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Recovering from any kind of abuse, be it sexual, emotional or physical is a long process and sometimes the damage may live with the victim for life. However, for Channon Rose, whatever hurt the scar of abuse brings, she is not allowing it to determine her future. Instead, she has thrown herself into creating a promising career and doing things that make her feel good.

The former child pornstar has triumphed over her hurtful past to become a successful beauty model, author, vlogger, and top-notch social media influencer. Her channel has millions of fans who are not just interested in learning makeup tips but also drawing inspiration from her early traumatic story. Read her journey from abuse to success.

Channon Rose’s Bio (Age)

A Californian by birth, Channon Rose was born on September 16, 1985, in Northridge. The YouTuber had a very unconventional upbringing. Her childhood spent basically in her birthplace was, as she recalled, terribly traumatic and it all started the moment her parents divorced when she was barely 8.

Channon also battled eating disorders at this time. It was also a time typified by intense physical and emotional abuse for the lifestyle YouTuber. During her preteen and teen days, she became really rebellious, turning into a child prostitute and drug addict. She dealt with drug overdose several times and became a regular face in mental rehab hospitals.

In Junior high school, she was expelled from different schools for her substance abuse problems but she later finished from a boarding school. For Channon, she never imagined surviving to the age of 20 but despite the tough experience, she felt the need to push through school. After graduating from high school, she proceeded to a nursing school but she eventually dropped out to start a career in the porn industry. Channon also became a stripper which led to her appearing in some men’s magazines including Hustler Magazine. She equally turned to a host, hosting shows for Playboy TV for some years.

Channon Rose’s Journey From Abuse To Success

Channon’s time in the adult industry where she was dubbed Randi Wright lasted for eight years after she personally decided to quit. Following the decision, she, through a friend’s advice, opened her self-titled YouTube channel in 2013 to share her makeup talents.

Soon, she became known primarily as a makeup artist and YouTube beauty vlogger. The success of her first channel motivated her to create several other YouTube channels for lifestyle vlogging, including The Rose Family channel.

In addition, Channon studied at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, to make up for her lost educational years. Today, her past issues with substance abuse are not the things that define her life.

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What Is Channon Rose’s Net Worth?

Channon Rose’s influential force on YouTube has permeated across her other social media accounts, which means more money in her pocket. The YouTuber also published a book in 2015 about her past. The book titled The Story of Channon Rose: The Story In Between The Lines sold massively. However, the exact amount she has isn’t known but reportedly, her net worth is around $130,000 and $300,000.

Channon Rose
Channon Rose, her husband Travis and daughter – image source

Other Interesting Facts About The YouTuber

  • Height

Channon is a pretty woman but she is not on the tall side when it comes to body size. She is only 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 47 kg (103lbs).

  • Husband

The YouTuber is a married woman. Her husband is named Travis Dean, a writer, director, and producer. He is also a health and fitness vlogger like his wife. Travis has been in Channon’s life long enough, even before she started her YouTube channel. They met on a dating site in 2012 and dated for two years. In 2015, they got married in Ventura County in California. In 2018, the couple who have shared with fans their fertility struggles welcomed their first child together, a daughter.

  • She is a vegetarian

Channon is a vegetarian. She has influenced Travis, her husband to go vegan too.

  • Birth defect

Channon was born with a thumb defect which in medical terms is called brachydactyly, also known as a clubbed thumb. But that little defect has done nothing to her confidence.

  • Her mother didn’t know she was a pornstar

Channon concealed the fact that she was working in the porn industry from her mother but she later opened up to her.

  • Tattoo regrets

Channon got many tattoos which she described as a drunken mistake. She went through tattoo removal treatments to get rid of them except her favorite two; an amateur love heart on her foot and a Kurt Cobain quote on her shoulder.

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