Breaking Down Billie Kay’s Wrestling Career and The Question of Having A Boyfriend or Husband

Billie Kay started creating a unique buzz in the wrestling scene in 2001, however, her standout moment came in 2015 when it was announced that she had joined the WWE. Since going worldwide that year, Billie Kay has continued to capture the attention of the wrestling world with her incredible agility, strength, and fitness. Here are all the facts you need to know about the pro wrestler.

Early Life 

Although it is as Billie Kay that the famous wrestler is known by her many fans all over the world, she was born Jessica McKay on 23 June 1989 in Syndey, Australia. There, she grew up with her brother Jacob Mckay. Interested in physical activity even as a teen, she attended Westfields Sports High School in Fairfield West, Sydney.

Billie’s first career interest wasn’t wrestling. While at high school, she loved basketball and excelled in it. After taking part in professional wrestling promotion Pro Wrestling Alliance in Sydney, she became passionate about the sports. Her experience there contributed to steering the future WWE icon to the sports of wrestling.

Wrestling Career

Billie went through training in the hands of co-owner of Ryan Eagles and his wife Madison Eagles, a respected Australian wrestler.  In 2007, in an interesting twist, she won her first PWA match, a three-way bout against Aurora and Madison Eagles (her trainer) at PWA Glory.

In 2010, Billie Kay captured two successful title defenses, one against KC Cassidy and Madison Eagles. But later that year, she lost it to Madison. Also, before that, she had won one successful title defense against Tenille Tayla, which she later lost to Penni Lane due to injury. Similarly, she won PWWA Championship twice during her career in Pro Wrestling Alliance Australia.

While wrestling for PWA, Billie joined an American-based all-female wrestling promotion called Shimmer Women Athletes. Her first fight in the promotion was in volume 21 and through her unwavering skills, she got to wrestle in the promotion’s subsequent where she made remarkable feats.

In 2015, after working for other American promotions, Billie wrestled her way into WWE and she adopted her ring name, Billie Kay. In 2016, after wrestling in a number of matches, she formed a tag team with Peyton Royce named Iconic Duo. The new partnership feuded with Live Morgan, Ember, and Asuka, among others.

In 2018, the duo joined SmackDown and changed their name to IIconics. Later that year, the wrestlers made their main-roster debut and amazingly, recorded their first SmackDown victory against Asuka and Beck Lynch.

Billie Kay
Billie Kay and Peyton Royce – image source

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Does Billie Kay Have a Boyfriend or Husband?

Billie Kay has maintained a firm guard over her personal life despite thriving in her wrestling career. To her, private things stay private, so she never gets to talk about things that are not wrestling-related. In that regard, there is no detail about her present or past relationships. Apparently, she is not married, but it is not certain if she is dating anyone at the moment.

Other Interesting Facts About The Pro Wrestler

She Began Her Wrestling Career On Her Birthday

Billie’s first work in the ring began on 23, June 2007, the day she hit 18 and this has been a step in the right direction.

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce Have Come A Long Way

You read it right, it wasn’t WWE that brought Billie and her partner Royce together. The NXT pair from Australia are actually friends from high school and were both basketball players for their school team. Notably, they led the team to win a championship in 2012.

Her Name Change Wasn’t By choice

Billie Kay and Royce were able to change their name from The Iconic Duo to The IIconics after a clothing line named Iconic Duo LLC indicated their right to the name.

Net Worth

There is hardly any doubt that Billie Kay has made good money from wrestling considering her hard work in the wrestling scene since 2001. Nevertheless, her net worth isn’t certain. Some sources say she is worth $500,000 and that she makes $250,000 every year from the WWE network. However, these claims are yet to be confirmed by the wrestler.


Billie Kay may not be the tallest when standing in the midst of a large number of people but she has got a good height that has kept her winning in the wrestling scene. She is 5 feet 8 inches (1.73m) tall and weighs 60kg (132lbs).

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