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When a veterinary doctor carries important healthcare equipment in his van, embarks on trips across Hawaii with his best friend (a pet dog named Kevin) to offer life-saving treatments to sick pets, including carrying out emergency surgeries on them, it depicts serious commitment to a cause. Known for his chemistry with different animals, Dr. Buckeye Bottoms has one basic intention in his profession and that is to end animal abuse and offer them care without having to make them leave their homes. His show on Nat Geo Wild titled The Adventure of Dr. Buckeye Bottoms has helped him live out this dream. Find out more facts about him below.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Buckeye Bottoms was born on January 25, 1977, in Santa Barbara California. He is the only son of Timothy James Bottoms, a famous American actor and Alicia Cory, an obscure folk singer. His birth name was registered as Bartholomew Buckeye Bottoms. In 1978, a year after his birth, his parents divorced. The couple who were married for just three years fought for Buckeye’s custody which lasted for several years. Later on, his father remarried. His second marriage to a woman named Marcia Morehart gained Buckeye three half-siblings; William Bodie Bottoms, (the eldest born 1985) Bridget Bottoms, (born 1987) and Benton Bottoms, (the youngest born 1990). Buckeye grew up in his father’s new affluent family in California.

After graduating from high school in California, Buckeye went on to Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo and majored in Animal Science. In 2000, he obtained a Bachelor of Science and proceeded to Canada. There, he enrolled in Atlantic Veterinary College, the only institution in Atlantic Canada which trains doctors of veterinary medicine. In 2004, he finished his medical studies and was awarded a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. After graduation, he returned to the United States and settled in Santa Cruz where he spent a number of years working as a mobile veterinarian, frequently travelling around to deliver treatments to animals. Later on, he left Santa Cruz to settle in Hawaii but continued his mobile clinic vet practices. As he became more keen on saving animals from facing abuse and negligence, Buckeye decided to improve his knowledge through further studies in the marine veterinary field.

Rise To Stardom

Dr. Buckeye Bottoms
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Buckeye worked without much recognition during his early stay in Hawaii. But this changed when he was hired at Kauai Island to replace another famous veterinarian Dr. Scott Sims who had passed away. With little fame under his control, the doctor went on to spread his mobile clinic services in other locations in the city, including Maui, Oahu, Big Island, etc. He eventually got noticed by a TV producer who suggested a reality TV show that would follow his endeavours. Buckeye agreed to document his veterinary services and this became the birth of his Nat Geo Wild show The Adventure of Dr. Buckeye Bottoms, which has gone on to air its second season.

In his over 13 years in the veterinary business, Dr. Bukeye, who is a resident of Haiku, Hawaii, has offered rare services to animals such as performing a pig pedicure, carrying out emergency surgery on a horse with breathing issues, treating a dog with itchy butt and carrying out dental exam on a retired rodeo horse.  He has also treated different animals like cows, pigs, donkey, alpaca, pygmy, bull and host of others.

Personal Life – Is Buckeye Bottoms Married?

While Dr. Bukeye Bottoms clearly understands the human-animal bond, nobody is sure if he applies the same in his personal life as there are no traces of his love history or bond with any wife or partner. Even so, there are speculations that he is married but this can’t be confirmed and the fact that he is not present or interested in social media makes it harder to dig out information on his personal life.

What Is His Net Worth?

According to Paysa, which collects salary data from top companies, Nat Geography Channel pays its hosts an average salary of $53,192 annually. But, it is believed that the animal doctor receives $88,770 as salary every year. As of 2019, his net worth is believed to be $10 million approximately.

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More Facts 

1. Despite the strained relationship between Buckeye’s parents, Buckeye and his father Timothy have had an awesome relationship. Timothy also supports his career and in two episodes of his show, he paid him a surprise visit where he helped him handle cases involving a number of cows, a horse-donkey, and a horse.

2. In 2015, Dr. Buckeye Bottoms became a victim of a death hoax. Depressed, grieving and agonized couldn’t begin to describe how his fans felt about the news. Thankfully, it was later confirmed to be false.

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