Brittany Brees Is Drew Brees’ Wife – Inside Their Marriage With 4 Children

Famous for being the wife of the popular American football quarterback, Drew Brees, Brittany Brees has been an integral part of Drew’s successes not only in his marital life but in his career as well. Despite being married for over a decade, the couple appears to be waxing stronger together and in their careers.

Their relationship began before Drew Brees got famous, and while fame has led to the end of many couples, they have thrived in it. From business investments to philanthropy to raising their children, here is a closer look at the inside story of Brittany Brees’s marriage to the NFL superstar quarterback.

Meet Brittany Brees

Born in Syracuse, Indiana, USA, as Brittany Middleton Dudchenko, Brittany is the daughter of Kathleen Ann and Pete Dudchenko. She was born on September 18, 1976, and she is of American nationality. Brittany has not revealed any information regarding her childhood life, including her siblings, if any. However, looking at her educational background, the Indiana native enrolled at Wawasee High School, where she first studied before moving to Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, for her degree.

Her husband also attended Purdue, after turning down a college scholarship offer from Kentucky. He earned a degree in industrial management and graduated in 2001. But a bachelor’s degree and a cemented path to the NFL wasn’t the only thing he took out of Purdue.

Her Relationship with Drew Brees Began in College

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Brittany and her husband share a strong bond since their college years. Although they never knew each other until their sophomore year at the ‘Purdue University,’ West Lafayette, Indiana, the University remains a memorable place for the couple. Brittany Brees met her now-husband at a college party, and he, at that time, was celebrating his 20th birthday.

Although it was not Drew’s first time seeing her, it took him about six months to garner the courage he needed to talk to her. The couple had their first date months later, even though their friends accompanied them. They dated for years before settling down as husband and wife in 2003. Their marriage happened when Drew Brees was playing for the San Diego Chargers. The couple got married on February 8, 2003, and two years later, they moved to Louisiana as Drew joined the New Orleans Saints.

They Share Four Children

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Two years after their relocation, Britanny and her husband announced they were expecting their first child, and by 2009, they welcomed their son, Baylen. In October the following year, the couple also welcomed their second child, a boy named Bowen. Callen, their third son, was given birth to in August 2012, and their youngest child and only daughter, Rylen, was born in August 2014. Altogether, Brittany Brees and her husband Drew are blessed with four children, all born and raised in New Orleans.

Aside from their primary home in New Orleans, the NFL couple also have a home in San Diego, where the family moves to during the offseason.

Brittany Brees and Her Husband Are Philanthropists

Britanny is no stranger to community service. The entire Brees family is committed to giving back to their community, particularly New Orleans, where they reside. Together with her husband, the Indiana-born established a New Orleans Playground that is accessible for kids of all abilities, especially those with sensory and mobility challenges. They also founded the Brees Dream Foundation, which takes care of underprivileged children and cancer patients. The foundation was established in memory of Brittany’s aunt, who passed away from cancer.

Some of the programs and causes the foundation has supported include providing assistance for Hurricane Katrina, funding various rebuilding projects. They have also supported programs in San Diego, California, and West Lafayette, Indiana. Brittany and Drew Brees’ foundation also has a partnership with the international children’s charity, Operation Kids, that began in 2007. The partnership has and is focused on rebuilding athletic facilities, after-school programs, and child care facilities.

The couple has also contributed to the development of their alma mater. They reportedly gave the ‘Purdue University’s’ athletic department the sum of $2 million and $1 million to the department’s football program.

Additional philanthropic efforts by the Brees include a $5 million donation to the State of Louisiana for COVID-19 relief efforts in 2020. They also worked with Second Harvest Food Bank, Ochsner Health Systems, and other philanthropic groups to deliver more than 10,000 meals per day to vulnerable children and families.

They Are Big Supporters of Each Other

Their extensive philanthropic efforts is an excellent pointer to their dedicated support to each other. But it doesn’t start nor end there. They are fierce supporters of each other’s professional and personal dreams. In the case of Drew Brees, who is an ambassador and national spokesperson of the multi-level marketing company, AdvoCare International, Brittany has been a significant ally.

Despite the controversy that surrounded his role for the company, she has maintained her dedication to her husband. She was with him during the launch of the AdvoCare Fit Line, including modeling for some of the products. Brittany Drees has also accompanied her husband to various NFL events and is a regular fixture in the stands during his games.

Brittany Brees
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On the flip side, Drew Brees has credited Brittany for providing excellent leadership for the Brees Dream Foundation. He has also acknowledged her as a great mother doing an incredible job raising their children.

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Brittany Brees and Her Husband are Quite Rich

As a couple, Brittany Brees and Drew Brees are undoubtedly one of the richest in the country, particularly in New Orleans, where they live. While her husband’s $120 million net worth is the more significant contributor to the couple’s wealth, Brittany’s net worth is also believed to be of considerable value to their riches.

Her husband’s wealth comes from earning over $200 million in salary and bonuses as a professional player in the NFL. As of March 2020, he signed a two-year $50 million contract with the New Orleans Saints.

A substantial fraction of the family’s wealth has gone to funding their philanthropic efforts, including a sizeable $25 million donated after the establishment of The Brees Dream Foundation.

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