How Many Kids Does Blake Lively Have And Where Are They Now? 

Blake Lively is considered to be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and we just can’t seem to have enough of her. The A Simple Favor star is always a delight to behold whether she’s playing a character, walking down the red carpet, or roasting her husband Ryan Reynolds on social media. Blake and the Deadpool actor are one of the most beloved celebrity couples in the world and they have been together for nearly a decade now. Their love for each other is only rivaled by their love for their adorable children. Although Blake Lively’s kids are usually kept out of the spotlight by their famous parents, we still get to see a glimpse of them once in a blue moon.

From listening to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds talk about their parenting experiences, it’s obvious that they are in awe of their children and doing a wonderful job of raising them. The two are very protective of their family and do their best to keep their children away from the paparazzi and general craziness of Hollywood. Before we talk about Blake Lively’s kids, let’s take a little dive into the relationship that heralded their arrival.

How Did Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Meet?

The lovestruck pair met in 2010 when they were filming Green Lantern. They went out on a double date with other partners but the chemistry between them proved to be too much to wave aside. At the time, Blake was dating her Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley and Reynolds was still married to Scarlett Johansson.

Later that year, both relationships ended, and by early 2011, Blake and Reynolds were single and ready to begin dating. Although it’s not clear when exactly they began dating, their relationship became news in the summer of 2011. Love blossomed very quickly between them and anyone with a pair of working eyes could see that they were meant to be. it was only a matter of time before Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got married and had kids.

In September 2012, Blake and Reynolds got hitched in a surprise ceremony that was held in South Carolina. It was a beautiful affair and the two have enjoyed many happy years together since.

How Many Kids Does Blake Lively Have

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Blake Lively with her husband and kids: Image Source

From the very beginning of their marriage, Blake and Reynolds were honest about looking forward to starting a family together. So far, the number of Blake Lively’s kids stands at two; the couple have two daughters together. Meet the adorable girls who are the center of their parents’ world.

James Reynolds

The oldest daughter of the Reynolds household was born on December 16, 2014. She was named James, after her paternal grandfather. The public had no idea what she looked like until 2016 when she accompanied her parents to the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony where Reynolds was given his star.

The blonde-haired child, who is the spitting image of Blake Lively, managed to steal the show in her cute little outfit, running around and babbling adorably into the microphone.

Inez Reynolds

Blake Lively’s next kid was Inez Reynolds. The baby of the house, Inez was welcomed into the family on September 30, 2016. She made her first public appearance less than two months later at her father’s Walk of Fame Star ceremony. Like her older sister, not a lot is known about her except what her parents reveal about her antics of social media.

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Baby Number Three

It’s no secret that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds love to keep their personal lives private, so it was a huge surprise to everyone when the actress was photographed sporting a baby bump in May 2019 at the premiere of Pokemon: Detective Pickachu. The reveal was pretty exciting for fans of the couple.

Since the birth of Inez, they talked about expanding their family. Reynolds even confessed that he would love to keep having more daughters, so having a third baby on the way must be pretty exciting for him.

We can only hope that with the third child, the celebrity couple will let the public see more of Blake Lively’s kids than we have in the past. Either way, Inez is going to get promoted to a big sister as the Reynolds family grows bigger.

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