12 Celebrities Whose Weight Transformed Badly – Then Vs Now

Fame brings a lot of changes that can go down even to your size and such changes have not lacked in Hollywood where celebrities battle to remain the people’s favorite with ideal physiques. We’ve seen some go from heavy to slim and sharing their weight loss success stories while others go from tiny to mammoth. Here are some celebrity weight transformations that really shook the industry.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Once A Bodybuilding Icon

Now that’s some celebs weight transformation to drop your jaws. Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be an obsessive bodybuilder from Austria who started muscle building training from a young age before he became Terminator and the 38th Governor of California. At 17, he competed in bodybuilding competitions held in Graz, Austria, 1965. He spent his teen years bulking up, sculpting his body and achieving some serious abdominal fat loss. But what do we have today? A man loved by many not for his chiselled abs anymore but for his footprints and great contribution in the movie industry. Yes. he remains our beloved ‘Terminator’ even though the once world’s most famous bodybuilder is now exploring new ways to build his body.

Marlon Brando – 1951 vs. 2003

Since we are having a good time from the past, let’s not forget the old handsome Marlon Brando. The legendary actor had a nice proportioned, sleek-looking, brilliant body in his early days. Sadly, Brando aged a little badly. From his later images, the then quintessential actor looked rounded and swollen like he was about to get choked by his body fat. Yet, he remains arguably the greatest Hollywood actor of his generation and by all accounts, his legacy in the industry still lingers although he’d be a good candidate for weight loss clinic and healthy eating regimen for weight loss.

Janet Jackson – 2001 vs. 2006

Janet Jackson has had several weight transformations over the years. She has gained and lost some pounds yet appears as if she cannot lose weight because she has not been able to keep off the lost pounds for long. Now at 50, the star is pregnant and is already up to 250 pounds — an over 100 lb. gain. Let’s hope she will fight back after embracing her baby with top weight loss programs.

Alec Baldwin – 1994 vs. 2012

Looking at Alec’s old pictures, his well-built physique could make your mouth water. He was handsome, muscled and an embodiment of masculinity.  Fast forward to the present day, he is almost unrecognisable with a puffy body and weak muscles. He apparently lost his slaying stare. Couldn’t he hold back at every meal or did he stop training? Well, probably, all we do know is that he is now more entertaining than built. But we can’t dismiss the other charms revolving around him; he remains a talented actor with a number of Screen Actors’ Guild awards to boast of and will hopefully share some weight loss success stories soon.

Jessica Simpson – 2005 vs. 2011

Jessica Simpson weight has always been unstable. There were times she toned down and times her body extended noticeably. The mother of two seems to be too busy for the gym for now. Of course, health and fitness are crucial – but there is time for everything and Jessica didn’t think it was time to lose extra pounds and get back in shape.

Britney Spears – 2001 vs. 2009

Talk of celebrity weight transformation gone wrong. Turns out extra baby pounds gained will take forever to be dropped. At 20, that was in 2001,  Britney had tight abs and was physically fit. But after having two or three children, she’s gained an awful amount of weight, losing her gracefully slim physique and youthful look. It will be amazing if she will grant herself the kindness and do something about it. Perhaps, take out a leaf from whatever else it is that other Hollywood celebrities do to stay in perfect shape.

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Kelly Clarkson – 2002 vs. 2011

Kelly Clarkson has struggled with her weight for nearly her entire life. Sometimes she gets fit and sometimes she does not. But even when is seems as if she cannot lose weight, she has seen a massive boost to her voice as she has seen a successful career in the music industry. She also married her talent manager and has a baby girl. The star revealed she has witnessed a lot of criticism due to her size to worry about them anymore. And despite losing her slender look, the public seems to be on her side. Her fans clapped back at Katie Hopkins for slamming Clarkson for her weight.

Kirstie Alley – 1989 vs. 2009

Kirstie Alley has definitely headlined a celebrity weight fluctuation story in the past and it seems as if she has finally given up on healthy weight loss programs as she is now more used to being over weight. However, she still has a successful career despite her size, winning second place in Dancing with the Stars. The star’s classy demeanor and attitude certainly outshine her size.

Val Kilmer – 1986 vs. 2012

What happened to Batman’s muscularity? Well, it’s a tough situation to go from being in perfect shape to suddenly getting trapped in a bulged out body. That’s the situation Val Kilmer found himself in at a certain point in his career. Val used to be in best shape and ladies were fascinated by it but then he gained a lot of weight and looked nothing in common with the physically attractive muscleman we used to know. Despite losing the eye-popping chiselled frame we saw when he played Batman in the mid-1990s, he didn’t lose his attractively nice character and real man qualities. So he remains one of the ladies’ favorites in his new body.

John Travolta – 1983 vs. 2012

John was all attractive with chiseled abs. However now, the star can’t boast of those features anymore. He now looks like he gave out the desirable strong-bodied look for soft and fat appearance. Well, he is 61 and can look pudgy all he wants. Plus John Travolta’s work still gets noticed after more than four decades in Hollywood and that is something he remains proud of.

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Mike Tyson 2009 – 2013

It is never pleasant to see some celebrity weight transformations especially when a once-great sportsman struggles with his weight. Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson can relate to this. He at some point gained some pounds, losing his athletic looks. Nevertheless, he’s still a legend in the rings.

Steven Seagal – 1990 vs. 2013

Back in the early 90s, Steven Seagal was among the top box office cutest and most attractive actors. He was broad, energetic and his muscles were visibly defined. Presently, the actor’s weight and look have seen fluctuations through his many years on and off of the limelight. Not only does he look well rounded now, he has gained some more pounds lately that even his hard-line fans might not see him as slightly cute again.

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