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Brittanya Razavi is one of a number of women and men who have taken advantage of the global popularity and influence of social media platforms to create a career for themselves. Platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Instagram have become breeding grounds for women and men who desire to be models, and the openness and low barrier of entry for social media have resulted in many success stories like that of Brittanya.

Since she became significantly famous through social media, Brittanya Razavi has had acting credits to her name, she has also become an entrepreneur, running a successful online store where she deals in the sale of a variety of products.

There is plenty to learn about Brittanya Razavi and you can learn all about it by reading below.

Brittanya Razavi Biography

To the digital community, she is Brittanya Razavi and even in some communities, she is Brittany187inc, but when she was born to her parents on the 7th of July, 1985, her last name was O’Campo – a last name she shared with four other siblings while getting raised in Oxnard, California.

Her childhood and teenage years were not exactly good experiences for Brittanya, who lost her father to the US Prison system when she was 15 years old, leaving her mother with the responsibility of raising four children.

In terms of education, much is unknown about Brittanya and years of being in the limelight has not done much to illuminate the mysterious details of her past. However, since she joined spotlight, via an appearance in the reality television show, Rock of Love Bus and Charm School, she has remained in the spotlight through various means, many of which have been lucrative for her.

The popularity she gained with her appearances on the aforementioned shows sparked a chain of events that led to Brittanya Razavi becoming a model, working in a modeling genre that tethered between regular modeling and adult modeling. As a model, she has graced the covers and pages of magazines like Obscene Magazine and Rebel Ink

While she continued to maintain her career as a model, her ambitious and entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish an online store in partnership with a friend. The online store, 187 Avenue has become one of the most successful endeavors embarked upon by Brittanya, with sales of various products, ranging from clothing to sex toys, turning her into a financially successful woman.

Her success through modeling and entrepreneurship has seen her write a book on her experience, sharing her knowledge with her fans via the book, Millionaire Self Talk.

What Is Brittanya Razavi’s Net Worth?

We have mentioned how much of an entrepreneur and a successful model Brittanya Razavi is. Her success has made her a recognizable name in the digital community, and this has also reflected in her bank account and financial worth as a whole. Brittanya is considered to be worth an estimated $6 million, a sizeable figure that comes from a successful online store and a lucrative modeling career.

Does She Have Kids?

Brittanya Razavi
Brittanya Razavi with her two children, Cash and Legend

In learning more about Brittanya Razavi, perhaps the most surprising aspect is the number of children she has. Being a model, her body is one of the most important assets of her career but despite being a mother of two, she has been able to maintain a remarkably fit body.

Other than her two children, Cash and Legend, who she is believed to have given birth to very early in her life, Brittanya Razavi is believed to be a mother to three other children, whom she has with her husband, Lucky Moe Razavi.

When she got married to her husband and how long they were in a relationship are facts that currently remain unknown but her husband, Lucky Moe is believed to be an entrepreneur, just like her.

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Other Facts About Brittanya Razavi

1. She has an older sister named Tiffany O’Campo.

2. Brittanya Razavi once went to jail for six months after she was alleged to have assaulted a woman.

3. She has a huge love for tattoos, which are noticeable by taking a look at her body and this has led to appearances on tattoo magazines like Savage Tattoo, and Tattoo Energy.

4. Being a model requires having an attractive body and with a body that has a height of 5 feet 2 inches paired with a weight of 57kg, and a body shape that is commonly described as ‘thick’, Brittanya Razavi has been able to build a successful modeling career. Additionally, her body shape is defined with a measurement of her bust, waist, and hips at 36, 25, 25 inches respectively.

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