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In the past couple of years, the American media-services provider, Netflix, has taken up different projects in film and television shows that have done wonders for the careers of certain celebrities. Breanne Hill is one of the few who have had the opportunity to star in a Netflix production. Hill has a young career in the film industry but she is slowly building her brand and is succeeding at this feat. Learn more about her life and career below.

Breanne Hill Bio

The actress was born Breanne Parhiala on the 10th of May, 1990 in New England to Thomas and Joyce Parhiala. Her mother is a nurse while her father’s occupation is not known. Breanne is the first of her parents’ two children and her younger sibling – who is a male is called TJ. TJ now works for the Navy.

Breanne’s formal education began at North Salem Elementary School; her next stop was at Salem High School. As a high school student, she excelled in her studies and was an honors student and the Vice president of her class. Breanne was also good at sports and she participated in track events. For her university degree she chose to study Psychology at Boston University, she continued to play sports even when she left high school and also competed at track events for her university.

But halfway through her stay at the university, Breanne Hill decided to drop out of school and pursue acting full time. This decision was spurred when a lecturer spoke to her about his dreams of becoming an actor. It so happened that Breanne has always wanted to become an actress, it was something she thought of as a child but felt it was not a viable career choice and she felt ashamed of herself whenever she thought of telling anyone about wanting to become an actress, killing her dream was what she chose to do.

After having the discussion with the lecturer who also happened to be her sport adviser, Hill decided that she did not want her desire for acting to end at just wishful thinking but to actually make something of her dream to go into acting; her lecturer’s speech was the shove that put her on her current career path.

Career Achievements

Breanne Hill’s first point of action after leaving school was to looks for small acting jobs, which she found. To also make ends meet, she did some modeling. By 2012, she had her first role in a movie. For most of the works she has done as an actress, she has been the cohort of the Canadian director and producer, Brad Peyton. Peyton has worked on more than 80% of the films and television shows that Hill has acted in.

Brad Peyton and Breanne Hillreanne Hill
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Despite all of Breanne Hill’s success, the most noteworthy thing this actress has done with the platform she has is to speak up against certain social ills. She is known for her advocacy for rights of Transgenders. In 2017, she spoke up against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States. Hill has also made sure to vent her displeasure at the separation of children from their parents at the Mexican border of the country.

Breanne Hill’s Movies and TV Shows

Decision Time is a low budget rom-com which was released in 2012 and in this film; Breanne Hill played the role of Jennie Miller. But this was just her debut in the film industry. Her next performance in front of the camera saw her playing a minor role in the television show, Criminal Minds. Her role on the television show came a year after her debut and the next time she bagged a role was in 2015, two years after been on the television show.

In San Andreas, she acted alongside Dwanye Wade, Paul Giamatti, and Alexandria Daddario. Hill’s next role was in the film Rehearsal. The other films she has acted in are Incarnate, Deadly Assistant, Rampage, and Lemon.

Frontier is a period drama and on the show, Breanne Hill plays the role of Mary; this is her biggest role to date and is the reason why she is a familiar face with some fans.

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Her Height

Breanne Hill obviously has a nice figure, a fact which is evident in her pictures and even in movies she has acted in. Hill is 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 55 kg, which makes out for a very balanced figure.

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