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Despite the fact that they possess a degree of wealth and influence that often times, allows them to never have to work or match the greatness of their parents, children of celebrities are often looked upon by the public to live up to the legacy of their parents. While that is achievable for children whose parents are actors or musicians, it is a more difficult thing to achieve when said parent is a sportsperson, like in the case of Brittany Favre.

However, that hasn’t stopped Brittany Favre, who is the daughter of the famous American football player, Brett Favre from kicking ass and making a name for herself in her chosen profession – Law. Not only has she lived up to the excellence her father was noted for during his career, but she has also, through her accomplishments, taken the name to further heights. Read all about her background and her career below.

Brittany Favre Biography

Brittany Favre was born on the 6th of February 1989 in Mississippi to her lovely parents as the first of two daughters. Her sister is Breleigh Favre who was born in 1999. She was born seven years before her parents got married.

Details are at this moment unknown but Brittany Favre had her early education back in Mississippi before she attended Loyola University’s College of Law, graduating from Law School in May 2015.

Her decision to pursue a career in law was born out of a desire she has had since she was a child. Although her college years saw her make mistakes that would have derailed her plan, she focused on her longtime passion and earned herself a J.D. As a lawyer, Brittany has chosen to specialize in Sports and Entertainment law, taking advantage of the accumulated experience she has gained from her exposure to her father’s world as a professional football player.

She works for a small firm in Hattiesburg, Mississippi where she lives with her nuclear and her extended family.

Family – Parents

Brittany Favre
Brittany Favre with her family

Brittany Favre’s parents are Brett Favre and Deanna Favre. Her parents gave birth to her when they were teenagers. Her father, Brett was 19 years of age at the time. Although both her parents started their relationship in high school and had a rough beginning in their relationship, they have remained together as husband and wife for over 20 years.

Despite the challenge of raising a child at a young age, her father still managed to become a legend in the NFL. He played for over 20 years for three teams – the Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, and Minnesota Vikings.

During his career, Brett won the AP NFL MVP award three times and had 11 Pro Bowl invitations. He won the Super Bowl once, although he appeared in two finals. He also won eight division championships and five NFC championships, all of which he accomplished while he set multiple records as a quarterback.

Although her mother does not share a similar profile as a famous personality, she is an author with two published books – Don’t Bet Against Me and The Cure of the Chronic Life: Overcoming the Hopelessness That Holds You Back. The first book was inspired by Brittany Favre’s mother’s battle with breast cancer, which she survived.

The battle also inspired her to establish a foundation, The Deanna Favre Hope Foundation which is focused on breast cancer awareness and provision of diagnostic services to women of various economic status.

Brittany Favre’s Husband and Children

Brittany Favre shares a lot of similarities with her parents and not just through DNA either. Just like her mother, Brittany had her first child while she was in college, a fact that made her father the first grandfather to play in the NFL. The child, who was named Alex, was born on the 2nd of April 2010.

Brittany Favre has had her share of the unending tale of broken marriages. Before she got married to Alex Mallion, she was married to Patrick Valkenburg. She got married to Patrick on the 26th of January, 2011, shortly after she gave birth to her first child.

When exactly her relationship with Patrick Valkenburg went awry is unknown but her first marriage ended in a divorce and she later got married to Alex Mallion. When exactly she got married to Alex is also an unknown fact, but the couple is known to share a child.

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Net Worth

Brittany Favre is well on her journey to raising the Favre name even higher than her father has placed it and she has been raking in some financial success in the process. So far, Brittany has been able to accrue a net worth estimated at around $300,00, although it is still a long way from her father’s $100 million.

Other Facts About Her

  • She once appeared in a documentary, A Football Life.
  • Brittany Favre’s middle name is Nicole and she is older than her sister, Breleigh by 10 years.
  • Her sister, Breleigh is a college volleyball player.
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