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An unusual celebrity spouse, Carl Thomas Dean was flung to the limelight following his relationship with a legendary country singer. Dean and his heartthrob Dolly Parton have enjoyed a happy and low-key romance that has spanned over five decades. While there may be information readily available about Parton who is the brain behind some of the greatest love songs of all time, not much is known about the singer’s longtime friend, partner, and muse. Find out the secret to the couple’s lasting marriage and how they inspire the younger generation.

Early Life

Carl Thomas Dean is an extremely private man. Despite being a celebrity spouse for more than five decades, there is little or nothing known about his personal life before and during his marriage. Besides the fact that he is a native of Tennessee born on July 20, 1942, details regarding his parents, family, early life, education, and career have not been disclosed.

Net Worth

Besides their romance, Carl Thomas Dean and his wife Dolly Parton are two totally different individuals. Regardless, they have respected, supported and complemented each other’s uniqueness and careers over the years. Given his ultra-private lifestyle, it is uncertain how exactly Dean earns a living. But it is no secret that he is a retired businessman. More so, his exact kind of business dealings, earnings, and net worth have not been made public knowledge. But the former businessman is believed to have amassed a decent fortune over the years.

Facts About Dolly Parton’s Husband

  • Dean and Parton Have Been Together For Most Of Their Lives

While there may be information readily available about Dolly Parton’s career and professional achievements, there is a part of her glamour-filled world that she guards carefully – her relationship with husband Carl Thomas Dean. The couple who has been married for five long decades has conspicuously kept their relationship extremely private. Interestingly, their long-lasting romance started out very simple.

Dean and Parton first crossed paths at a laundromat in his hometown when the country singer was only 18 years old and fresh in Nashville. Following a joke Carl made about Dolly’s revealing outfit, the duo struck up a conversation there and quickly established a romantic bond. Among other qualities, Carl’s authenticity and genuineness were some of the attributes that endeared Dolly to him and two years later, they were married.

Contrary to her family’s expectations for a lavish wedding, Carl and Dolly were forced to elope because of Parton’s record label that preferred her to stay unwed. The couple exchanged nuptial vows on May 30, 1966, in a low-key ceremony in Ringgold Georgia and have remained inseparable since then.

However, Dolly Parton eventually got to wear the lavish wedding gown she had always dreamed of in 2016 when the couple renewed their vows on their 50th anniversary. The beautiful ceremony was held at the couple’s Nashville “big ol’ house”.

Carl Thomas Dean and Dolly Parton

  • Carl Consciously Shuns The Spotlight

Despite his marriage to a superstar, it is no news that Carl Thomas Dean has always shunned the spotlight. Dean only likes to go to places where he can be comfortable and public events are definitely not included in this list. More so, since their marriage began, the couple has rarely been interviewed nor photographed together.

Despite their unusual celebrity lifestyle, Dean and Parton have remained strong over the years. Among other things, the couple has disclosed some of the secrets to their long term romance. Because of the nature of her job, the country legend travels a lot and admits that some distance and time apart has helped them. There’s an excitement that is sparked when they see each other after a long separation. From picnic lunches to mini trips to private dinners at local restaurants, the lovebirds relish each other and the little things they do whenever they are together.

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  • Carl Doesn’t Share His Wife’s Passion For Music

There’s no doubt that Carl Thomas Dean and Dolly Parton are head over heels in love with each other. Although Carl loves the Jolene singer, he is not particularly a fan of her songs. Despite their contradictory preferences and lifestyle, Dean loves his wife just the way she is and consistently supports her career. He cares most about her inner beauty and happiness and has been her rock all these years.

  • Carl Thomas Dean Doesn’t Have Children

Dean and Parton’s long-term union has not produced any biological children. However, the couple has been doting parents to many other children including nieces and Dolly Parton’s famous goddaughter Miley Cyrus. Carl’s wife Parton who loves children has an open door policy aimed at possibly making everybody’s kids become hers. The singer is currently working on empowering children through her foundation, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

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