Is Carolyn Manno The NBC Host Dating Anyone And What About Her Career Achievements?

If Sports were a religion, then sports journalists would be evangelists who travel across the country, spreading the gospel of whatever sport they are promoting at the time. As far as sports journalism goes, it is a profession generally reserved for men. However, there are a few women who have decided to dedicate their lives in preaching the gospel of sports, such as Carolyn Manno, who works for NBC Sports Network.

Regardless of the need for equal gender opportunity in sports journalism, it still takes a sizable amount of talent needed to become an established sports journalist and that is what Carolyn Manno has in abundance. Having gone through the academic and training period, she has grown to become one of the faces of NBC Sports Network, with major sports reports like the 2016 Olympic games at Rio and the Super Bowl under her belt.

There is plenty to learn about Carolyn Manno as a successful journalist and we explore some of them below.

Who is Carolyn Manno?

Carolyn Manno was born 16th of July, 1984 in Florida, America. The identities of her parents are unknown but whoever they are, they encouraged and supported Carolyn Manno who grew up with a love for sports from basketball to football to soccer, a love that eventually led her to sports journalism.

It would be a fair assumption to say that had Carolyn Manno possessed the physical skills, she would have pursued a career in any of the sports. She compromised and pursued a career in sports journalism instead. Following her graduation from high school, Carolyn attended the University of Florida where she studied Telecommunications, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 2006.

Her professional career in journalism began at South Bend Indiana, where she started covering some of the biggest sporting events. She started with covering games of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, the Chicago Bear Cubs, and the White Sox. At South Bend, Carolyn Manno improved her general knowledge and experience of sports as a whole as she covered a range of different sports from Baseball to NASCAR.

After Carolyn Manno has amassed three years of experience at South Bend Indiana, she moved on to Comcast Sports Network in New England where she began to work as both a sports news anchor and a reporter. While she was there, she contributed as a writer to

Amazingly, the journalist has become one of the finest faces of NBC Sports Group. She joined the sports network in August 2009 and since then, she has worked as an anchor and a reporter. As an anchor, she has worked on shows like NBC’s Football Night, NBCSN’s NASCAR America and Update Desk.

As a modern journalist and person, Carolyn Manno has a social media presence on Twitter and Instagram via the handle – @carolynmanno.

Is She Dating Anyone?

Apart from the gender discrimination which is prevalent in sports journalism, the responsibilities of the profession, which often involve frequent traveling to cover competitions and games at different venues has certainly made sports journalism a challenge for women who wish to settle down and build a family.

However, this has not been a concern for Carolyn Manno, who despite working as a host and anchor with reduced cause for traveling, seems content to be a single woman. She has never been married and there is no report of a public relationship with any personality, although one cannot rule out the possibility of a secret tryst. Outside of her career, Carolyn Manno enjoys taking in the charm of New York City and traveling to Greece for vacation.

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Carolyn Manno’s Career Achievements

As a journalist, either a reporter or an anchor in the studio, your achievements relies on the quality and importance of stories you cover and the way you cover them. Over the course of her career, Carolyn Manno has had the opportunity to cover some of the biggest competitions in American sports and around the world.

Carolyn Manno
Carolyn Manno with a guest on one of her shows

Carolyn’s ability to deliver sport reports in a succinct, interesting and intriguing manner has seen her take the reins on behalf of her news network to report on major sports events like back to back Olympic games, London 2012 and Rio 2016. She has also been deployed to cover the NBA Finals and the NHL Finals, which is referred to as the Stanley Cup.

Her career as a journalist, covering some of the most important games and off the pitch news has seen her win a couple of awards such as the Edward R. Murrow Award for Sports Journalism and the Indiana Spectrum Award for Journalistic Excellence which was presented to her by the Indiana Broadcasters Association.

How Tall is She?

Carolyn Manno has a height of 5 feet 6 inches, which is an inch above the US average for females. Her body height looks great along with her fit body whose weight is at the moment, unknown. Other noticeable features include blonde hair and a pair of blue eyes.

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