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The odds of a successful career are pretty low in Hollywood but even lower than that is the chances of a child actor growing up to maintain a relevant position as an actor. There is an unending list of child actors who have either been swallowed up by drug abuse or have become irrelevant due to their inability to recreate the charm they possessed as a child. Of the few success stories, Cayden Boyd is one.

Cayden Boyd got his first chance at appearing in a Hollywood project when he was six years old. Since then, he has featured in several films and television shows, which include notables like X-Men: The Last Stand and Fireflies in the Garden.

He may not have grown to become a superstar but he has been able to maintain a steady flow of roles as an actor to continue his life in Hollywood. Learn more about Cayden Boyd below.

When Was Cayden Boyd Born?

Cayden Body began his interesting life as the son of Mike and Debbie Boyd on the 24th of May, 1994. He was born in Bedford, Texas as the second child and only son of his parents, with an older sister named Jenna.

There is no record of the profession of his parents but whatever it was, they were very open to performance art because, at the age of 6, Cayden Boyd became a child actor, appearing in television commercials and in shows like Scrubs, The King of Queens and Taina.

Breaking Into The Movie Industry

As a child actor, one of his notable roles was playing Michael Boyle in the film, Mystic River which was released in 2003. While he remained an actor, he continued his education at Wendy’s High School. At the school, he was a part of the football team, he also played the violin and the cello, skills he began to acquire as a child.

As his acting career grew, he starred in various films and television shows as he went through puberty, Cayden Boyd grew as an actor. However, after amassing over 15 credits across both mediums, which included appearances in films like Freaky Friday, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, X-Men: The Last Stand, Fireflies in the Garden – where he starred alongside heavyweight actors like Willem Defoe and Julia Roberts, he proceeded to take a break from acting in 2010 at the age of 16 to attend college.

Boyd did not return onscreen until 2014, during which time he studied at the Pepperdine University in Malibu, California where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. At this period, Cayden Boyd engaged in other activities such as working as a construction laborer at a company, Quality Concrete Construction. He also worked as an intern at Go West Creative Group and was equally a model and an ambassador for Barnabas Clothing Company.

Cayden Boyd
Cayden Boyd with a co-star in an episode of Awkward

When he returned to the screen, he did so briefly between 2014 to 2015, starring in a television movie, Expecting Amish where he played the character, Isaac. He also played Brian in the show, Awkward, appearing in three episodes. Cayden Boyd made his complete return onscreen in 2017. He started with a short film, Long Distance before getting cast in The Mick, a TV show as Matty Pruitt.

In 2018, Cayden Boyd starred in two television shows, NCIS and Heathers. He played First Lt. Danny Hall in the former and Ram in the latter. In Heathers, he had a recurring role in four episodes.

As an actor, Cayden’s long list of appearances earned him an award nomination – the Young Artist Award nomination for Best Performance in a Commercial in 2003.

Considering his modest popularity, there has been a limited amount of interest in the personal life, i.e. relationships of Cayden Boyd, which has kept tabloids from digging. At this moment, there is no record of him in a relationship in the present nor in the past. It appears the young actor is focusing on building his career as an adult actor.

What is His Net Worth?

Through the limited amount of roles he has played in his career, Cayden Boyd has been able to accrue a net worth that doesn’t necessarily make him a rich man in Hollywood but definitely one outside of it. The actor, through roles in shows like Awkward, Heathers, NCIS, Cold Case, and films like Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and Mystic River, he has been able to accrue a modest wealth worth $750,000.

Other Facts About Cayden Boyd

  1. Cayden is 6 feet tall.
  2. As a high school football player, Cayden Boy played in the quarterback position.
  3. He is bilingual. He is both fluent in English and Spanish.
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