Hidden Facts About Brittanya Razavi’s Family Life and all the Ways She Earns Money

Brittanya Razavi is one of several women and men who have taken advantage of the global popularity and influence of social media platforms to create a career for themselves. Platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram have become breeding grounds for women and men who desire to be models, and the openness and low barrier of entry for these mediums have resulted in many success stories like that of Brittanya.

Since she became significantly famous through social media, Brittanya Razavi has had acting credits to her name. She has also become an entrepreneur, running a successful online store where she deals in the sale of a variety of products.

Overcoming a Troubled Childhood 

To the digital community, she is Brittanya Razavi and even in some communities, she is Brittany187inc, but when she was born to her parents on the 7th of July, 1985, her last name was O’Campo – a last name she shared with four other siblings, including a sister named Tiffany, while getting raised in Oxnard, California.

Childhood and teenage years were not exactly good experiences for Brittanya as she lost her father to the US Prison system when she was 15 years old. The young girl however did not despair as her father had taught her and her siblings to look out for each other. He also imbued in them the importance of being independent and as such, she was prepared to cope with his absence. She landed her first ride at the age of 12 and by the age of 13, already had a job.

In terms of education, much is unknown about Brittanya, and years of being in the limelight have done little or nothing to illuminate her past. There are however unconfirmed reports that she attended a private college in California. Whether this is true or not, what matters is that she has been able to achieve success in her life. 

What are Her Multiple Sources of Income?

Some sources estimate Brittanya Razavi’s net worth to be $6 million while some others peg it as high as $8 million. Whichever it may be, there is no doubt that the young lady has done well for herself by establishing multiple streams of income. 

VH1 Reality TV Star and Modelling Career

Brittanya’s journey to stardom commenced in her mid-twenties. At that time, she was trying to break into the showbiz world when she was tapped to join the cast of a VH1 reality TV show, Rock of Love Bus. Rock of Love was a dating show which chronicled the attempts of rock star, Bret Michaels, lead singer of the band – Poison, to find the perfect rock girlfriend. Brittanya joined about 22 other gorgeous ladies to jostle for Michaels’ attention but was eliminated along the way. 

Brittanya Razavi
Michaels flanked by some Rock of Love contestants

Following the elimination, the Oxnard native joined the cast of yet another VH1 reality series, Charm School. Unlike Rock of Love, this was a sort of finishing school to help the female contestants learn etiquette with the winner going home with $100,000. Brittanya once more fell short of winning the show and missed out on the handsome paycheck. 

The popularity Brittanya Razavi gained with her appearances on these shows, however, sparked a chain of events that led to her becoming a model; working in a genre that straddles the regular modeling and adult modeling world. As a model, Brittanya has graced the covers and pages of magazines like Obscene Magazine, Rebel Ink, MMA Sports Magazine, Savage Tattoo, Tattoo Energy and Spire Magazine, and has been paid undisclosed sums of money for her time. 

Instagram Modelling and her Online Company

Asides from traditional modeling, Brittanya Razavi has also taken advantage of the booming Instagram modeling to spread her wings. The California native joined the platform when it was newly created and took to posting freshly-done pics each day. Her gorgeous looks, as well as ample assets, naturally attracted many people and she cultivated a small following. Razavi now has about four million followers on the platform and is now a major influencer. She is regularly approached by several brands to help them advertise their products and this is a major source of income for her.

Finally, While Brittanya continues to maintain her career as a model, her ambitious and entrepreneurial spirit has led her to establish an online store. The store, 187 Avenue, carries a variety of products, ranging from clothing to sex toys, and has become quite successful. Its owner has meanwhile revealed that she would be embarking on more ventures in the nearest future, including a subscription app and vacation rentals. According to Brittanya, hustling is like a drug for her and she does not see herself retiring no matter how much money she makes.

Meet Her Children and Hubby

Brittanya Razavi
Razavi and her husband, Moe

One of the most surprising things about Brittanya Razavi is the number of children she has. The model has had about five children but you wouldn’t believe it going by her enviable figure. Brittanya had her first two children, sons, Cash and Legend, very early in life. The fathers did not hang around and she had to juggle single motherhood whilst making something out of herself. Today, she is a success and has found companionship in the arms of her husband, Lucky Moe Razavi. There is not much information available about Moe but Brittanya has often touted the fact that he is a holder of two college degrees. 

She has also recounted how he supported her through some of the worst moments of her life. Back in 2009, the reality TV star-cum-model was arrested for threatening a lady with a gun. The cops wanted to charge her with attempted murder but Brittanya’s legal team was able to beat down the charges to assault with a deadly weapon and battery. She subsequently spent seven months in prison and Moe was a regular visitor. He also looked out for her two kids and upon becoming a free bird, they tied the knot. The couple now has about three children of their own. 

Brittanya Razavi
Brittanya Razavi with her two children, Cash and Legend

Brittanya Razavi’s Botched Plastic Surgery – Here’s What She Did About It 

Being a successful model requires having an attractive body and that is exactly what Brittanya Razavi has. The Instagram hottie boasts of a physique that can rightly be described as “thick” with a measurement of bust, waist, and hips of 36, 25, 25 inches respectively. Her height is 5 feet 2 inches and her weight is 57kg. A big fan of tattoos, Brittanya has several and has disclosed that she got her first one at the age of 11.

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Brittanya’s jaw-dropping physique is a result of good genes, a healthy diet, and regular physical exercise. The California native has however had some surgery to enhance her looks. In April 2020, she appeared on an episode of Botched to discuss her problematic butt implants. She revealed that she had gotten butt implants and hydrogel injections to increase the size of her derriere. She, however, noticed that her butt had grown wider and had gotten harder, with the passage o time, hence her search for help. 

The Botched team, comprising of Doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, informed Brittanya that the cause of her problems was the hydrogel injection. They, however, advised her against getting rid of it as it could cause inflammation as well as some other diseases. The model accepted their advice as she did not want to do anything which would affect her money-maker, and ultimately adversely affect her career. 

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