Who Is Bridget Lancaster and How Old is She? Meet Her Husband and Family

There are many women in America whose love for food led to the pursuit of a professional career in the food industry. Some of them include Daisy Maria Martinez, Belinda Leong, Tiffany Derry, Bridget Lancaster, and Marcela Valladolid. Though they are all successful in their various areas of specialty and are all worth writing about, this particular article focuses on Bridget Lancaster, having appeared on several popular food television shows like Home & Family, Cook’s Country, and America’s Test Kitchen.

Aside from her culinary skills, another standout quality and one that has contributed to her growth in the food industry is the fun that she effortlessly brings to her shows. Her personality and energy can be seen across other forms of media, like radio and social media, where she has a considerable following.

Meet Bridget Lancaster

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Bridget Lancaster was born to Jim and Linda Sapp in Cross Lanes, West Virginia, in 1968. She grew up in her birthplace alongside her sister and there, she attended Nitro High School. After her graduation in 1987, Bridget continued her education at Ohio State University.

As a child, she began preparing herself for life as a cook, even without knowing the path that would lead her there. At that time, she got to learn how to cook from her mother, who according to her, was great at cooking from scratch. Her grandmother, she said, was also very good when it comes to baking. Coming from such a culinary-blessed lineage might explain a thing or two about how she became one of the best and most popular women in the food business.

Armed with the cooking skills she learned from her mother, Bridget became a professional cook after she graduated from University, working in several restaurants located in the south and northeast of West Virginia, mainly as a pastry chef. Subsequently, she moved to Boston, Massachusetts, and there, she kept on improving her skills as a pastry chef in addition to working as a kitchen supplies saleswoman.

Life As A Professional Cook

Bridget Lancaster’s career in the food industry eventually went off the ground in 1998 when she served as one of the test cooks alongside two others for one of the publications of Christopher Kimball’s cooking magazine, Cook’s Illustrated.

The West Virginia born cook did enough to impress Christopher Kimball, leading to an opportunity to debut onscreen in the Christopher Kimball hosted the show, America’s Test Kitchen in 2008.

She appeared in more than 100 episodes between 2009 and 2017 as a regular cast member. But after 16 seasons, Kimball’s contract with the show was terminated, paving the way for Julia Collin and Bridget Lancaster to become co-hosts of the show.

Bridget Lancaster
Bridget (right) and Julia Colin (left) became co-hosts of ATF in 2017: image source

In addition to becoming a host, she also began serving as a culinary producer, producing more than 25 episodes since then.

With her career on the rise, Bridget appeared as herself in the pilot episode of the television comedy-drama series, Shameless in 2011. In 2012, the popular chef further went on to appear as one of the cast members of Christopher Kimbell’s Cook’s Country, a half-hour television cooking show which began airing on the PBS channel in 2008. On the show, a spin-off of America’s Test Kitchen, she appeared in more than 100 episodes between 2012 and 2019.

As the years went by, Bridget Lancaster’s presence on television expanded. She appeared on other popular cooking and family television shows such as Ask This Old House, Nova Science Now, and Home & Family. Coupled with her TV shows, Bridget Lancaster currently works as the lead instructor of America’s Test Kitchen Online Cooking School and is saddled with the responsibility of helping to come up with courses for the school.

Back in the media, the culinarian is not only doing her thing on television. She is now the executive editor for new media, television, and radio at America’s Test Kitchen, and as a result, has appeared in other media forms. She worked with America’s Test Kitchen Radio and had great followership before the station went on a hiatus.

In 2017, she co-authored and released a cookbook, Cooking at Home With Bridget & Julia, with Julia Collin, her colleague and co-host of America’s Test Kitchen. She is also a co-host of the food podcast, Proof.

Beyond the fulfillment of a dream that began as a child, Bridget has also been nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award, for her work on Cook’s Country.

How Food Has Made Her Rich

Bridget Lancaster
Through books and salary, Bridget has become a millionaire: image source

Bridget Lancaster started her life working low-level jobs in the food industry, but her hard work, talent and some luck eventually led her to a TV career. This growth now reflects in her personal wealth, estimated at $2 million. The American cook earned her income over more than a decade of teaching America how to cook.

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Learn More About Bridget Lancaster’s Husband And Family

Bridget And Her Family: image source

They say it is best to marry from your industry and if it is not true for everyone, it is in the case of Bridget Lancaster. The American chef is married to a colleague in the food industry, Stephen Lancaster.

Stephen is a professional chef based in Boston who has developed a reputation in the popular American city. Despite their relative fame, the Lancasters have managed to keep details about their relationship away from the media.

We do know, however, that they have been together for at least two decades, thanks to what we know about their children. The couple has two children – both of whom are boys. The first, Tom, was born in 2002 while their second, James, was born in 2008.

One other member of the Lancaster family is a dog named George. While other members of the Lancaster family have been reluctant to share the spotlight with Bridget, George has been a recurring figure in Bridget’s social media feed.

While fans and admirers of Bridget Lancaster continue to peer through tinted windows for insight into her life, she lives with her family in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

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