Is Bill Hemmer Gay, Where Has He Worked and How Much Is He Worth?

Journalism may not carry the same glamour and prestige that Hollywood gives actors and musicians, but it offers a similar path to fame. One person who can surely attest to this fact is none other than Bill Hemmer. The Ohio native is one of several American journalists who has been enjoying the perks of this profession since he joined the broadcast industry.

Hemmer started out as a lowly radio DJ, as well as a sports producer and has gone on to establish himself as one of the most recognized news anchors on American TV. In a career spanning three decades, the media expert has worked for major networks such as CNN and Fox. He has also maintained an unflappable personality and managed to avoid the several pitfalls and controversies that have befallen many of his peers.

Getting His Career Start as a Radio DJ

Every parent raises their child to become a successful person in their chosen field, and Bill Hemmer’s parents are no exception.
Born on the 14th of November, 1964, in Cincinnati, Ohio, his parents, Goerganne and William, had such high hopes for him and would certainly be proud of the fact that he has risen to the top of American Journalism as a daytime anchor on a national network.

Raised as the middle child of five children, Bill Hemmer began his education at the Catholic school, Our Lady of Victory. He later completed his high school diploma at Elder High School in 1983. For his higher education, Bill attended Miami University, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Bill’s passion and interest in broadcasting date back to his high school days when he and one of his friends started a radio program. Even though the program lasted for just a few weeks, and mostly consisted of churning out bad rock and roll music, it nevertheless instilled an unquenchable taste for broadcasting in Hemmer. This Passion followed him all the way to college and helped him kick-start a professional life in the field, beginning with a radio station in Cincinnati, WMUB-FM, where he interned as a DJ.

During his senior year in college, Bill Hemmer got an internship at a TV station known as WLWT-TV. He worked in their sports production team and gave such a good impression that upon his graduation from college in 1987, they retained him as a sports producer.

Bill Hemmer
Hemmer interviewing President Trump at the White House in March 2020 Image Source

Switching Careers From Liberal to Conservative Media

Bill Hemmer spent a few months with WLWT-TV before landing an offer to work as a sports anchor at WCPO-TV, Cincinnati. He immediately snagged the job and spent the next few years living out his dream. Hemmer, however, grew disillusioned with his job as time went on and experienced a classic mid-life crisis. He, therefore, resigned from the position and spent nearly a year (August 1992 to June 1993) backpacking around the world.

He visited far-flung countries such as China, New Zealand, Egypt, and Russia and documented his adventures on tape. These tapes were later aired on TV as a travel documentary series and it fetched Hemmers two regional Emmy Awards for Best Host and Best Entertainment Program.

Having exorcised himself of his apathy and restiveness, Bill Hemmer returned to the United States and set about rebuilding his career. He hired an agent and with his help, landed the role of an anchor at CNN in the year 1995. Hammer would go on to spend a decade with the major cable network during which he hosted several of their news programs such as American Morning, CNN Tonight, and CNN Live Today.

He also covered several notable news events including the 2000 presidential vote recount, the haunt for Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, the 1996 Olympics bombing (which brought him a national Emmy Award), and the 9/11 attacks.

After a decade well-spent with CNN, Bill Hemmer made a major career change by joining the conservative news network, Fox, in 2005. He has been with the channel since then and covered major news events, including all the US presidential elections from 2008 to date. He has also covered devastating breaking news items such as the massacre at Pulse Nightclub Orlando, the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting, The Fort Hood Military Base Shooting of 2009, Hurricane Katrina, and the Israel-Hezbollah War. Hemmer has also co-anchored the Fox News morning program, America’s Newsroom. Through it all, the Ohio-native has maintained a cool persona which has endeared him to viewers around the country.

What Is Bill Hemmer’s Net Worth?

Some sources put Hemmer’s fortune at $9 million while more conservative estimates place it at $4 million. Whichever it is, one thing that is for sure is that his overall net worth would experience a boost in the immediate future. This is because the Ohio native has been tapped to take over Fox’s 3 pm news hour. The 3 pm slot is Fox’s major newsgathering hour and was previously hosted by the veteran anchor, Shepard Smith. Smith, however, departed the show unceremoniously in October 2019 after an on-air argument with another Fox personality.

Following Smith’s abrupt departure, Fox shopped for a capable replacement for several weeks and eventually gave the plum role to Hemmer who then hosted his debut episode in January 2020. His first outing was quite solid as he received high viewership ratings. It, therefore, means that he is in line for a new and improved deal with his employers. The exact details of this deal are of course not known but former host, Smith, earned about $15 million per annum during his time on the job. This means that Hemmer would likely get a contract that is within the seven-figure region.

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Bill Hemmer
Bill Hemmer and Dara Tomanovich Image Source

The Questions Surrounding his Love Life

Bill Hemmer is quite good-looking with a handsome face, as well as a physique that most men would kill to have. These features of his have led to some gay speculations in a few quarters but the rumours have never gained traction as they are obvious falsehoods.

Hemmer is not gay and has been involved in a couple of heterosexual relationships over the course of his life. He is however single at the moment and it’s not likely that the wedding bells would be going off anytime soon.

This present single status is not for a lack of trying on Hemmer’s part. He was once in a relationship with a Canadian model named Dara Tomanovich. The Romance lasted for eight years, between 2005 and 2013, with everyone expecting the couple to head to the altar in the near future. Unfortunately, that was not to be as both parties went their separate ways. Since then, Bill Hemmer has focused on his career, leaving his love life to suffer.

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