Who Are Buddy Valastro’s Kids And What Happened To His Mom

There are very few things as universally beloved as cake, which is why there are a good number of shows dedicated to them on various food networks. However, among the tens of cake shows on the air, Cake Boss is one of the most popular, and that has made its host, Buddy Valastro one of America’s beloved celebrities and made his wife and kids public personalities.

In this article, we took a look at Buddy Valastro’s kids, as well as details about what happened to his mother, who used to be a notable part of the show. Scroll down to learn more.

Short Background

Buddy Valastro is today, known as one of the most influential persons in Hoboken, New Jersey due to the popularity of his show, Cake Boss and his bakery, Carlo’s Bakery which is the location of the show. His relationship with Hoboken runs deep because he was born there on the 3rd of March, 1977 to Buddy Valastro Sr. and Mary W. Tubito. He was raised along with four sisters, and he began working at Carlo’s Bakery, which was the family’s business at the age of 11.

He worked the bakery side by side with his father until his death in 1994 when Buddy assumed his status as the Cake Boss. He has continued to run the bakery ever since and has expanded to over 17 other bakeries due to the popularity of the bakery via the show, Cake Boss. His bakery chain has shops in various parts of New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York, Florida, Texas, Sao Paulo in Brazil and a few others.

He began hosting Cake Boss since April 2009 and has appeared in over 230 episodes of the show, spread across more than ten seasons. In addition to Cake Boss, he has made appearances on other shows like Kitchen Boss, Bakers vs. Fakers, Buddy vs Duff, Next Great Baker and a few others. Now, let’s take a look at Buddy Valastro’s personal life, including his kids and mom.

Who are Buddy Valastro’s Kids?

Buddy Valastro's kids
Buddy with his wife and four children

Buddy Valastro has four children, all from his first and only wife, Lisa Valastro. He married his wife in 2011 but they had their first child, Sofia Valastro long before they got married, in April 2003. Their second child, Buddy Valastro, Jr. was born in 2004, while their third child, Marco Valastro was born in February 2007 and their last child, Carlo Valastro was born in 2011.

Most of Buddy Valastro’s kids are currently too young to be active members of his show, but his eldest child, Sofia, has appeared on the show a couple of times. It also appears she has been blessed with the gift of design because she designed her own Sweet Sixteen birthday party cake. The design was baked by her father.

What Happened to His Mom?

Having established the identity of his kids, here is a look at another significant member of the Buddy Valastro family, his mother, Mary Valastro Pinto. She was a regular fixture on the show when it began to air until her retirement from Carlo’s Bakery in 2010, only appearing on the show occasionally.

Unfortunately, Buddy Valastro’s mother was diagnosed with ALS in 2012 and after five years of battling the disease, she died on the 22nd of June, 2017. Before her death, Buddy Valastro had a close relationship with his mom. She was the first person he baked a cake for, an Italian rum cake at the age of 12.

His mom, apart from appearing on the show, ran the original Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. An episode documenting her death and the family’s reaction to it was aired in the fifth season of the show, in the episode, A Bittersweet Homecoming. Buddy Valastro’s mom was born on the 17th of April, 1948 in Altamura, Italy and she was six years old when her parents relocated to the United States.

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Other Facts About Buddy Valastro

He once famously fired his sister, Mary Sciarrone, who was considered a source of unwarranted drama in the family and the bakery. She did return to the business after a few weeks of being fired though.

The most expensive cake he ever made was a $30 million cake for the New York socialite, Devorah Rose. The cake was covered with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.

Some of his favorite things include shortcake and whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and pizza. He also enjoys vacations at warm friendly-weather locations.

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