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Breanna Barrs is an American journalist who is renowned and respected for her love for bringing people’s unheard stories to light. She takes delight in helping the less privileged get their stories on TV where other people can watch and feel the emotions inherent. For Breanna Barrs, journalism has always been about the people not about the money and fame she would get, and she would stop at nothing to make other people happy. Apparently, this has endeared her to so many people over the years.

Having worked with different TV stations during her career, Breanna Barrs now works with Fox San Antonio where she has risen through the ranks to become a regular co-host of the popular Fox News First program.

Breanna Barrs Bio & Age

Breanna Barrs was born on the 10th day of the month of September in the year 1990. According to sources, the Fox News First co-anchor was raised by her parents just outside of Dallas with the rest of her family. The identity of Breanna Barrs’ parents has remained vague over the years as virtually nothing is known about their background and profession. However, it is reported that she is very close to them. The journalist has three siblings with whom she grew up. However, their identities have also not been revealed.

Growing up, Breanna Barrs attended the North Mesquite High School from 2005 to 2009 and did very well reportedly graduated top of her class. Her love for journalism showed in her choice of what to study at university. After graduating from high school, she proceeded to attend the Texas Tech University from where she graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism.

Following her graduation from college, she has since gone on to make a great career for herself in the field of journalism.


Breanna Barrs’ love for journalism started from when she was in high when she was selected to anchor her elementary school’s morning newscast. She enjoyed being on the newscast and won admiration for her excellent depiction of what a professional broadcast journalist would normally do.

Having bagged a degree on Broadcast Journalism, Breanna Barrs proceeded to kick-start her career in journalism after her graduation and landed her first job with WDHN-TV, an ABC-affiliated television station which is located in Dothan, Alabama. Breanna Barrs began working with WDHN-TV in February 2014. At first, she was employed to work as a reporter. Being a passionate woman, she showed great dedication on the job and within a very short time, she was promoted to the position of an anchor at the station.

In January 2017, after working with WDHN-TV for nearly 3 years, Breanna Barrs quit her job and a few days later in February 2017, landed another job with Fox San Antonio, a Fox-affiliated television station licensed to San Antonio, Texas.

While at Fox San Antonio, Breanna Barrs put in a lot of work and kept growing on the job. She was eventually promoted to the position of co-anchor on Fox News First, a program at the station.

Breanna Barrs
Breanna Barrs and her colleague on Fox TV (Image source/Instagram)

Breanna Barrs Net Worth

Apparently, Breanna Barrs has raked in some measure of wealth over the years during her career as a journalist. She has been a reporter and has risen through the ranks to become co-anchor at two major TV stations in America. These career moves have, no doubt, fetched her some money.

However, at the moment, the exact figure of Breanna Barrs’ net worth is not certain. Some reports have claimed she is worth about $1 million but this figure has not been confirmed just yet. What is certain is that she has managed to solidify her financial Independence.


Breanna Barrs has managed to gain some popularity as a journalist in America and one of the reasons why her fans adore her is her beauty. There is no doubt that Breanna is a charming woman who has a really cute body build to complement her facial beauty.

Going through her social media accounts, it is apparent that Breanna Barrs is of moderate height. However, the exact details of her body measurement including details like height and weight, have not been revealed just yet.

Is She Married?

Breanna Barrs has been dating a man called Tyler Scott Pugsley for quite a while. The journalist who is apparently head over heels in love has often shared photos of herself with her man on Instagram, showering him with loving words to the huge admiration of her fans.

On 26th March 2019, Breanna shared a photo which showed herself posing with her female friends in what appeared to be a bridal shower. Judging by the photo, some fans have claimed she is married but is keeping the development private. However, this claim has not been confirmed. With time, we will get to know more about her relationship with Tyler.

She Loves Animals

A quick look through her social media pages exposes Breanna as an animal lover. She is often seen posing with horses, cats, dogs, and other animals. She owns a dog which she calls Cooper.

She Enjoys Traveling and Cooking

According to sources, Breanna loves to travel a lot. Whenever she is not working, she is traveling and looking for new experiences that will challenge her. She is also reported to love cooking.

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