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The Last Alaskans is a show about a group of people, often of several families, who have chosen to live in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. The show, as portrayed by Discovery Channel, consists of several adult people who have decades of experience of living in difficult terrains under their belt with the exception of Charlie Jagow, a young man whose peers are in Universities and Colleges, doing all the fun things millennials are known to do.

What influenced him to abandon city life for the Alaska forest is beyond human comprehension, but since joining the show, he has gotten himself a vocal set of fans. In this article, we take a closer look at who the youngest Alaskan on The Last Alaskans is. Read on.

Who Is Charlie Jagow?

Charlie Jagow was born sometime in 1998 to Dawn and Paul Jagow in Fairbanks, Alaska where he was raised along with his sister, Joanna. Most of his growing up was done in the Arctic National Refuge’s eastern edge where he got his taste for living in the woods.

Much cannot be said for him in terms of his education but it is believed that he completed high school, before choosing to make the Alaskan wilderness his primary home.

Growing up, Charlie Jagow was trained in the art of setting traps, building and repairing wooden cabins and all-round knowledge of the way of life in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) as a Refugee.

His journey to making the ANWR is home began with working as an assistant guide in the fall and spring, a role he is believed to have played concurrently with his high school education.

After eventually securing his license to live in the ANWR, he has gone on to move permanently to the wilderness, building his own cabin and living his way around the many challenges of life in the region.

However, while he has turned his back on many aspects of modern living, such as plumbing and electricity, Charlie Jagow hasn’t become Amish. He is one of a minority of inhabitants in the region who owns a small plane and knows how to fly it, giving him a chance to occasionally live above the stressful life in the Arctic National Refuge.

Eventually, he joined The Last Alaskans, joining a roster of other inhabitants like Krin Nelson, Bob Harte, Heimo Korth and a couple of others. He joined the show in its later seasons, presumably in its fourth season and has quickly become one of its more popular cast members, with fans across Alaska and other parts of the country.

Charlie Jagow’s Net Worth

Charlie Jagow
Charlie Jagow with one of his fans

Charlie Jagow ònly recently joined The Last Alaskans and considering there was no huge wealth he has inherited before joining the show, there is no major income for the young Alaskan to be recorded yet. However, since he joined the show, he has seen a major uptick in his income levels and has been able to build a net worth estimated at $100,000.

Considering other members of the show have been able to build net worth around $1-3 million since they began to appear on the show, the heat from his future wealth may just be enough to help Charlie Jagow survive the Alaskan wilderness just yet.

Who Are His Sister and Family?

Charlie Jagow was raised in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, forging a lasting connection that has caused him to remain there even as a legal adult, but it did not have a similar effect on every single member of his family, specifically his older sister, Joanna. His sister has instead chosen city life to work as a pediatric nurse at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, having completed her higher education and training as a nurse.

So far, we cannot tell if Charlie Jagow has a close relationship with his sister, but at least they both have contrasting experiences to share to make for a good afternoon chat.

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Are the Parents Dead or Alive?

Contrary to popular belief, Charlie Jagow’s parents are not dead. Both his parents, Paul Jagow, and Dawn Jagow, having lived their share of the Alaskan wilderness, have chosen the easier and simpler life of the city as a result of old age.

His father, Paul has lived in the Fairbanks, Alaska for several decades, along with his wife. He and his wife are both Christians.

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