Who Is Big Chief’s New Girlfriend After His Divorce From Allicia Shearer?

It is common knowledge that most celebrity marriages don’t last for the long haul. Although it is difficult to speculate why this happens, the reason is commonly attributed to celebs choosing between their careers and significant others. Like many other celebrities, the marital fallout between Justin Shearer, a.k.a Big Chief, and his wife Allicia Shearer started off as a rumor until it eventually became a reality that their marriage of about a decade long was set to crash.

Despite his efforts to keep his private life away from the public eye, the news about the Discovery Channel’s star leaving his wife still managed to reach the media and many fans have been wondering why they separated and, most importantly, who he is currently dating. Read on to find out more.

How Did Big Chief Meet His New Girlfriend, Jackie Braasch?

When the news about Big Chief’s divorce broke out, many blamed Jackie Braasch for crashing the celebrity’s marriage of over one decade. While condemning a growing criticism against him and his girlfriend, Big Chief was bold enough to speak to the public about his new and controversial love interest, Jackie Braasch.

Jackie is Big Chief’s co-car racer and a member of a motorsport organization for women known as Car Chix. The two started seeing each other back in 2017 when the “Street Outlaws” star and TV reality personality was still married to his ex-wife. While Jackie and her new boyfriend were yet to confirm their union, they were repeatedly seen together on Street Outlaws. Thanks to Jackie’s low profile, details of her previous relationships cannot be found.

Big Chief and his new girlfriend are not yet officially married and have no kids together but the two seem to be happy and in love with each other. Shortly after his divorce from his first wife, Allicia, the reality star shared a picture of himself and his new girlfriend, stating that he is glad his ex-wife and his new girlfriend are getting along quite well.

What We Know About Jackie’s Early Life And Career

Jackie Braasch
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Although she keeps a very low profile on social media, information from the organization’s website reveals that she belongs to a family of drag racers and that she has been racing from a young age. Jackie was born on the 4th of July, 1990, in Joliet, Illinois and her father, who has been into motorsports since he was young, built his ’85 Chevy Camaro the year she was born.

Her passion for street races was obviously sparked by her constant visit to the race track with her avid racer father. As a teenager, she was also helpful at her father’s garage.

Jackie may not have started out in the street racing game as early as the age of nine like her boyfriend, Big Chief, but she became known as a professional racer after competing in the Junior Dragster Division for children. Being so competitive at heart like her father, she began to take part and even won several car racing competitions including the Rocket Brand Race Fuel Bracket Series and the SuperPro. She even became the face of Car Chix upon joining the organization in May 2015. A year before that, she was inducted into full-size dragster racing. After reaching the top 12 from all 398 competitors, she was named one of the best racers in the Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest. Today, the active racer is one of the top females in motorsports in the U.S. She is also known for racing a Spitzer Dragster with a 510ci Big Block Chevy.

In addition to being an excellent car racer, Jackie Braasch is also a skilled mechanic. She generates most of her wealth come from car racing and from fixing cars. Recently, she added ‘pre-school teacher’ to her list of jobs. Her net worth is estimated at $1 million.

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Here’s Why Big Chief Divorced Allicia Shearer

Justin Shearer, also known as Big Chief, is a well-known figure in the world of racing. The reality television star has already accomplished so much for himself when it comes to racing, modifying and maintaining cars. He is currently known for his role in the Discovery Channel’s series Street Outlaw which is likened to the Fast and Furious franchise. His dangerous riding skills have earned him a place in the heart of many car race lovers.

The reality TV star met Allicia when he was just 18 years old. At that time, he was working as a gas station attendant. He apparently fell in love with the beautiful Allicia whom he saw passing by the same station. After a relationship developed between the two, they got married on the 29th of December, 2006. The couple had two children namely Corbin Shearer and Covil Shearer.

Big Chief and Allicia began to receive media attention following the rumors of their divorce with many accusing him of having an extramarital affair with a fellow car racer, Jackie Braasch. While confirming the divorce, Justin also cleared the air on his alleged flirting with other women. He said during an interview on The Chief and Shawn show that the rumors about him cheating on Allicia are false but he failed to further explain why they were going their separate ways. Allicia filed for the divorce and it was finalized in May 2017, according to Big Chief himself.

Big Chief
Big Chief, Allicia Shearer and kids: image source

Speaking on how his divorce from Allicia will affect his two sons, the car-racing star said that though he is still determined to be the best father to his sons, his busy lifestyle keeps him away from them. Commenting on how badly he felt for his children, the TV star took to his Instagram page to say he wished he could spend more time with his sons and not bury himself in his career. He admitted he stands the chance of regretting not spending quality time with his children as his career has completely taken over his life.

Big Chief and Allicia will be sharing the custody of their sons but it seems the kids will be staying with their mother since their father is often busy with work.

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