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For anyone who has followed ABC News for the past 2 decades and more, Brian Ross is one person whose face cannot be missed in a crowded room. He is an investigative journalist who has worked for ABC News as its Chief Investigative Correspondent until 2018 when he parted ways with the station. Before joining the network, Ross worked with NBC news among others and has many awards to show for his many years of hard work and dedication.

Brian Ross Biography

It was as Brian Elliot Ross that the American journalist was born on October 23, 1948, in Chicago, Illinois, United State. It was there that he was brought up, but then his later successes have drowned details about his childhood and the earlier part of his life.

For his education, he went to the University of Iowa journalism school after graduating from high school. He obtained his degree from the university in 1971.

Soon after his education, Ross took a job in Waterloo, Iowa with KWWL TV and after spending some time, he moved to Miami Florida where he worked for WCKT-TV before moving to Cleveland, Ohio where he continued to work for the same station.

With undeniable talent, he was afforded the opportunity to work for NBC News as a national correspondent in 1974. He would continue working with the station until 1994 when he joined ABC News.

At the height of his career in 2017, Brian Ross made an erroneous report on Michael Flynn, claiming that the former National Security Adviser was set to testify against President Donald Trump. He reported that during the presidential campaign, Trump had told Flynn to contact Russian officials and try to establish a relationship with Russia. As it turned out, the report was inaccurate, forcing ABC to make an apology and suspend the veteran broadcaster for four weeks without pay.

He was back to the network early in 2018. Although he kept his post as a chief investigative correspondent, this time around it was with Lincoln Square Productions, a different unit of ABC. After his return, he did not last very long before leaving the network in July of the same year.

For someone with as much experience as Brian Ross, one would expect it to be very easy for him to land another job after leaving ABC; it was. He has been offered another job with Law and Crime Network.

His career has been decorated with many awards including multiple Emmy Award, Peabody Awards, DuPont Columbia Awards, and George Polk Awards among many others. More so, he was recognized with a Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi Award and Bronze Medallion. The man has also been honored with the Center for Public Integrity’s International Consortium of Journalists.

What’s The Net Worth of Brian Ross?

As regards his net worth, the investigative journalist has achieved so much in his career thus far and has many awards to show for his skills and talent in the field of journalism.

While his actual net worth is not known, there are those that speculate Brian Ross may as well have an estimated net worth of $12 million.

Meet His Wife (Lucinda Sanman)

Brian Ross
Brian Ross and Lucinda Ross with Brooke Lehman and web designer Gregg Osofsky (Image Source)

Brain Ross is a married man whose wife is Lucinda Sanman. There is no information as regards when the two met, but it is known that they got married back in 1985 and more than three decades later, they are still together as man and wife.

That said, Lucinda Sanman is a very private person and because of that, there is not so much that is known about her as a person and also about their love life. More so, it is not known if they have any children together.

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Other Facts About Brian Ross

1. The journalist has been confused by a lot of people with Brian Ross who is the husband of American journalist and photojournalist, Ann Curry.

2. Before he was suspended by ABC, Ross has made some erroneous reporting in the past. In 2001, he linked Iraq to the anthrax attacks in the US but would later state that the report was not correct. In 2012 after the Aurora shooting, the reporter claimed that there could be a connection between a Colorado Tea Party member and the shooting only because of the name of the gunman. He would later apologize for the report.

3. Brian Ross is also a writer who has published the book, The Madoff Chronicles: Inside the Secret World of Bernie and Ruth. The book covered the scam that was perpetrated by Bernard Madoff and his family. It was published in 2009.

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