How Did Blake Shelton Achieve a Net Worth of $60 Million from Music and TV?

Whatever the argument, Blake Shelton’s net worth of $60 million clearly shows that he has come a long way since his first single was released in 2001. The multi-award-winning singer is one of the biggest names in music and is also ranked fifth in the list of most expensive country musicians only behind The Zac Brown Band, Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks, and Luke Bryan. With no less than ten studio albums and a plethora of awards and nominations, Shelton is renowned for churning out huge hits and for his role as a judge on popular TV shows, most notably The Voice. Let’s take a look at how the country singer rose to prominence and amassed his wealth.

Blake Shelton’s $60 Million Net Worth 


Being the son of a car salesman and cosmetologist, people can’t help but wonder how Blake Shelton outgrew his humble beginnings to become a star and a millionaire. The Oklahoma native’s musical inclinations were evident from a young age. In fact, before he became a teenager, Blake had learned to play the guitar and penned his first song at age fifteen.

Following his musical talents and feats in the Oklahoma area, Shelton chose to fully pursue a career in music right after high school. Today, Blake is better known as a singer but only a few are aware that the gifted lyricist first kicked off his career as a songwriter. It was one of the songs he wrote back in the days that caught the attention of Giant Records, who quickly signed him up on a lucrative deal.

After much ado and at age 25, Shelton released his debut single Austin in 2001. The song was a hit and a top chart climber and subsequently paved the way for his eponymous debut album which was also a hit that same year. Shelton’s sophomore studio album The Dreamer dropped two years later. Though it had some hit singles that were top chart climbers, the album’s general performance was rated average. Blake Shelton released several more albums throughout the next few years. His subsequent albums – Blake Shelton’s Barn & Grill (2004), Pure BS (2007), Startin Fires (2008), and Red River Blue (2011), all performed averagely as well.

Judging by the massive success Shelton recorded with his seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth albums, it is clear the twenty-tens were the highlights of his career. Shelton’s holiday album – Cheers, It’s Christmas dropped in 2012, his eighth – Based on a True Story (2013), his ninth – Bringing Back the Sunshine (2014), and his tenth – If I am Honest (2016) are all considered to be the singer’s major works so far. They topped the Billboard charts, were commercial hits and bestsellers not just in the US but also in other countries such as Canada and Australia.


As is expected in any industry, Shelton’s profile and bank account were given a boost following the plethora of trophies on his award shelf. His contributions to the music industry are obviously not underestimated. With nearly about 100 career awards so far, the country singer boasts of at least 84 wins in different categories of prominent awards including the ACMA, ASC, ASCAP, and BMI Country Awards, among others.

TV Appearances

In addition to singing, Blake Shelton’s net worth was also amassed from his TV gigs. He is a seasoned TV personality with very impressive screen credits such as the Malibu Country series (2012 – 2013). But Shelton’s most notable TV gig is The Voice where he cheers on prospective stars. His role as an original judge on the hit NBC show since 2011 obviously boosted the musician’s profile and wealth.

Blake Shelton
Shelton and Stefani on The Voice Image Source

Shelton’s winning record on the show since its inception in 2011 speaks volumes of him, thus explaining why aspiring contestants often choose him as their coach. Thankfully, the feeling is mutual for the beloved coach who admits that he loves being on the show and guards his spot (coaching chair) jealously. Blake Shelton’s net worth of $60 million is largely earned from his gig as a coach on The Voice where he reportedly makes more than $13 million each season just like Adam Levine his co-judge. Given how much the multi-award winning singer is being paid to be there, it’s clear that the real winners of The Voice are the platinum-selling judges.

How Does He Spend His Money?

Blake Shelton’s net worth of $60 million is sure a lot of money and people can’t help but wonder just how he spends his wealth. In addition to living a life that is befitting of his status as a star, the singer is also known for giving back to the community. Among other humanitarian causes, he recently established a cancer research program at a children’s hospital in his hometown of Oklahoma. The program was created in honor of his young cousin who battled with cancer as a child.


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