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The name Daddario is one of the recognizable surnames in the American movie industry. There is Alexandra Daddario, a popular actress who has appeared in movies like Baywatch, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and her brother Matthew Daddario who has starred in Shadowhunters, Delivery Man, and Cabin Fever. The name has remained a mainstay in Hollywood because apart from the two, there is Catharine Daddario, the third child in the Daddario family.

Catherine Daddario, having only made her onscreen debut appearance as an adult in 2017, doesn’t have an extensive filmography compared to her siblings but has so far been building a steady presence in the movie industry. Let’s take a closer look at her career, early life, and other interesting facts about her.

A Brief Look at Catharine Daddario’s Background

The expectation is that she will one day grow to become a star in her own right but for now, Catharine Daddario’s popularity hinges on that of her siblings, Alexandra and Matthew Daddario. Nicknamed Cat, the young actress was born on the 16th of December 1992 in New York to Richard Daddario and Christina.

Catharine Daddario
Catharine Daddario with her sister Alexandra during the premiere of Baywatch

Though her nationality is American, she is of mixed ethnicity. Yeah, Daddario is one of those celebs with mixed ancestry. Her ethnic profile is a mixture of Italian, English, Irish and Czech ancestry. Alongside her siblings Matt and Alexandra, she grew up in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Her parents are both lawyers and her father worked in public service as a federal prosecutor and was once the head of the NYPD Counter-Terrorism Unit, serving under the leadership of Michael Blomberg when he was Mayor.

Although her family has often served in the public space, well up to her grandfather Emilio Q. Daddario who was a member of US Congress through the 86th to 91st Congresses as a rep from Connecticut, she and her siblings have chosen to craft a different path and pursue a public life via the creative space as actors.

She has always shown a keenness towards the performing arts with participation in community and school plays to her credit. She also studied ballet as a young adult. Her education includes a bachelor’s degree earned from Hunter College in Linguistics, English, and Rhetoric. She graduated in 2015.

Her Exploits In The Entertainment Industry

Catharine Daddario has always had an interest in becoming an actress which led her to make her debut at the young of 16, her first appearance in an onscreen project was a documentary titled Primetime, she played an unnamed character simply described as ‘Girl in Park’.

Before she ventured into acting after graduating from college, Catharine Daddario first tested the waters of the fashion industry, not as a model but as an assistant for Only Agency, a branding and talent management firm. In a break that was presumed to be for the pursuit of her higher education, Catharine Daddario did not star in any project until 2017, at the age of 25 when she made her debut as an adult in the short movie, Stronger Than Pretty.

In the same year, Catherine also appeared in Wilde Eastern, another short movie. In the film, she gave life to the character of Scarlet Redd who disappeared all of a sudden, necessitating the launch of an investigation into her disappearance. Two years went by before the third Daddario child appeared in another project; this time it was in a music video for the band Wyland, and their song, Nowhere Now.

After the music video appearance, she made her debut in a full-length movie titled Donna, playing the character called Sybil. The movie was released in 2019. Since she made her debut in 2017, Catharine Daddario has only been able to take part in a few projects, but with the Daddario name growing in popularity and influence, she is set to appear in more projects soon. While she is expected to appear in 2020’s Alia’s Birth, 2019’s Lake Artifact is one of her most recent appearances.

Other than her appearances in movies, Catharine Daddario has made appearances on shows like Entertainment Tonight. Just like other members of her family, she has shown the potentials to make a rapid move to the peak of her career.

What We Know About Her Love Life

Catharine Daddario may not have a long list of movies and TV shows that she has been a part of but that hasn’t kept her from maintaining a happy personal life through a relationship with fellow actor Jeremy Cohen.

We don’t know exactly how long the couple has been together, although rumors suggest they have been together since 2016. However, they appear to be happy together as shown on her social media pages, especially Instagram where she often shares pictures of herself and her boyfriend.

She has an active social media presence and can be described as a social media star considering the popularity of her posts, especially on Instagram (@catdaddario). The account was launched before her movie debut, way back on the 9th of February 2009 and her following has been increasing in tens of thousands since then. She shares the same handle for her Twitter profile where she is equally doing great.

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Catharine Daddario’s Height and Other Body Measurements

The Daddarios are known for their facial beauty and admirable body, and Catharine Daddario is not exempt from that fascinating trait. Though the third child of the Daddario family is not among the tall stars of Hollywood, she can still hold her own among her kinds with her body carriage and poise.

The entertainer has a height of 5 feet 5 inches, which is perfect for her modest bodyweight. Daddario’s weight was last listed at 54 kg and she still retains her beautiful slim body.

Another noticeable Daddario trait is her blue eyes and brown hair. Like her siblings, she can be described as a confident actress with the advantage of both brains and beauty. Both traits are already giving her strong foothold in the movie industry.

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