Why Did Camila Leave Fifth Harmony, What Really Led To All The Drama?

Many questions have been asked of late about Camila of Fifth Harmony with many wondering why she left the band. Well, below is everything we have been able to authenticate about the drama; let’s start from the genesis of the band.

Fifth Harmony’s rise to fame began when the all-girls music group competed in the second season of American singing competition, X-Factor, where they placed third. Shortly after exiting the X-Factor stage, they signed with Epic Records and Syco Records, under which they released their EP and three subsequent albums that all debuted in the top ten places on the United States Billboard 200.

As far as the entertainment industry was concerned, Fifth Harmony was one of the best music groups around and its members, Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, Normani Kordel, Lauren Jauregui, and Camilla Cabello were adored by fans all over the world. They were at the peak of their career when the group announced that Camila had decided to leave.

The news came as a shock to both fans and media alike because it happened unexpectedly and without warning. Speculations began going around about what went down behind the scenes that led to her splitting from the group. This was further compounded by the fact that there seemed to be a silent feud going on between Fifth Harmony and the former bandmate for several months after.

Although Camila and the group insisted there was no bad blood between them, the tension was present for everyone to see. Here’s a deep dive into what really happened that led to all the drama.

When Did Camila Leave Fifth Harmony?

Fifth Harmony performed as a five-piece band on December 18, 2016, and the following day, Camila’s departure was made public. The remaining members released a statement saying that after four and a half years, Camila has decided to leave Fifth Harmony and they wished her well in all their future endeavors.

The group claimed that they were informed of Camila’s exit from the band through her agents. In response to this, Camila issued a statement claiming what they were saying was false. She stated that her former bandmates were completely in the loop about her intentions because they all had in-depth conversations about their plans for the future during the last tour. According to Camila, it was unfair that they were trying to make her seem like the bad person in the situation.

The jabs continued back and forth for months after, with Fifth Harmony taking every opportunity to throw shade Camila’s way. They insisted that they were doing even better without her as they had a lot of things in common and prized communication with each other very highly.

The Real Reason Camila Left The All Girls Band

Camila of Fifth Harmony
Camila of Fifth Harmony: Image Source

The Florida native did her best to avoid talking about her former bandmates, but she finally broke her silence after a year and decided to reveal why she had to leave the band.

Contrary to the rumors that were going around and the stance that Fifth Harmony had taken, Camila never really want to split from the band. The problems with the group began when she began pursuing her solo career. She wanted to make more of the kind of music that she was free to express her creativity in, but she was unable to do so with Fifth Harmony because they weren’t allowed to write their own music or anything like that.

When Camila began working independently with other artists like Shawn Mendes, Diplo, Benny Blanco, and Cashmere Cat, it caused a lot of tension with her bandmates who wanted her to give up any solo ambition and focus all her attention on Fifth Harmony.

This did not sit well with Camila who wanted to explore what was out there, learn all the new things about her craft, and make solo music while still being a part of Fifth Harmony. However, her bandmates made it increasingly clear that she would have to choose between them or her solo dreams because they wouldn’t let her have both. With that kind of ultimatum on her back, Camila decided it was best to remove herself from the group to prevent further discord.

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Who can blame Camila for wanting to be free to pursue the extent of her dreams? Sure, her departure hurt Fifth Harmony a little, but both parties seem to have recovered and moved on from the messy incident. According to Camila, she and the girls are in a good place at the moment where they can all be happy for each other without the bitterness in the past holding them back.

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