How Old is Charo and How Long Has She Been Married?

Having spent so many years in the entertainment industry as an actress, singer, comedian, and flamenco guitarist, details about Charo’s age, her career and husbands have become some of the highly discussed topics among her fans. Charo’s age is especially discussed by fans because of some controversy surrounding it as well as her extensive work in the entertainment industry. Having kick-started her career in 1963, Charo, whose real name is actually María del Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza, has been active as an entertainer for more than 50 years and still keeps going strong today. She has won loads of fans around the globe and is regarded as one of the best female Latin pop stars in the world. She is also admired deeply for her exuberant spirit and powerful stage presence.

Her agility and classy appearances have led to the question about what her real age is and whether or not she is going to retire any time soon. Apart from trying to know what Charo’s age is, fans have also been curious about who her husband is and how long she has been married to her partner. Some others have asked if she has any kids at all, as well as who her kids are.

How Old is Charo? 

One of the main reasons why the subject of Charo’s age has been widely discussed is because of the controversy surrounding it. Charo’s immigration papers, including other original documents from Spain, show that her date of birth is March 13, 1941. However, when she arrived in the United States from Spain, Charo claimed that she was born in 1947 and not in 1941 as shown in her papers. However, to the surprise of many people, she later claimed that she was born in 1949 and not 1947 anymore.

Sometime later, Charo changed her date of birth yet again to January 15, 1951, and even went to court to assert this claim. According to Charo, her naturalization papers were wrong and did not reflect her true age. To this effect, Charo’s current official date of birth has been given as January 15, 1951, and this is what she has been using over the years.

The disparity in her date of birth has left many fans confused for some time. However, since Charo has officially listed her birth date to be January 15, 1951, people have resorted to accepting it. This means that the singer/actress is currently in her late 60s. Despite her age, Charo is very vibrant and loves to wear classy clothes to the huge admiration of her many fans.

Charo was born in Molina de Segura, Region of Murcia, Spain where she took an interest in music from when she was still very young. She actually started playing guitar at the age of 9 before moving to the United States of America where her music eventually took off properly.

In America, Charo soon became very popular on TV and began to appear on different TV shows including Laugh-In as well as Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. She has since gone on to become a renowned singer and actress who has bagged awards for her impressive work over the years.

Charo's age
Charo and her husband, Rasten.

How Long Has She Been Married?

Charo has been married to two men in her lifetime. Her first marriage was to a man called Xavier Cugat who was a Catalan-Cuban and American musician and bandleader. They got married in 1966 in Spain and then moved to the USA. However, the marriage ended in 1978 without producing any kids.

That same year, Charo married her second husband, Kjell Rasten who happened to be a film producer. Their marriage produced a son called Shel Rasten in 1982. Charo and her husband later moved to Hawaii to raise their son before returning to Beverly Hills.

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Charo remained married to Kjell Rasten for a long time. As a matter of fact, the couple was married for about 41 years until 2019 when the man sadly passed away. According to reports, Rasten died by suicide on February 18, 2019, at the age of 78 after battling a rare and horrible skin disease called Bullous pemphigoid which made him very depressed. The man’s death left Charo quite traumatized for some time before she found the strength to move on with her life.

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