Who Was Chesty Morgan? Here are Facts About The Dancer 

To many people, Chesty Morgan is nothing more than a former exotic dancer who made a living thanks to her hefty chests. However, she is much more than that. The former dancer and actress has a very interesting story of surviving great tragedies and coming out on top of it all. Her career has seen her performed in different parts of the world and she has acted in a number of films including Deadly Weapons (1974) and The Old Stripper (2018).

Who Is Chesty Morgan?

Although it is as Chesty Morgan that she is widely known, the actress was born Liliana Wilczkowska on October 15, 1937, in Poland. She was born into affluence but by the time she was two, the tragedy that would follow her for many years to come began with the German Invasion of Poland in 1939. Her family lost all its business and with tensions of a looming war, she moved with her family to a ghetto.

Her mother left the house one day to get shoes for her niece but that was the last time that Liliana saw her as she was captured by the Nazis. The little girl always believed her mother would return but she never did. Next, she lost her father to the German uprising and was raised in various orphanages in Israel.

At the age of 20, Chesty Morgan met an American, Joseph Wilczkowski whom she would later describe as a good man. Five days after they met, the two got married and that helped her to move to the United States where they settled in New York.

Because Joseph was thriving with his butcher shops, he did not allow his wife to work even when she wanted to. One night (in 1965), she got a late-night call from the police to inform her that her husband had been killed by armed robbers. She wanted to kill herself but thoughts for her two daughters (one was 4 years old, the other was four months old) prevented her.

With no job to support her kids, she was later introduced to strip dancing which gave birth to the name Zsa Zsa. She would go on to perform in different parts of the world. She continued performing until 1991 that she retired on the night of the Persian Gulf War after a performance in Houston.

Family Details

Morgan was raised in a small family as an only child. Unfortunately, she lost her parents very early. She started her family when she was 20 with her marriage to Joseph Wilczkowski, but that lasted for about seven years before she lost him. From her marriage to Joseph, she had two children, Eva and Lila. Eva died in 1984.

She got married again in 1974 to a National League baseball umpire, Dick Stello. The marriage did not last long as it came to an end in divorce five years later. Nonetheless, they maintained their friendship until Stello was killed in a car crash in 1987.

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Facts About Chesty Morgan – The Former Strip Dancer 

1. Following the death of her first husband, Chesty Morgan was introduced to strip dancing by a man named Maury – who was interested in her. What she wanted from him at first was to help her get a job but instead, he suggested that she became a stripper. This angered her and she ended her friendship with him. However, she later contacted him because she had no other option.

2. At first, she started dancing using the name Zsa Zsa but her name was later changed by the owner of the club to Chesty Morgan. When got into the stripping business, she insisted she was not going to bare herself below the waist level.

3. Before she married her second husband, Morgan insisted that she was never going to marry again because she feared she might not survive any other tragedy again.

4. She has also appeared in a number of films in the past. In 1974, she appeared in Deadly Weapons and Double Agent 73. Although she would also film Fellini’s Casanova, but her scenes were cut. She has also been on a number of documentaries including The Old Stripper in 2018.

5. In her best days, Chesty Morgan was a very beautiful woman who has a voluptuous bosom. She is said to have had the world’s largest natural breasts that measure 73 inches. She has a height of 5 feet 5 inches.

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