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We all know that Candace Owens is a black conservative blogger, Donald Trump supporter, public speaker, and a media personality who never shy away from speaking her truth especially when it comes to giving voice to Trump’s policies. It is also generally known that she works as the communications director for Turning Point USA, a youth organization that promotes the principals of fiscal responsibility. Another famous fact about her is that she gained national attention for moving away from the Democratic to identify with the Republican Party, describing herself as a reformed liberal. Of course, as expected, her ideologies have not only made her one of Trump’s favourite black people; it has also won her the heart of a popular rapper – Kanye West. That aside, what more can we say about her personal life; is she married or dating, does she have kids? All of these questions have been answered below.

Who is Candace Owens and How Old is She?

Candace was born on April 29, 1989, and she spent her earliest days in Stamford, Connecticut. There, she got enrolled at Stamford High school. In 2007, while minding her business and focusing on her studies, she fell prey to racists who had put a strange call to her using an unidentified number to threaten her. Luckily, it was later found that the call came from a car that had a 14-year-old son of the then Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy as one of its passengers. This gave the issue huge attention with many stating that it was downright wrong. Surprisingly, the discovery led to more threats being melted on her afterwards.

Consequently, Candace Owen’s dad thought it right to take some legal actions against Stamford education board for not doing much in ensuring his daughter was kept safe from inappropriate intimidation. After several arguments, the family received the sum of $37,500 in compensation for the damages caused. With a dream to be a journalist, Candace proceeded to the University of Rhode Island immediately after high school and majored in journalism. However, she dropped after her junior year to take up small jobs.

Owing to the things she experienced in her teen days, Owen grew up to become an advocate for bullying. She was later inspired to establish a website named SocilaAutopsy in 2016. The site was all about exposing bullies on the internet. Along the line, the site gained some bad reputation which led to its suspension. Interestingly, the suspension also resulted in her becoming a Trump supporter.

The closure of her first tech initiation couldn’t discourage Candace from being outspoken about cyberbullying. In 2017, she created a YouTube channel and website which she named The Red Pill Black. But then, it is said that the essence of the platforms is to stimulate black conservatism across the United States.

She cemented her position in the limelight after a Youtube video of her blaming the media for triggering racial panic during the Charlottesville rally went viral. The video caught the attention of Fox News host Jesse Watters who invited her to be a guest on her show. Since then, Candace has been a national face in political activism.

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Her prominence also increased when rapper Kanye West and Donald Trump noticed how opinionated she is with her activism. Both men described her as a smart thinker. While this surged her fame and social media followers, it equally earned her many criticisms.

Her Net Worth

There is no verified information on the true net worth of Candace Owens. However, we don’t have to rely on rumours in order to affirm that she scoops enough dough from her site given her over 245,000 followers. Several figures have been quoted as the total value of her wealth but we wouldn’t bother you with them as none has been authenticated.

Is Candace Owens Married? Who is The Husband or Boyfriend,

Much like many typical female political commentators and activists, the ever-bashing Candace has her private life sealed away from the public and she is apparently sticking to this norm for good. Seriously, nobody knows anything about her love life – whether or not she is married, engaged or dating; so we assume she is single. It is also not known if she has children. She has directed everybody’s attention to her growing career and speaking out for the voiceless.

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