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There is definitely no place too small or too hidden for anyone to shine. Even the oddest of all places could be a good place for one who wishes to make a difference in the world. For someone like Bryan Silva, the bathroom seemed like the perfect place to expose all that he’s got within him. Though his rap may sound horrible to some, many still loved to watch and listen to him and that is why he has generated huge followership on the video hosting service popularly known as Vine.

Best known for his ”You suck that shit like a Slurpee” vine that generated over 450,000 views, Bryan Silva, a self-described ‘King of All Trades’, has the social media to thank for his fast-growing popularity and the strong financial backup he has generated recently. Aside from rapping, Silva is also a bodybuilder and porn star.

How Old Is Bryan Silva?

Bryan who is a Florida-born media personality was birthed on January 2, 1991, but he grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia where his family moved to when he was just 2 years of age. His parents, Michael and Robin Silva raised him alongside his older sibling named Philip.

Bryan became a socialite for most odd things starting with his music, his rapping skills to be precise, which has gone viral even though they are considered as poorly formed. Bryan described his music genre as freestyle, adding that he has been a street musician since he was 8 years old. His songs somehow generate a good number of followers for him. At times, the Vine star takes special time to address his haters.

In addition to his music style, Bryan Silva is also known as a bodybuilder – a new profession he got himself involved in while in jail. Even after the end of his jail term, Bryan continued with his bodybuilding career until he finally gained a place in the fitness industry. In fact, his bodybuilding career comes first before others. Although many think he is too skinny for the role, the Florida native appears to be enjoying his new profession. While doing that, he also got himself involved in gay porn which he openly speaks of on his platform.

What Is His Net Worth?

It puts many in shock to know how much this “bathroom made celebrity” has earned within a short period of posting his weird talent. While some dislike his activities on social media, many more see him as their major source of inspiration. Bryan Silva is responsible for the recent trending topics #Gratata and #VineLikeBryanSilva from where people imitate his freestyle and gun sounds.

Bryan’s main source of wealth comes mainly from his social media activities. He also gets his pay from adverts on his various social media platforms. As a porn star, he also speaks of earning as much as $7,000 for just showing off his private part. Unfortunately, no exact amount has been fixed as his current net worth.

Is Bryan Silva Gay?

Unlike some celebrities who were initially reluctant about disclosing their sexual orientation, Byan Silva was open about his belief from the start. Following his generated fame on YouTube and Vine, it was discovered that Bryan was a gay porn star who went by the name Max Payne. It was also discovered that he worked with film companies like Corbin Fisher, Helix Studios and Next Door Studios (NSFW). His past record raised speculations about him being gay.

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However, in one of his tweets, he tried to clear the air on the matter by saying that his career as a gay porn star is not enough to classify him as gay. He went further to explain by saying that he went into the business because he felt the need to stand out and succeed. On 14 February 2018, he made a post of himself and a beautiful lady he referred to as his girlfriend. The new picture post of himself and his girlfriend named Lissy Barney is a somewhat indication that he is not gay.

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Why Was He Arrested?

Bryan has been arrested on different occasions and for different reasons. The Florida based self-described ‘King of All Trades’ was first arrested in 2005 and imprisoned for three years for assault on his school principal and breaking-and-entering. While he was still locked up, he received his GED at the age 16. He was again arrested and imprisoned for six years in 2016 for possession and brandishing firearms. Included in the six years jail term is five years for possession of firearms, 12 months for brandishing, and 86 days for contempt. He was, however, released 4 years later after it was suspended.

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