Cecilia Balagot – Age, Family & Facts About The Actress

Acting has always been a means for us to dramatize the human experience as a form of entertainment and to educate ourselves about the complexities of human nature/experience. One vital part of the human experience is adolescence and teenagehood. It is why young people have become a prominent part of Hollywood, giving a chance for young actors like Cecilia Balagot to express their acting skills.

Like several other young actors like her, she might go far in the industry or she might take an early breather or quit but she will not be leaving the industry without amassing a couple of millions with the wealth of talent she has seeing that she started acting at the age of 6.

For fans and those who would like to know more about the Girl Meets World actress, here is everything you need to know about Cecilia Balagot.

Cecilia Balagot’s Biography and Age

The young actress began her life on the 2nd of April, 2001 in Long Beach, California. Raised by parents who love and cherish her, and most importantly, support her interests, she quickly found herself in front of cameras, taking on the persona of written characters and dramatizing them on screen.

As far as her education history is concerned, we know that as little as the age of 6, she was already getting educated in the art of acting, making her first appearance in a televised production in the television show, ER. She played the character, Jenny Mode in a solitary episode of the show but it was more than enough to establish her desire to do more.

Two years after, she got another chance to live her love for acting through the show, Desperate Housewives and in it, she got to spend more time in front of the camera, appearing in four episodes as the character, Grace Sanchez. Four years after her appearance in Desperate Housewives, during which Cecilia Balagot is believed to have focused on both her acting education and her academics, she finally returned to the front of the camera in what has been her major role yet, as Isadora Smackie in Girl Meets World.

She appeared on the show between 2014 and 2017, appearing across 17 episodes during which she also starred as her self. In the same year she was cast on the show, Cecilia Balagot also made her debut in a feature-length movie in Growing Up and Down, as the character, Sydney. In between her time on Girl Meets World, she made another appearance in another movie, A History of Radness, playing the character, Portia.

Cecilia Balagot
Cecilia Balagot (left) with Sarah Carpenter, a co-star on Girl Meets World

Outside of acting responsibilities, Cecilia Balagot has made appearances on shows like Q N’ A with Mikki and Shay and appeared at the 37th Annual Young Artist Awards in 2016, during which she earned her first award as part of the ensemble for A History of Radness. In the same year, she was nominated for Best Performance in a TV Movie, unfortunately, she did not win.

Family Members Of The Actress

As mentioned earlier, Cecilia Balagot made her first appearance in a Hollywood project at the age of six and you don’t get to have that early exposure without the support of a wonderful family, which Cecilia has had in the persons of parents Ed Balagot and Carolyn Balagot.

Other than her parents, she also grew up with two brothers, Brendan and Zac Balagot, both of which have been notable supporters of Cecilia as she wades through her journey in the leading movie industry in the world.

Other Facts About Cecilia Balagot

Body Measurements

Cecilia Balagot is still growing both as an actress and physiologically but she has already turned to be both a good actress and a beautiful woman. She stands at a height of 5 feet and has a bodyweight of 50kg. Her body measurement, which defines her curves are measured at 30, 23, and 32 inches for her bust, waist, and hips respectively. Additionally, she has dark brown hair and eyes.

Social Media Presence

Unsurprisingly for an actress her age, Cecilia has a noticeable presence across all major social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook through the handles, @cecibalagot for the first two, and Cecilia Balagot on the later.


Cecilia Balagot is in a relationship with Oliver Schumacher. How long exactly they have been together remain unknown but they have taken to Instagram and other relevant social platforms to share their love with their fans, with pictures and posts going back as far as December 2018.

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