Check Out These 20 Embarrassing Photos of Celebrities Without Makeup

Most celebrities depend on make-up to look great; they often appear phenomenal on red carpets after using several layers of foundation to conceal blemishes and enhance their features. Almost all of them have the best of make-up artists at their beck and call. What this means is that you may find it difficult to recognize your favorite celeb off-camera. This is especially true for female celebrities. Let’s show you what we mean, take a look at these popular figures with make-up and how they look without it.

What Celebrities Look Like Without Makeup

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Celebrities Without Makeup

Aside from her acting prowess, Jennifer Lawrence is outstanding for her looks, thanks to her exceptional beauty and fashion sense. But just like every other celebrity, Lawrence employs a variety of makeup skills to enhance her beauty and achieve her flawless looks. A comparison of the two pics above confirms that.

Jennifer says she’s no pro when it comes to doing her makeup. She always has it done professionally and for this reason, she often goes without makeup whenever she has no special event to attend.

2. Beyoncé

Beyoncé has always been popular for her unique makeup. And of course, every Beyoncé fan who admires her looks should know that Sir John is her makeup artist. With a combination of a variety of tricks and lots of dos and don’ts, the talented John leaves Beyoncé looking gorgeous at all times. All the same, judging from the above image, the actress doesn’t look bad without makeup.

3. Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman counts among the numerous celebrities who depend significantly on makeup to achieve alluring looks. In 2015, following her red carpet appearance at the premiere of NBC’s The Slap, Uma received harsh criticisms for her makeup which many mistook as the results of plastic surgery.

4. Lady Gaga

One needs not to be told that Lady Gaga is one of those artists that take makeup over the board. With makeup, Gaga has always created completely different personas for herself depending on the event and the purpose she wishes to achieve. As we can see, the musician cum actress is simply unrecognizable without her usual paintings.

5. Katie Couric

Celebrities Without Makeup

Versatile journalist and news presenter, Katie Couric has been on most of the major global news houses, from Yahoo and CNN to NBC, CBS, and ABC. As it has always been, media personalities are careful with their looks as it forms an important part of their job. Katie understands this but what do you think of her look without makeup?

6. Mila Kunis

While Mila Kunis is a pro when it comes to doing her makeup, she believes so much in the “less-is-more” beauty tip. Despite looking significantly different without the cosmetics, the Black Swan star doesn’t care so much to go without them on several occasions.

7. AnnaLynne McCord

American actress and model, Annalynne McCord is best known for playing Naomi Clark in The CW teen drama series, 90210. Back in 2012, Annalynne pledged on twitter to let go of Hollywood’s perfectionist lifestyle by going without makeup, and she kept to her word.

McCord boldly hit red carpets without makeup on several occasions, but that lasted just for a while as the Excision star appeared with a fully made-up face at the pink Nokia Lumia 900 launch. Well, comparing the two photos above, one needs not to be told how hard it would have been for Annalynne to keep such a vow.

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8. Nicole Richie

Celebrities Without Makeup

Nicole Richie has been the brand ambassador for Urban Decay cosmetics since the fall of 2017. A TV presenter, actress, model, fashion designer, socialite, and author, Richie has tried out a variety of makeup trends. She has, however, always preferred to keep things simple. That’s simply why you can easily recognize her when she’s wearing no makeup.

9.  Kim Kardashian

It would be unpardonable to leave out Kardashian from this list. The queen of everything makeup doesn’t hit the streets glammed up all the time. There are certainly times when Kim goes without makeup. Whichever way, the cosmetics mogul doesn’t look bad. This is possibly so because she usually keeps things natural.

10. Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone with and without makeup

Sharon Stone’s ageless beauty is one in a million. As a sexagenarian, the actress cum model has not lost her beauty in any way. Stone would, however, hardly achieve this feat without beauty enhancers.

11. Kathy Griffin

Celebrities Without Makeup

Kathy Griffin’s makeup or no makeup appears to be part of her comedy. But the award-winning American comedian is a no-no without her cosmetics on.

12. Pamela Anderson

Pamela is one of those celebs who most times go over the board with their makeups. Because of this, she appears almost unrecognizable when she doesn’t have any on.

13. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is naturally a dazzling beauty. With makeup, she is exceedingly attractive to behold and it appears she prefers the latter version of herself. The American singer often shows up at events in flawless skin, with the tiniest blemish swallowed up by perfect makeup artistry.

14. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is another dazzling and glowing beauty, with or without makeup. However, her make-up look is very different from her natural look; the pictures above tell it all. Anne is so perfect with her makeup that fans are always eager to catch a glimpse of the actress’ latest beauty tricks.

15. Tyra Banks

Celebrities Without Makeup

Tyra Banks buys the idea of makeup a great deal; she loves and regards it as “the great equalizer”. Tyra believes in the power of cosmetics as long as self-image and acceptance are concerned; that’s exactly why the former supermodel rarely appears without makeup. Once in a while, however, Banks posts makeup-free photos.

16. Maria Shriver

Maria Shriver seems to be one of those celebs who would never think of ditching their makeup kit. The former California First Lady once made an appearance without makeup and it became a big deal for the wrong reasons.

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17. Nicollette Sheridan

Just like Kathy Griffin, Nicollette Sheridan spots a better look with her makeup. The blonde English-American actress has always appeared almost unrecognizable whenever she decides to ditch her face cosmetics. In February 2017, one of such appearances by the Desperate House Wives star raised a lot of eyebrows.

18. Demi Lovato

Celebrities Without Makeup

Did you know before now that Demi Lovato is freckle-faced? Despite the glamorous look she achieves with concealers, foundation, and others, Demi revealed in an IG post that she goes without the beauty enhancers a lot and that she is proud of her freckles and booty chin.

19. Milla Jovovich

Apart from when she must have it heavy, actress Milla Jovovich is a fan of “less is more”. She doesn’t like too much makeup and prefers to look natural as much as possible.

20. Hilary Duff

Best known for her role as Lizzie McGuire in Disney’s TV series of the same title, Duff has won a lot of admiration for her makeup look. She is a grand patron of popular makeup artist, Denise Madrigal.

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