Carrie Schenken, Amanda Bearse’s Wife – Everything You Should Know

Carrie Schenken is the lover and partner of the widely known actress, director, and comedian, Amanda Bearse. Carrie became a famous face after tying the nuptials with her lover. Schenken was formerly a camera technician before she met Amanda who had featured in several TV shows and movies like “The Doom Generation” and “Fright Night”.

In the league of famous and popular celebrity gay couples, Carrie and Amanda have been able to sustain and maintain their relationship for a long time now. It is this relationship that brought Carrie out of the shadows to the limelight. Ever since they got married, they have been living together happily and peacefully.

Carrie Schenken Biography

Carrie Schenken was born on the 24th day of April 1958 in Florida, US. Even though details and other information about herself, family background and status, names of parents and siblings remain hidden at the moment, some sources revealed that she was raised by her family in the United States.

Regarding her educational background and status, Carrie has not been to school that much. The little we know about her is that she was reported to have been enrolled in a high school and even graduated, but she didn’t further to the college level. Prior to meeting her better half, Carrie was said to have been engaging herself in some low paying jobs. As stated, she has also worked as a camera technician.

Carrie shares same year and state of birth with her partner

As interesting as it may sound, the two lovers share the same year and state of birth. Carrie was born on April 24th of 1958 in the State of Florida, while her partner Amanda was born in Winter Park, also in the Sunshine State on August 9th, 1958.

Relationship story

Prior to meeting each other, Carrie Schenken was on her camera technician job, while her partner was already a famous celebrity. Reports revealed further that the duo first met in 2008, however, nothing much is known regarding how they actually met.

After dating for 2 years, they took the relationship further by tying the knot in 2010 in a secret ceremony that held in the presence of a few close friends and family members of the couple. They have succeeded in keeping their lives private without ever revealing any detail or information to the media.


The couple started its family with two children. Zoe is the first child and was adopted by Amanda in 1993 which was more than a decade before she met Carrie and three years short of two decades that they got married. In the usual secret fashion of the couple, they have ensured that nothing is known about Zoe who is now already a grownup.

After getting married, they adopted their second child. This time around, not even the name of the child has been revealed to the public.

Divorce rumors

Some years after their marriage, rumors emerged from some quarters that the lesbian lovers are getting divorced, but it turned out to be untrue as they are still living together peacefully.

Previous relationships

Again, because Carrie Schenken was not known until she met her famous partner, one cannot tell anything about her previous relationships. However, it is known that she is not the first lover of the comedian.

Former lovers Amanda Bearse and Sandra Bernhard (Image Source)

Back in the 1980s, Amanda was linked to Sandra Bernhard. However, there is nothing serious that was revealed about the relationship which did not blossom. Much later, she was again linked to a woman known only as Amy. Nothing serious has been said about the relationship and the identity of Amy was never revealed.

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Net worth

Before Carrie Schenken came in contact with her partner of close to two decades, she was, as already mentioned, a camera technician. Obviously, this is not the highest paying job around. With that and the fact that she has been very private about her life, one cannot tell how much she is worth. There have been speculations going around that Carrie Schenken’s estimated net worth is about $1 million. However, we cannot confirm the truth behind the figure.

On the other hand, her partner has not only been famous but she has been involved in many things that have turned out to be very successful over the years. With that, Amanda Bearse has an estimated net worth of $16 million.

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