Celestia Vega – Biography, Family Life & Everything You Need To Know

Being an internet sensation and a social media influencer, Celestia Vega has managed to grow her fan base across America. The internet star has gained a lot of momentum from her admirable skill to keep her subscribers and followers entertained on her various social media accounts, including her YouTube channel.

In addition to the foregoing, she is an adult film star who seems to be always in the news for the wrong reasons. She gained widespread popularity from her Twitch account where she does a podcast session with her fans. If you are wondering what kind of person she is, then read her profile below.

Celestia Vega Biography

She was born as Celestia Vega on August 12, 1998, in California, to her American parents whose names and information are not yet available to the media. Nevertheless, it is known that Vega was brought up in the western U.S. state, even though it has been difficult to tell if she grew up with any sibling or is the only child of her parents.

Also, the details of her family background are not known but she is an American citizen and of white ethnicity, at least to the best of our knowledge. In the same vein, nothing is known about her educational background.

Celestia Vega became a social media sensation when she started a podcast session on her Twitch account in 2011 and was well known as a female video-game player before she moved to other social media mediums like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube.

In 2015, Vega’s YouTube audience became bigger as she gathered up to 560,000 subscribers on her channel. However, most of her uploads were flagged as adult content not suitable for kids. Among other things, the adult film star usually uses foul words and masturbates during her live podcast.

In 2017, Vega announced to her followers that she will be dropping her first ever adult film on the 25th of December. As one would expect, the announcement shot her online followers to an all-time high. Unfortunately for her, PornHub took down her video for reasons that are still not certain. Vega was left with no option but to apologize to her fans who were disappointed with the way things turned out.

While Celestia Vega was fulfilling her fantasy of being an adult film star, that decision affected her relationship with her friend and partner Zoie Burgher, whose business ideals didn’t align with that of Vega. Zoie expressed her dissatisfaction with Vega by ending her business relations with the adult film star. According to Zoie, she loves her friend and supports her decision but she felt that she does not want to be linked to Vega’s activities in the adult industry since her audiences are made up of kids who are below 18.

Family Life

Celestia Vega has said on various occasions said that she is single and happy. She is yet to be married and has no child. As stated earlier, practically nothing is known about her own family; the members, where they stay, and what they have has remained a mystery. Nonetheless, the social media sensation lives and works in her hometown in California.

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She is Ambisexual

Vega has been caught expressing on several occasions that she’s ambisexual (bisexual). She has admitted that she is sexually attracted to both men and women and not exclusively to people of a particular gender.

Her Instagram Account Was Taken Down

As of this writing, the sexual-themed star is not on the social media platform. In 2017, Vega explained to her followers on her Twitter page that her IG account was deleted by Instagram and promised that she was not going to create another account. Instagram is quite known for deleting accounts that violate their rules and regulations without caring who the offender is.

She Once Shaved Her Hair After a Bad Break Up

In a bid to relieve herself from the pain of a bad breakup she went through, Celestia Vega shaved her long and straight hair which was a concern for her fans.

She Recently Deleted Her Twitter and Snapchat Accounts

Celestia Vega on January 2019, deleted her Twitter and Snapchat accounts after posting the words “I’m done” on Twitter. This action has left a lot of her fans worried as they believed that she was going through a difficult time. Ever since she tweeted those words, Vega has not been online and is currently taking a break from social media.

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