Things You Should Know About Marcus Lemonis’ Wife Bobbi Raffel

Many people would consider the celebrity spouse — Bobbi Raffel — as one of the luckiest ladies alive. Until her marriage to the multimillionaire business tycoon and reality star Marcus Lemonis in early 2018, she was hardly any more than the next-door struggling businesswoman out there. But, today, we have written about her because she has captured the attention of the media due to her husband’s fame and fortune.

Bobbi became famous by marriage, but it seems she prefers being a private person still. Thus, she maintains a low profile even after tying the knot with her multi-millionaire reality star husband. She is not the type that would tell you about herself so easily either.

Yet, Marcus Lemonis’ fans can’t stop asking to know the woman that makes their hero tick. Despite her privacy policies, we have unravelled some interesting facts about Bobbi Raffel and here they are:

Meet Bobbi Raffel Before She Married The Profit Star — Marcus Lemonis

She almost just popped into the scene. So, who was she and what was she up to prior to this? Our findings reveal that she was born as Roberta Raffel to American parents whose names are not known to us yet. While we do not also know her exact date of birth, some quarters have it that she is about 20 years older than her husband. If this is true, then, we can place her birth year around the early 1950s since her husband was born in the early 1970s. Bobbi Raffel, however, celebrates her birthday on September 21 every year.

Because Raffel has inherently lived a humble life, it is not a surprise that just little is known about her. Facts about her early life, parents, siblings, education, and many more have remained a mystery to the media. In this regard, the only romantic relationship that we can link to her so far is with her husband Marcus Lemonis.

In terms of career, there are strong indications that Bobbi Raffel plied her trade in the fashion industry. While we can’t tell exactly in what aspect of the fashion industry she pursued her business concerns, there are reports that she sold her fashion business to her husband sometime before their wedding held.

Who Made The First Move?

Marcus Lemonis and Bobbi Raffel’s fans have been wondering how the couple met and hit it off romantically. The couple reportedly met for the first time at the 2016 COTERIE Trade Show in New York. In case you do not know, COTERIE is a foremost global bi-annual business conference that unites the entire supply chain in women’s apparel and accessories.

According to the love story of the duo, it was Bobbi who first approached Marcus asking to sell her fashion business to him. But, soon, the business venture turned to romance after she charmed him by some means that we can’t tell. She actually succeeded in her marketing venture which resulted in the fashion subsidiary of the Marcus Lemonis LLC known as ML Fashion Group and which has a chain of retail stores across the United States.

The Important Dates They Celebrate As A Couple

Marcus Lemonis married Bobbi Raffel in what could be described as a high-profile ceremony held at Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles on February 17, 2018. That was just three days after Valentine’s Day. However, before then, Marcus had proposed to Bobbi on December 25, 2017, with a Christmas gift. It seems the business mogul timed these events to hold at such significant periods just to keep their memories alive.

Bobbi Raffel Now Has A New Name In The Media

Bobbi Raffel
Bobbi Raffel: Image source

Lest you get confused whenever and wherever you come across her new media identity, Bobbi Raffel is now also known as Bobbi Lemonis in the media. The change was expected though since it is a result of her marriage to Marcus. Plus, it appears that this is her first marriage ever. So, she obviously doesn’t have prior records regarding her marital name.

Does Bobbi Raffel Have Any Children?

We have no record as to whether Bobbi Raffel has been married before she met Marcus. But we know she has kids and possibly grand-kids. It may be recalled that a daughter of hers attended her wedding with Marcus Lemonis. Also, some of the photos she shares on her Instagram page suggests that she has kids. However, there is no report yet that she has any kid with Marcus Lemonis.

Things To Know About Bobbi’s Net worth

Bobbi Raffel is reportedly running her own business and equally assists her husband in his endeavours. While her personal net worth estimates are not available yet, she has been co-valued with her husband to have a net worth of $900 million. The duo invests less in cars and gives much to shoes and clothing. Marcus has said he has 85 pairs of shoes in his closet.

Aside from the money Bobbi makes from their business, she is also active on major social media platforms and earns considerable income from her sponsored posts.

A Bit On Her Physical Outlook

For a woman, Bobbi is considered to be tall at a height of 5 feet 6 inches. She has maintained an average body weight of 59 kg, as very few sources have revealed. As for her hair color, she is blonde and possesses a dark brown pair of eyes. Bobbi is undoubtedly beautiful, notwithstanding her age.

Some Interesting Details On Bobbi Raffel’s Husband

Yes, we have already told you that Marcus Lemonis is the man Bobbi Raffel is married to. But, who is this Marcus Lemonis in details? He is a Lebanese-born American millionaire who became popular as a philanthropist and a television personality. The extraordinary entrepreneur is notable for being in the business of investing in small businesses in order to save them from bankruptcy.

Bobbi Raffel’s husband is reported to have been born as Marcus Anthony Lemonis on the 16th day of November 1973 in Beirut, Lebanon. Shortly after his birth, little Marcus was adopted by a Greek couple named Sophia and Leo Lemonis. The adoption was as a result of the loss of his biological parents during the civil war in that part of the world. The couple who adopted him was living in Miami, Florida, in the United States at the time and that was where they raised Marcus.

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