Examining Charlie Jagow’s Fast Ascent On The Last Alaskan, His Worth and Family Members

The Last Alaskans is a reality television show that tells the tale of a group of people who reside in the cold Arctic National Wildlife Refuge of the U.S state of Alaska. The show, which is broadcast on Discovery Channel, features a wide array of cast who have decades of experience in maneuvering the difficult terrains of the region. Notable among the cast of the television show is Charlie Jagow, who upon making his debut didn’t have enough outdoor and wildlife experience although that has since changed.

Unlike many others, Jagow later chose to abandon city life for the Alaskan forest. Fortunately for him, that decision paid off handsomely as he has become a television sensation and has been able to garner a wide following across the country.

Charlie Jagow’s Upbringing Piqued His Interest in the Alaskan Wildlife

Although there are a lot of varying accounts regarding the birth of the widely acclaimed reality television star, we know that he was born sometime in 1998 in Fairbanks, Alaska. Charlie Jagow was raised alongside his older sister Joanna on the eastern edge of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska. His love for the outdoors and wildlife was kindled at a very tender age as living with his parents in their rustic cabin in the Arctic sparked a fire within him that spurred him to pursue an outdoor career.

Not much is known about his educational background but it is generally believed that Charlie is educated. He is reported to have completed his high school education before venturing into the Alaskan forest and commencing his training as a Refugee. He quickly mastered the art of building and repairing wooden cabins, setting traps, and the way of life in the ANWR.

His Appearance On The Last Alaskans & Rise To Stardom On The Show

Charlie Jagow
Charlie Jagow with one of his fans

Charlie Jagow joined The Last Alaskan in the show’s fourth season. The popular show features an array of highly-rated cast members, such as Krin Nelson, Bob Harte, and Heimo Korth. Like the other cast of the reality television show, Jagow has been praised for his superb acting which has earned him a tremendous amount of acclaim and massive followership. More so, in 2018, at the age of 20, he became the youngest person to be granted an ANWR permit.

The TV sensation is currently holed up somewhere in the Alaskan forest where he singlehandedly built his own cabin. He has squarely faced the challenges of living in the wild and has somehow managed to deal with all that he has faced. Jagow’s winter supplies include a store pile of meat and wood to make fires.

However, even though the reality star has turned his back on some aspects of modern living, such as plumbing and electricity, he has not succumbed to becoming Amish. He is among a few of the inhabitants in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge who own private planes. Being an adept pilot, Charlie uses his plane to run errands and as a means of transportation.

How Charlie Jagow is Able to Afford a Plane

Prior to joining the popular television show, Jagow had no real wealth to his name. He had just recently completed his high school and had nothing going for him. But ever since he joined the cast of The Last Alaskans, his wealth has grown as he is estimated to be worth between $100,000 and $500,000. A significant portion of this figure is derived from the proceeds gotten from appearing on The Last Alaskans.

It would also interest you to know that despite his young age, Charlie Jagow is one of few persons residing in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge to own a private plane. He maintains a landing strip very close to his cabin which allows for easy take-off and landing. However, he is believed to be the lowest earner among the cast of the reality television series. In fact, it was reported that the net worth of the other members since they started appearing on the show has exceeded the million-dollar mark.

Charlie Jagow
Charlie Jagow with his plane

Notwithstanding, the TV sensation’s wealth is projected to increase exponentially with the amount of fame and acclaim he has gathered. The endorsement deals would soon start coming in fast and there would be a proportionate increase in his salary.

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What We Know About His Family 

Charlie Jagow comes from a family of four; his parents, his older sister, and himself. His parents; Dawn and Paul Jagow, are originally from New York City, however, they met each other in Alaska and got married shortly after that. The couple then moved to Porcupine in Alaska where they got accustomed to life in the wildlife. They built their own cabin and started building trap lines for meat.

After spending decades in the Alaskan wilderness, they decided to retire to the simpler life in the city. This decision was predicated upon their old age and inability to cope with the rigors of life in the refuge.

Ever since relocating to the city, not much has been heard of Charlie’s parents. This has gone on to generate a lot of speculations regarding their well-being and health status. A particular online report indicated that they have passed on. However, our findings indicate that Dawn and Paul Jagow are alive and enjoying their life in the city. It would also interest you to note that there was a similar rumor regarding Charlie’s death but that has since been debunked.

The identity of Charlie’s only known sibling has been revealed to be Joanna Jagow. Unlike the television actor, Joanna has never favored living in the wild. She relocated to the city during her senior year of high school to complete her high school education. Upon completion of her high school education, she was admitted to study nursing at UAF where she graduated in 2016 with a sterling degree in nursing.

Joanna currently works at the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital as a pediatric nurse. She is also an avid lover of racing dogs and owns several dogs and puppies. We do not know for certain if she is married as there are no official records of a husband anywhere. Charlie Jagow and his older sister maintain a somewhat close relationship despite being far apart from each other.

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