5 Untold Facts About Cake Boss’ Family Owned Carlo’s Bakery And Its TV Show

One of the many magical features of television is how it has the ability to transform a seemingly regular thing into a historical and national figure. This is what happened to Carlo’s Bakery when it became the primary location for the filming of Cake Boss. Today, the bakery shop has become one of the most important locations in Hoboken New Jersey, attracting tourists who travel across the country to witness the iconic bakeshop.

Since it came into prominence, the life of the Valastro family and the life in the shop has been laid bare for fans of the show, but in this article, we discuss five facts you did not know about Carlo’s Bakery and the show.

1. It Wasn’t Always Owned By The Valastro Family

It is hard to imagine that the iconic Carlo’s Bakery hasn’t always belonged to a member of the Valastro family but that was exactly the case in the early decades of the shop.

The bakery was originally owned and founded by Carlo Guastaferro, a pastry chef in 1910. He owned and ran the shop until 1964, when it was bought from him by Buddy Valastro’s father, Bartolo Valastro, Sr. He ran the shop and before he passed away, left it to his son and Cake Boss host, Buddy Valastro, who has since transformed the shop into an iconic figure in Hoboken, New Jersey.

That is to say that Carlo’s Bakery has been in existence for more than 105 years, older than major American food franchises like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Starbucks.

2. It Is An International Bakery Shop

Carlo’s Bakery, as shown on Cake Boss, might be thought of as a local operation in New Jersey but through the success of the show, Buddy Valastro and members of his family have been able to expand the family business into international territory.

The first shop outside of the United States was established in December 2016 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This particular shop is run by Rick Zavala, who also has a background in television as the winner of the reality TV show, Batalha dos Confeiteiros.

Before going international, Carlo’s Bakery, under Buddy Valastro, expanded to other locations across the United States, starting with its first branch in May 2011 at Times Square in New York City. Other locations are spread across Florida, Texas, Las Vegas, and several other parts of New Jersey.

3. Cake Boss Has Made Buddy Valastro A Prominent Citizen Of Hoboken

When he was approached to have a TV show about his work and his family’s bakery, one doubts if Buddy Valastro expected to become a local hero in the process, but that is what has happened through the show.

The popularity of the show has brought tourists from all across America to visit Hoboken, New Jersey and experience one of the landmarks of American television.

Carlo's Bakery
Buddy Valastro preparing one of his signature cakes

In doing so, the inflow of tourists has increased the tourism revenue of Hoboken, which led the Hudson Reporter to name him among the 50 most influential people in Hudson County in 2012.

4. Buddy Valastro Is Also A Restauranteur

The Carlo’s Bakery boss has established himself as a superstar pastry chef, transforming his family’s bakery into a national and international franchise, but did you know that Buddy Valastro’s tentacles in the food industry also expands to restaurants?

The New Jersey-born pastry chef of Sicilian descent has his restaurant, Buddy V’s Ristorante. The first location was established in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2013 and he has established two other locations in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and San Antonio, Texas.

The restaurants feature his family’s favorite meals, cooked on a scale affordable for everyone.

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5. Buddy Valastro Was Arrested Once

The Valastro family paints a picture of a wholesome law-abiding family, but that hasn’t always been true, and it is down to the family’s head, Buddy Valastro. In 2014, Buddy was arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol. During the police exchange that led to his arrest, he reportedly told the police officer ‘You can’t arrest me! I’m the Cake Boss’.

As a result of the incident, which became its mini-scandal, his driving license was suspended for 90 days and he paid a $300 fine. He also apologized to ABC News and fans of the show on Twitter when news broke of the controversial incident.

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