and Fedez (Image Source)

Meanwhile, the fashionista is no longer single. She started a relationship with an Italian rapper back in 2016. Chiara Ferragni became engaged to the rapper, singer, and songwriter Federico Lucia who goes by the stage name Fedez when he proposed to her while on tour during his Verona Concert in May 2017. The proposal was not an ordinary one as it was heard live on radio and TV.

What makes the engagement even more appealing is the fact that it happened on the birthday of the beautiful model. The couple welcomed a son named Leone in March 2018 before tying the knot in September 2018. They now live and shuffle between Milan and the United States with their son and their dog named Maltida.

As a young girl, Chiara was particularly interested in becoming a Cali girl and so, she did not hesitate to share her time with her family between California and Milan in fulfilling her childhood dream.

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