Who is Charlotte Lewis and Where is She Now?

If you are thinking of popular famous star actresses who were remarkable in their interpretation of roles in the ’80, Charlotte Lewis would definitely be on the list. At the age of nineteen, she starred in the 1986 movie Pirates, playing the role of a teenager named Maria-Dolores. This, of course, was not her debut role; she started acting on television when she was eleven years old, appearing as Samantha in the TV series titled Grange Hill in 1978.

The actress kept the media buzzing in 2010 following her sexual assault lawsuit against Roman Polanski who is a French-Polish film director, as well as a producer and actor. She alleged that the film director had forced himself on her during the audition for Pirates. At the time, Lewis was just sixteen years old. Since her sexual assault lawsuit against Roman, Lewis has not been very active in the industry and has left people wondering what she has been up to lately, as much as they search for information about her origin and the kind of life she led before she became famous.

Early Life of Charlotte Lewis and Her Rise to Fame

Charlotte Lewis is a brilliant American actress best known for her exceptional acting prowess. She has starred in several movies since the inception of her acting career in 1976. In addition to acting, Lewis is also a model and has been featured on the cover of Playboy Magazine. Also, she was named among the Nine Ladies with Best Bodies for the 1990s by Shape Magazine. Lewis has accomplished a lot as an actress, including co-starring alongside some of the most admired figures in the industry, like Eddie Murphy.

True, Lewis wouldn’t have been famous if she did not choose to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, but that is not where her story begins. The actress was born on the 7th of August 1967 to an Irish-English mother and a Chilean-Iraqi father in Kensington, London. She holds British nationality and belongs to multiracial ethnicity as her biological father is half-Chilean and half-Iraqi. It is said that the actress has never met her father who is a physician; she was raised by a single mother. While she was growing up, Lewis attended Bishop Douglass School located in Finchley, an area in Northwest of London.

Lewis developed an interest in acting and theatre from a very young age. Prior to her graduation from Douglass; she made her acting debut at the age of eleven, playing the role of Samantha in the television series titled Grange Hill in 1978. She also made her first film appearance in the role of a teenager in the Roman Polanski movie titled Pirates in 1986. After this, she became the lead actress alongside Eddie Murphy in The Golden Child.

charlotte lewis
Lewis with Eddie Murphy in the Golden Child

Other Projects The Actress Is Known For

Charlotte’s brilliant performances in the first movie and TV roles she appeared in had made it possible and easier for her to land bigger roles in the years that followed.

Lewis was a cast in the 1988 movie titled Dial: Help, as well as the series Crime Story. The following year, she appeared in Tripwire and The Legend of the Emerald Princess after which she portrayed Lee Tran opposite James Spader’s character in Storyville in 1992. Later on, she co-starred alongside Dolph Lundgren in the 1994 movie Men of War, and in 1995, she was a cast in the television drama, Seinfeld, as well as Decoy.

The amazing actress has also played brilliant roles in other movies, including The Glass Cage, Every Dog Has Its Day, Hey DJ, and Lost Angelas. Her other television series include Broken Badges, Bare Essentials, Sketch Artist, Viper, Renegade, and Highlander: The Raven.

Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Roman Polanski

Lewis is a beautiful and attractive lady. She has won the hearts of many, especially her fans. However, in 2010, she created a buzz in the media space following her sexual assault allegations against the famous actor and director Roman Polanski. Lewis alleged that Polanski had sexually assaulted her during the auditioning period for the 1986 movie Pirates. According to Dailymail, Polanski had used a classic casting-couch pressure to persuade the young actress to spend the night with him.

Before she made this allegation, Polanski was involved in several sexual assault cases involving a thirteen-year-old girl named Samantha Gailey who was modelling for him during a Vogue magazine photoshoot, as well as Renate Langer who claimed he took advantage of her when she was 10. However, before his court sentence in 1978, Polanski fled from the United States. He first got to his home in London before returning to his home country Paris. Later on, he was jailed near Zurich for two months and was further kept under house arrest at his home in Gstaad, before he was set free by the Swiss government in 2010.

Sadly, the actress did not get the justice she hoped for when she accused Roman Polanski of raping her when she was only 16. On the contrary, she faced a lot of backlashes and paid a heavy price for coming out with her story.

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What Has Charlotte Lewis Been Up To Lately?

Charlotte Lewis has been amazing since the inception of her acting career. After the sexual assault case that trended in 2010, she started keeping a low profile. Not much has been heard from her since then. The last time she was seen in a TV role was in 1999 when she portrayed Jade in Highlander: The Raven. For movies, it was in 2003’s Hey DJ and Henry X. Nonetheless, she made a comeback in 2019, playing Angie Malone in Lost Angelas.

The sexual assault case is the reason Lewis has not been very active. She once disclosed that a violent campaign was launched to discredit her after she came out with her story and that she still pays the price. Stressing that horrible things were written about her with many proclaiming she is a prostitute and a liar, the actress asserted that her life was destroyed and she suffered a big depression. Adding that she “burned out” professionally, Lewis stated that she would be quiet if she had to redo it.

She has a son who was born in 2004 and they are both living in Hampstead, Northwest of London.

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