Who Is Caroline Heldman, Does She Have A Husband and What is Her Net Worth?

Political analysts are an important element of news delivery in modern-day journalism. Through their expertise in their various fields, journalists and the public alike gain a better understanding of the happenings in their society. One of the many analysts who dominate television today is Caroline Heldman, who is most commonly seen on Fox News.

You don’t appear over 100 times for a giant media outlet like Fox News without having some serious expertise to your name. Caroline Heldman has been a prominent name in the field of political science for over a decade. She is also a professor who is known for being one of the accusers of Bill O’Reilly for sexual harassment in April 2017. As a woman who is a loud advocate against rape and sexual harassment, she has further leveled accusations against other Fox News colleagues – Eric Bolling and Woody Fraser. Her accusations of sexual impropriety on some of Fox News’ biggest names led to a substantial backlash from some sections of the public and she was subsequently dropped from Fox News but she has remained a mainstay in the political analyst arena. Learn more about the professor below.

Caroline Heldman’s Early Life

Caroline Heldman’s exact birth month and date are unknown but we know she was born in 1972 in an unspecified city in the United States to Jerry Heldman and Julia Selvidge. Caroline Heldman was raised in a large family of six, growing up with five siblings. Her father was an officer in the Seattle Police Force while her mother, Julia was a theatre artist.

The woman, who would later gain prominence for being one of the women who bravely took down a powerful known sexual harasser in the person of Bill O’Reilly, attended Washington State University after she graduated high school. At Washington State, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Having found her desire for politics, Caroline Heldman pursued an academic qualification in the subject, enrolling at Rutgers University for a master’s degree in political science; she later graduated in 1998. She then continued up to Ph.D. level, earning the prestigious degree also from Rutgers University, graduating in 2002.

During her Ph.D., Caroline Heldman worked as an adjunct professor at Rutgers University gaining her experience as an academician. She joined the school in August 2000 and worked there for two years, leaving after the completion of her Ph.D. program. After leaving Rutgers, Caroline resumed a position at Whittier College where she worked as an assistant professor. She further taught at Fairfield University before she joined her current place of employment, Occidental College. She has been at Occidental College for over a decade, teaching political science.

Her employment history also showed a brief stop in the private sector when she worked as a general manager for Bio-Energy Systems and then as a research manager for Consumer Health Sciences. She has also been a political reviewer for the Associated Press and a reporter for KPFK Los Angeles.

Caroline Heldman
Caroline (Second To The Left) and the Cosby survivors

Caroline Heldman is a notable activist and is one of the founders of one of the biggest networks of sexual assault activists in the country, Faculty Against Rape. Unfortunately, we learned that she became a victim of the disease she was fighting against when she revealed she had been sexually harassed and abused by three prominent men in the Fox News Network – Eric Bolling, Bill O’Reilly, and Woody Fraser.

Caroline is also an author, who has published in several notable journals and has written four books – Women, Power, and Politics and three others. She is also a notable Democratic Party strategist. She has worked on several campaigns, both as a staffer and a manager. As a political analyst, she has appeared across the major news media outlets in the United States, from CNBC to MSNBC to Al Jazeera America.

Caroline is also vegan and has a 4th-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her family.

Who is Her Husband or Partner?

There has been no confirmation either way as to whether Caroline Heldman is married or not. Her blog, drcarolineheldman.com reveals that she lives with a partner, ‘E’ in her home in Los Angeles. Alongside her partner, she has four cats as members of her family.

How Much Is She Worth?

Having appeared across several television outlets, with multiple published books, over a decade long career as a political science professor, coupled with a career in the private sector, Caroline Heldman has been able to build decent net worth, large enough for her to live a comfortable lifestyle. She is believed to be worth $250,000.

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