Exploring the Rigors Of Bri Winkler’s Career Growth And Facts About Her Personal Life

Most avid weather enthusiasts may quickly recognize Bri Winkler’s face. Though not one of the most famous women broadcasters of this era, Winkler is steadily working her way to the very top of her profession through a combination of hard work and dedication. The ABC7 Eyewitness News weather girl is one of the active players in the global weather and climate system.

But beyond her professional fame and success, not many are aware that the meteorologist has overcome personal obstacles before getting to where she is today. A woman of many passions, the broadcaster’s professional exploits, and personal life has been a source of inspiration for many who have been keeping up with her as much as they could on social media platforms.

She Was Certain of Her Career Path From An Early Age 

Going by her academic records, it is evident that Bri Winkler was certain of her career path from an early age and judiciously began working towards it. Winkler is an alumna of the University of Miami where she studied Mathematics and Communication but majored in Marine and Atmospheric Science.

From what we gathered, she started studying at the University of Miami in 2005 and obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in 2009. Many years after she graduated and acquired a great deal of experience as an environmental scientist, Bri returned to school. This time, she attended Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her program ran from 2017 to 2019 when she obtained a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management, Energy and Climate.

Bri Winkler Began Her Career As a Storm Chaser With Nexstar

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After acquiring the needed knowledge for her broadcasting profession, Bri Winkler began practicing almost immediately after she graduated from the University of Miami. It was in August 2009 that she began working with Nexstar Broadcasting Group in Amarillo, Texas, as a meteorologist and storm chaser.

Over the years, she has held various positions in different organizations and gained experience as a professional. She also worked as a meteorologist and anchor with KAMR-TV in Texas. From chasing storms to giving weather reports, hosting shows, and conducting product reviews, Bri made an impact and was an integral part of the NBC affiliate TV station.

After a few years with KAMR-TV, Bri moved on to ABC7 Eyewitness News in 2011.  In addition to working as a meteorologist on TV, Bri Winkler has other screen and radio credits. Notably, she has appeared on Good Morning America and has worked on local radio shows as well.

After gathering a few years of work experience, Winkler decided to return to the classroom and acquire more knowledge. In mid-2017, the broadcaster announced her decision to fans via social media. In the message, she revealed that her absence from TV screens was only temporary but necessary in order to improve her profile with a master’s degree in Environmental Science. Though Winkler’s absence was conspicuously felt, her colleague Leslie Lopez successfully filled in the vacuum while Bri was away.

How Her Career Has Fared Since She Obtained a Master’s Degree

After she was done pursuing her master’s degree, Bri served her school as a research assistant on a project tagged Scoping Ocean Plastics, this lasted from June 2019 to April 2020.

Before that, in 2018, she worked as a climate change researcher with the Environmental Defense Center. Apart from translating scientific articles and research papers, her duties included creating infographics that illustrated the impacts of climate change in California.

Since October 2019, Winkler has been serving the City of Santa Barbara as an Energy and Climate Specialist.

A Health Challenge Almost Ended Her Career Too Soon

Bri Winkler has weathered storms both personally and professionally. She is a living example that a stroke is no respecter of age. One day, while still in her early twenties, the broadcaster was shocked to discover that an illness she thought was only a severe headache was in fact, the genesis of a stroke.

One early morning in 2012, Bri suffered a series of health challenges which first began with a migraine, then moved on to a slight hearing loss in her right ear, numbness in her face, right arm and leg, partial blindness, and then a slurred speech. After some CAT scans were carried out, it was revealed that what doctors initially shook off as a viral infection was indeed a stroke caused by a tear in the carotid artery lining as well as a blood clot in Winkler’s brain.

Thankfully, the broadcaster has no permanent brain damage and has fully recovered from the illness after treatments successfully broke down the blood clots. To date, Winkler’s stroke remains a mystery to her doctors who have been unable to ascertain the exact cause of the illness.

Now a stroke survivor, She is a passionate activist who does not hesitate to enlighten her audience on ways to easily detect a stroke. In addition to spreading awareness on various platforms, Winkler is also an ambassador for the American Stroke Association and a member of the Western States Stroke Task Force. Bri Winkler is also a yoga enthusiast, a practice that actively became part of her lifestyle after the life-threatening stroke she suffered.

No, Bri Winkler Isn’t Related To Henry Winkler

The meteorologist has often been biologically linked to Henry Winkler, the popular actor from the hit ’70s sitcom Happy Days. The misconception that Bri is Henry’s daughter is, however unsurprising following their surnames. Besides sharing the same surname, there is no blood link between the actor and broadcaster.

From her parents to her family, her early life, and then her early educational background, Bri Winkler has not disclosed much detail to the public in that regard. However, it is common knowledge that the broadcaster is a South-Eastern Massachusetts native whose birthdate is October 25, 1988.

The only available information about her family is perhaps the fact that she is not an only child but has a sister whose name is Tara Riggs.

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Her Quiet Love Life Remains A Mystery

Bri Winkler’s relationship status has been a matter of interest to many especially her male fans. The reason for this is not far-fetched as she is a very good-looking woman. Bri Winkler has impressive physical features as well. Though she often appears taller onscreen, the blonde-haired meteorologist is actually 5 feet 5 inches tall with a body structure that is perfect for her size.

While many are eager to meet the love of her life, the broadcaster is one of those public figures who love to shield details of their personal lives away from the media. Despite the secrecy shrouding the meteorologist’s love life, it is no news that she has never been married and is sans kids.

Like most other personal details, Bri has not shared her beau’s identity nor her love journey with the public. Regardless of her decision to remain discreet about her romantic life, fans are hopeful that the meteorologist’s love story will end happily.

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