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Chase Goehring only started to make waves recently but he has been around on the internet since 2011. In fact, he was already a star on YouNow before he contested in America’s Got Talent Show in 2017 and in the American version of X-Factor. But if you’ve not heard of him yet, Chase Goehring is an America singer with multifaceted talents. He sings, raps, and writes his own lyrics which is in a class of its own.

If this talent which is unmatched by many famous musicians wasn’t already enough, the fact that he knows how to play several musical instruments despite not receiving formal training on them just adds to his amazing resume. Read more about the star.

Chase Goehring’s Bio

Born in California, on November 2, 1995, Chase Goehring grew up not intensely interested in music. However, this quickly changed when his parents enrolled him in a piano lesson with no specific goal in mind. Chase who was in middle school at the time gradually started to develop a lasting affection for music and eventually decided to advance. With increased passion, Chase started watching YouTube tutorials to learn how to make use of some musical instruments such as guitar and ukulele. He also began writing his own songs and soon joined a rock and roll band as a keyboardist and performed on several shows with the band. When things didn’t turn out as he thought, he and another member left the band to form another group named AcoustiKats. In his new band, Chase spent time writing fascinating lyrics. But the only audience they could attract were passersby on the streets. Yet, his lyrics and songs continued to improve rapidly.

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His audience gradually grew when he started posting his songs on YouNow, an online broadcasting service. Soon, he gathered an army of fans who are dubbed Chasers.

Career Achievements

Chase Gohring is still a rising star so it’s not hard to understand why he doesn’t have a long list of music credits. But for a starter, he has packed quite a punch.

The multi-instrumentalist released his first single titled A Capella in 2015 and it was highly acclaimed by his fans. The success motivated him to release his first EP titled Jaded which comprises five singles including California, Jades, What is Love? and Illusion.

Chase’s first claim to fame was when he appeared on Season 3 of the United States version of The X Factor. At the X-factor competition, he got through audition but didn’t make the live shows. Since then his career has been in a steady progression.

The Tennesse-native also performed in NBC America Got Talent season 12 and was among the top ten contestants, finishing 5th. In the audition, he meted out an emotionally intense song titled Hurt in which he brought attention to domestic violence with amazing coherence. In the opening verses, he reminded the girl at the center of the song Hey baby you don’t have to live this way before rapping in the mid-song with smooth speed.

In addition, Chase has toured with other talented stars such as Jacob Whitesides, Magcon Boys, and Taylor Caniff.

Outside his reality TV show fame, Chase Gohring also enjoys a fair share of fame online. On his YouTube channel that was opened in 2011, he has thousands of subscribers. In addition, he has more than two hundred dedicated fans on Twitter and Instagram respectively.

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With regards to this, his songs are continuously excelling online with his debut song A Capella gathering over 8thousand views on Spotify. In addition, the 5 feet 7 inches singer receives frequent offers to participate in social media events such as DigiFest, PressPlay, MAGCON and Playlist Live.

His net worth is unknown with some estimating that it ranges between $100 thousand and $1million. Whatever the actual amount is, it is evident that he is making a lot of money from his fast-growing music career.

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Chase Goehring’s Family

Chase Gohring
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It is normal for fans to get curious about their idol and so are Chase’s fans. His growing fame has basically triggered music lovers to be more interested in matters concerning him, prompting questions like who is he dating, is he married and more. Nonetheless, Chase has dashed the hopes of his fans as he has refused to spill anything about his personal life and doesn’t seem like he would do soon.

From the look of things, it is easy to guess that he is single since he has not been linked to any girl. His primary focus, for now, appears to be to make it big in the music industry.

Also, information about his family, parents, and siblings are scarce. However, it is known that his parents moved the family to Tennessee when Chase was still a boy.

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