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Ever wondered what happened to Camila Nakagawa since she was kicked out of the MTV series The Challenge? Well, from the look on her social media updates, the Sao Paulo native seems to be taking care of her mental health.

For people who don’t know her, Camila is a reality TV star best known for competing in MTV reality TV series The Challenge. She became a familiar face in the scene after winning the show’s Spring Break Challenge. This became her ticket to join subsequent seasons of the Challenge including Battle of Bloodline alongside her sister, Cutthroat, Battle of Exes, Rivals, among others.

However, her career in the show was crippled in 2017 when she was disqualified for raining racial remarks on her co-star following an alcohol binge. Although she shamefully left the show, she remains one of the personalities that the audience can look back and describe as one of the strongest and smartest competitors of the show who was confidently entertaining.

Camila Nakagawa’s Biography & Personal Details

Camila Nakagawa was born into a small family in Sao Paulo Brazil on 9 September 1988. She was brought up in Sao Paulo together with a younger sister named Larissa Nakagawa who describes herself as a ‘Japazilian Bombshell’ on her Instagram account.

Later on, she moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, in the United States where she enrolled at the University of Nebraska and majored in International Business and Journalism. In 2010, Camila, a bubbly student, decided to bring her fun self on TV by contesting in the popular MTV show, The Challenge. It wasn’t long before the world took notice of the Brazillian reality TV star for her knack for creating chaos and drama.

However, in one of the franchise’s installments titled The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 (2017) Camila went a bit too far with her drama, throwing racial slur against a co-star Leroy Garrett. This led some angry viewers to call for her ban from the show. But it felt like the viewer’s request was likely going to fall on deaf ears as her masterful performance got another part of the audience rooting for her.

With the audience divided, MTV reportedly allowed her to join in the show’s spin-off titled The Challenge XXX reunion special. Surprisingly, Camila caused another catastrophe during the filming which violated the show’s rule of no violence and property destruction. She had punched a crew member in the face and stole a golf cart during the filming. When the consequence of her action dawned on her, she locked herself in a bathroom and threatened to take her life.

Consequently, MTV disqualified and cut her off from the show. Her absence was very visible to the viewers when the show finally aired in late 2017. However, as one of the four contestants to participate in the show’s random selection game where they get to pick either a double or single cross from a box to determine the winner of the biggest share of the $1million reward, host T.J. Lavin had to fill in for her. At the end of the show, Camila Nakagawa became the first place winner and was rewarded with $450,000.

Since then, she has stayed off the limelight and has been trying to rebuild her image. She has also turned into an online fitness advisor, encouraging people to choose natural products.

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Camila may have caused serious chaos and drama in the MTV series but she doesn’t have that much size on her side. Standing at 5 feet 2 inches, she was one of the shortest cast of the show. However, she was gifted beyond belief and had a strong connection with the fans until she crossed a line on the show.


Ever since Camila became known, she has never shared details of her dating history or her sexuality. But this hasn’t stopped fans from talking. Her only speculated affair was with Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio, an American actor and a four-time winner of the competition. The relationship was said to have started in 2010 on the set of one of The Challenge’s season titled Cutthroat and unfortunately crumbled the following year. Since the alleged breakup, the Brazillian beauty hasn’t spoken a word about her personal life.

She Is A Business Woman

Camila Nakagawa has achieved a lot in her age. Other than being part of The Challenge series, she owns a yoga studio named Clean Start Miami where she equally encourages her clients to opt for natural cleaning products.

She Is From A Mixed Racial Family

Another lesser-known fact about Camila is that she is of multiple-racial backgrounds. Her ethnicity includes American-Asian, Brazillian, and Japanese.

She Is a Two-Time Champion of The Challenge Series

Camila has competed nine times in The Challenge and has won twice.

6. She Adores Her Parents

Although there is no information about her parents, the Brazillian media personality seems to have had a good relationship with them. On Mother’s day of 2018, she took to her social media to describe her mother as her hero. She has also shared her shock at her father’s death in 2013 and continues to honor the man identified as Akira Nakagawa even in his grave.

The World Is Yet To Forgive Her

Despite apologizing to the world, the public seems not to have forgotten Camila. She continues to get horrible comments for her offensive rant. Her castmates have also come out to say that the censored rant was one of the many appalling racial remarks by the TV star.

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