Does Britt McHenry Of FOX Have A Husband Or Boyfriend?

As far as sports journalism goes today, Britt McHenry is one of the most recognizable faces and names in the business. She has had a career that has spanned across ESPN and Fox Sports, two of the biggest sports media outlets in America. McHenry’s level of fame has made her personal life a subject of interest to fans who want to know as much as possible about the journalist. Who is Britt McHenry’s husband; is she married or just dating? Below are answers to such questions about the reporter, including other relevant details.

Is Britt McHenry Married Or In Any Relationship?

Sports journalism is great for many reasons: the close proximity to famous athletes that it offers, the lucrative salary, the fame, and the adventure of traveling across the country and the rest of the world covering various sport events. But then, one thing that is not desired is its schedule, which can be very unfriendly when it comes to nurturing a romantic relationship.

It could be an explanation for the fact that Britt McHenry has never been married and does not have a husband. The journalist, who was born on the 28th of May, 1986, has only been known to be in one notable relationship, with the professional tennis player, Tennys Sandgren.

It is unknown when her relationship with Tennys Sandgren began, although her Instagram page and available news articles on the subject suggest that they began dating sometime in the first half of 2018. Sadly, Britt McHenry and Tennys were only lovers for a while as they ended things in early 2019.

According to The Washingtonian, Tennys ended the relationship over the phone on the 12th of January 2019. Since the relationship ended, she has been rumored to be dating a man named James Dillard, a rumor that was fueled after she posted a supposed picture of him on Valentine’s Day. So far, nothing has been confirmed by the sports journalist.

The fact that Britt McHenry is a single woman who doesn’t have a husband certainly isn’t out of a lack of desire to have one. She has admitted to desiring a long term relationship similar to that of her parents who have been together for more than three decades.

However, one thing is for sure, whomever Britt McHenry’s husband will be, the person must share her love for cheap Chili’s queso. In the meantime, the sports anchor enjoys the company of her dog (Foxy) and the bliss of a very successful career.

Details Of Her Sexual Harassment and Controversies

Over the course of her career as a sports journalist, Britt McHenry has been involved in at least two major controversies. The first happened in 2015, on the 16th of April when a video of her verbally abusing Gina Mullins, an employee of a towing company, got leaked.

The video which showed McHenry using foul languages and berating the employee sparked outrage, prompting comparison of Britt McHenry to villainous fictional characters like Cruella de Vil and Regina George. She was also called a brat and several other hurtful names.

In response to the controversy, Britt was suspended for a week by ESPN, the network she was working with at that time. She later issued a public apology on Twitter and in acceptance of her apology, the towing company said they do not want to see her suspended or fired as a result of the incident.

Britt McHenry Husband
Britt McHenry on her Fox Nation show with former co-host, Tyrus

Four years later in 2019, Britt became the subject of another controversy; this time she filed a sexual harassment claim against her Fox Nation co-host, George Murdoch, more commonly known as Tyrus.

According to the claim, Tyrus sent Britt unwanted and unsolicited lewd and sexual comments. Although neither Tyrus nor Fox News admitted to the validity of the claim, he was moved off the Fox Nation show, Un-PC. Tom Shillue replaced Tyrus on the show after he was given his own show titled Nuff Said.

Yet another controversy happened in 2018 when Britt McHenry made a tweet criticizing former Eagles defender Chris Long for donating his base salary to charity. The tweet, which was made on the 24th of May, 2018, was met with wide criticism. As a result of the backlash that followed, the sports journalist apologized for what she said.

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