A Look Into ‘Street Outlaws’ Big Chief’s Life Since Divorcing His Wife Allicia Shearer

The diversity in the programming of American television serves several benefits. Not only does it cater to the multiplicity in interests of its over 300 million viewers; it also provides an opportunity for non-traditionally talented people to appear on television and make a living like Justin Shearer the Big Chief who is not your typical actor but a street racer paid to show off his skills on the Discovery Channel show titled Street Outlaws.

Big Chief is one of several men and women who have benefitted from shows like Street Outlaws and one could only imagine what his life would be like if he did not have this opportunity. Over the past years, Shearer has not only made headlines because of his career accomplishments but also as a result of his personal life.

An Overview of His Life Before He Got Married

Born on the 9th of December in Louisville, Kentucky, Justin Shearer is known by several viewers of Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws as a street racer, Big Chief. For him, street racing has been part of his life since he was a child. Even while he was a student in school, Justin was either simultaneously learning about cars with his father or planning a race. He got his first experience of the adrenaline activity at the young age of nine.

Like a story straight out the Fast and Furious franchise, Big Chief took in all the lessons on racing and cars from his father as a boy. Growing up, his father worked with him on cars and would often take him to the tracks to watch professional races. Unfortunately, the relationship was cut short when he lost the man but its effects have lasted a lifetime.

Big Chief stuck to the love and passion for cars he inherited from his father. He began to build a reputation as a street racer when he was a teenager in Oklahoma, earning money through wins and bets. The first car of a car enthusiast is always a big deal and Big Chief, after months and years of winning on the street, was able to buy his first car – a customized 1972 Pontiac LeMans which he affectionately named, The Crow.

Through his exploits on the road, Big Chief was able to attract the attention of Discovery Channel. He started with the show Midwest Street Cars before he joined Street Outlaws in 2013. The journey hasn’t been all that smooth for Big Chief as he was involved in a fatal accident during a race in 2015. He sustained a serious degree of injuries including a broken collarbone and bruised lungs (pulmonary contusions) while his car was damaged beyond recognition. However, he recovered swiftly and unveiled a new hot rod, a customized 1968 Firebird he dubbed Crow Mod.

Big Chief
Big Chief posing for a picture with other crew members

With racing as a big part of his life, it is no surprise that Big Chief is also a horse rider who was trained by his mother.

Big Chief’s Marriage to Allicia Shearer

When it comes to the personal life of Big Chief, there is a lot that has remained outside the spotlight. As a result, there are conflicting reports on whether he is currently married or single, but we know that beginning from September 29, 2006, he was in a marital relationship with Allicia Shearer.

Big Chief was married to Shearer, a respiratory therapist, for over 10 years. Things between the two eventually went sour over alleged infidelity on the part of the racer. He is said to have met Alicia when she was 18 years old; then, he was working in a gas station. Since that fateful meeting, they were together until 2017 when they reportedly got divorced. Throughout their relationship, they gave birth to two children named Covil and Corbin Shearer.

Big Chief with Allicia and their kids (Image Source)

It was reported that he cheated on his wife with a woman named Jackie Braasch and he has remained with her ever since their divorce.

Moving on from a Failed Marriage

Following the divorce from his wife Allicia Shearer in November 2017, the Street Outlaws star quickly moved on with his life. He first addressed the speculations that his marriage crashed because of his infidelity by stating categorically that he never cheated on his ex-wife. He said that their divorce was a result of some troubles in their marriage and not because of his new girlfriend, Jackie Braasch.

Regarding his future, Big Chief disclosed that what happened in the past was something he didn’t have control over, but his future which he has plans for will be centered on Jackie. Without mincing words, he stated that Jackie is his future. Having admitted that he has not given much attention as he should to his sons, he is determined and working on being a better father for them.

Apart from focusing on his new girlfriend and children, Big Chief has kept up with street racing. He won a monumental No Prep Kings race in September 2019.

Fans of Big Chief’s OG Oklahoma City 405 crew were shocked when they didn’t feature in the latest Street Outlaws: Fastest In America series that happened in January 2020 with a whopping $100,000 prize. Fastest In America highlighted driving teams from Michigan, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, and several Northeastern states. It was later revealed that the 405 crew didn’t participate in the series because of the production of 50 episodes of the original Street Outlaws show.

Meet The TV Star’s New Girlfriend

Big Chief
Big Chief and Jackie Braasch (Image Source)

Big Chief kickstarted a romantic relationship with Jackie Braasch immediately after his split from Allicia Shearer. Jackie is a professional drag car racer born on July 4th, 1990 in Joliet, Illinois.

Having watched her father race in motorsports and equally helped in his garage, she took an interest in the sport. Like his boyfriend, Jackie followed in the footsteps of her father who is also a drag racer and enrolled in the Junior dragsters at the age of 8. Since then, she has recorded many wins in her career that has spanned more than a decade. She is currently a member of Car Chix, a motorsport organization for women.

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