Caity Lotz Net Worth And The Top Movies And TV Shows That Made Her Rich

Acting can be a very lucrative profession. It has made several people in Hollywood wealthy, and it is why California, the home of America’s entertainment industry, has one of the highest concentrations of millionaires in the world. One of them is Caity Lotz, an actress who has built a significant net worth from her work in the superhero genre of television, as Sara Lance in the Arrowverse.

Caity Lotz is one of the most famous faces in the Arrowverse. That status has come with its significant financial reward, both in salary and in the number of opportunities that have come her way. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about Caity Lotz’s net worth, along with the shows and movies that have contributed the most to her wealth.

Caity Lotz’s Net Worth

According to the popular celebrity wealth tracking website, Caity Lotz has a net worth of $2 million. While a $2 million net worth might not count as being Hollywood rich, it certainly does outside of the bubble of Los Angeles.

The American actress has built her net worth over the course of one and a half decades in the industry, working in various roles in show business as a singer and a dancer. Here is an in-depth look at how she built her $2 million net worth.

How She Made Her Money

Like most people who make the trip across the country seeking a career in Hollywood, Caity Lotz, at the age of 19, began her career in show business. She started her career as a singer and part of the girl group, Soccx. Although the group released an album and a couple of tracks, both of which reached the top 10 in Germany, the group never found mainstream success.

After the failure of her singing career, she began a career as a dancer, touring with notable pop stars like Lady Gaga and Avril Lavigne. While the gig did not pay a lot, it gave her a job and the exposure to pursue other interests. She went on to feature in music videos for several artists like T-Pain, Selena Gomez, David Guetta, Kaci Brown, and a few more.

She also appeared on the popular celebrity reality show, Dancing With the Stars, as the backup dancer for Lady Gaga. She also got a role as a dancer for the web series, The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.

As time passed, although she hadn’t gotten her breakthrough, Caity Lotz increased her net worth with appearances in TV commercials for Reebok, Jack in the Box, and T-Mobile. As a model, she also appeared in magazines for Esquire and Men’s Health.

Before she became a full-fledged actress, Caity Lotz also made money by making use of her dancing skills and working as a stunt double for films like Step Up 3D.

Eventually, in 2010, after completing acting training, Caity Lotz began a career as an actress, appearing in an episode of the TV show, Law & Order: LA. She followed up the appearance with another in 2011 in the film, The LXD: The Secrets of the Ra.

Her first significant role came in the same year when she began appearing as Officer Kirsten Landry in the MTV series, Death Valley. She also started to appear in a recurring role in the popular show, Mad Men, as Stephanie, a character she played between 2010 and 2015.

Between 2010 and 2013, Caity Lotz appeared in various TV shows and films before she began appearing in the role that has been the most significant contributor to her net worth, as Sara Lance in the Arrowverse. She started playing the character in a recurring role in Arrow before she moved on to lead role in the spin-off of the show, Legends of Tomorrow. She has reprised the role in other Arrowverse shows like The Flash and Supergirl.

Caity Lotz net worth
Caity Lotz with fellow actresses in the Arrowverse

So far, she has built her $2 million net worth off a career as a dancer and actress with more than 25 movies and TV shows to her name.

Movies and TV Shows That Made Her Rich

At the moment, the exact salary of Caity Lotz in several of the films she has starred in is unknown. Thus, it is difficult to determine which of them has contributed the most to her net worth. However, in TV shows, where there is a lot more information about the salary of actors, Caity Lotz can thank the show, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

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According to a Variety report, as a CW actress, Caity Lotz earns between $50,000 and $100,000 per episode. With over 100 episodes under her belt across both shows and other Arrowverse shows, they have been the primary source of her wealth.

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