Who is Brock O’Hurn, How Old is He, Is He Married?

Could it really be true that most people who became famous never consciously expected to be? The story of the model cum fitness trainer Brock O’Hurn seems to prove it is. The model who is also an actor became famous for being associated with bodybuilding. But when he realized he had become the talk of the media, his expression was that of surprise. After all, he started his bodybuilding routine in high school only to make up for a perceived physical lack: he felt he was too lightweight, weighing only 135 pounds (61 kg).

But, what more can we know about Brock O’Hurn? Quite a lot indeed. So, come with us as we discuss his biography and other facts about him such as his age, height, married life, and what have you. The model is rumored in some quarters to have a twin brother. We are going to be talking about this as well.

Who is Brock O’Hurn?

Born on August 19, 1991, in Sacramento California, his birth name is Brock Vincent Phil Hurn. His father is Adam Hurn and his mother is Paige. Brock has three siblings who are made up of two sisters named Aspyn and Carly and a brother named Drake. He is the oldest among all these. Their bloodline is traced to English, German, French, and Irish roots.

Reports have it that Brock O’Hurn had a troubled childhood. His parents divorced when he was only 9. Then, most probably as a result of the divorce, he is said to have attended nine different schools across California. You can imagine the effect of this on young Brock.

However, it seems that such challenges at that early stage of Brock O’Hurn’s life ended up spurring him to fame and fortune rather than being a source of disappointment and discouragement. This is one lesson you will hopefully take home as we continue exploring the life and career of the model.

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Does He Have A Girlfriend or Wife?

Brock O'Hurn
Brock and Hanna Stocking on the set of Tyler Perry’s film ‘Boo2! Amadea Halloween’: Image source

Four days after the Valentine’s Day of 2018, Brock O’Hurn got tongues wagging among his fans. He posted a picture of him towering above two other men. One thing was common among the three men: they all wore black suits with ties to match, and they all looked spectacular. Then, Brock explained that his friend named Chris just wedded his heart-throb. Congratulating Chris, he explained that he was Chris’ best man at the wedding.

It seems Brock only reminded his fans that he is not yet married. That begs for the question – “does he have a girlfriend?” So far, the answer to that question remains hanging because no woman has been substantively linked to him romantically.

As a result, some people are even rumouring that Brock O’Hurn is gay. But this speculation has not been confirmed by Brock, neither do we have any good reason to believe it.

Brock has been linked to Hanna Stocking with whom he has appeared on Tyler Perry’s film, Boo2! Amadea Halloween. But, Hanna only regards Brock as a brother according to reports.

Does Brock O’Hurn Have A Twin Brother?

Besides modeling, Brock O’Hurn has also appeared in a couple of movies since 2016. In 2016, he was Horse in Terry Perry’s comedy horror film, Boo! Amadea Halloween as well as in Boo2! Amadea Halloween. Between 2016 and 2017, he was Brody Allen in the TLC TV drama series, Too Close To Home. In 2018, Brock was Ragnar Stormbringer in the TV movie Rayden Valkyrie.

In all these movies, many viewers have started associating Brock to the veteran actor, Jason Momoa. With his big-toned body and flowing hair, Brock O’Hurn is now widely considered Jason Momoa’s look-alike. Many speculate that the two actors might be brothers or even twins. One online comment even called Brock Jason’s clone. As for being twins, that is not possible because Jason is a whopping seventeen years older than Brock.

His Height and Other Body Stats

Brock O’Hurn became popular on Instagram as a result of his towering frame. He is reported to be 6 feet, 7 inches tall. As for his weight, it is reported to be 115 kg (254 pounds). He often wears a long flowing brown hair which he sometimes rolls up in a bun. In fact, he is also known for popularizing the bun hairstyle for men or what has come to be known as ‘man bun’.

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