Here Are Facts Abouts Beverly Archer’s Thespian Career, Net Worth And Family

Best known for being one of the most favorite screen stars in the early 1980s, Beverly Archer is an American actress and writer who dedicated her life to the entertainment industry. The California-native began her acting career in 1976. However, she bowed out of the entertainment industry in 2002 after spending more than two decades of her life doing what has been her dream profession since childhood.

Some of her best works include Mama’s Family, The Brady Bunch Movie, The Fall Guy, and also the production of one of her most popular television shows, Major Dad. Although the actress is now retired, her fans still want to keep up with her later endeavors and her exploits in the movie industry. Let’s find out below.

How Beverly Archer Became An Actress

Beverly Archer made very significant contributions during her heydays in the entertainment industry, but her career began a long time ago. She was born in Oak Park, Illinois, United States, on July 19, 1948, and was raised in California, where she attended Alverno Heights High School in Sierra Madre, California. From quite an early age, Beverly knew she was cut out for the entertainment industry, and to make that a reality, she chose to study drama at the University. Archer went on to graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and then San Francisco State University, where she majored in drama. 

While waiting for an acting opportunity, the young aspiring actress appeared in some commercials and did a handful of Theatrical production. After graduation, she made her acting debut in Norman Lear’s 1976 TV series, The Nancy Walker Show, where she played the role of Lorraine Kitteridge, daughter of Kenneth and Nancy. She got the acting role after she was informed about the series’ auditions by a close friend. One of the major reasons why the actress was picked at that time was her petite size, which perfectly suits the character she was to play.

Although the series ended within three months, it turned out to be the platform Beverly needed to shine forth. In 1977, she received a role as Judy Hibbard, the wife of Oliver Clark, in the sitcom titled We’ve Got Each Other. She also appeared as Sue Barker on the “4 Rms Ocn Vu” episode of the NBC show Family Ties in 1994, and in the same year, she began playing the role of Miss Spier in the NBC series Spenser until the following year. The actress went on to appear in ten episodes of the 1985 series, Washingtoon, playing the role of Laura Esterjack.

Making Her Mark in The Hollywood Industry

Beverly (L) in Mama’s Family

In the year 1986, the prolific actress joined the list of regular casts of the syndicated TV series, Mama’s Family, portraying the character of Iola Lucille Boyland until 1990. She also made an appearance in the “Lady in Green” episode of the ABC show titled the Fall Guy aired in 1986. Two years later, Beverly Archer featured in two different episodes of NBC’s ALF as Mrs. Myrna Byrd. From 1990 through 1993, Beverly appeared in four seasons of one of her most popular roles as Gunnery Sgt. Alva Bricker on the CBS television series Major Dad.

From 1992 through 1995, she appeared in the series Love $ War, Grace under Fire, The Mommies, and Married … with Children (1992, 1996), where she portrayed the character of Miss Hardaway, a sexually repressed librarian and abstinence counselor who was deeply in love with Bub – another character in the series. She was also seen in Full House and The George Wendt Show. In 1996, Archer went on to feature in the made-for-TV science fiction film Project: ALF as Dr. Carnage, and the following year, she appeared in two episodes of Clueless, which aired on UPN.

In 1998, the actress was cast alongside Neil Patrick Harris, Debbie Reynolds, Naomi Watts, and Alexandra Wilson, among others in the CBS television Christmas film The Christmas Wish, which premiered on the 6th of December 1998. In the two years that followed, she played the respective roles of Shirley Sherwood and Miss Myrtle in The Young and the Restless and Going Home, both CBS shows.

Apart from her roles in TV films and series, Beverly Archer has also acted in several movies, including The Couch Trip, Vice Versa, The Brady Bunch Movies, where she acted as a class teacher caught stealing, and Walking to the Waterline. Additionally, she has also lent her voice to a handful of animated series. In all, the California lady appeared in over thirty films and TV series, but Mama’s Family stands as the major film that gave her the biggest shots to stardom.

Outside of her acting career, Beverly Archer also writes. One of the places where she displayed her good writing skills is in Mama’s Family and ALF, where she joined in writing some of its episodes. Despite having a flourishing acting career, Beverly decided to quit the entertainment industry in 2002, at a young age of 54.

How Much is Beverly Archer Worth?

Her somewhat early exit from the industry notwithstanding, there is no gainsaying that the actress fulfilled all her dreams as a professional actress. Following the number of appearances she has made in films and TV shows, there is equally no doubt that Beverly made huge earnings from her career. Her net worth is estimated to be nothing less than $1 million, according to most net worth calculating sites.

This is What Her Family Life Looks Like

The Hollywood veteran is a married woman. She has seen over four decades of blissful married life with her spouse, Robert Bernard. Beverly Archie got married to her husband in 1976, the same year she kicked off her acting career. It is quite interesting how the couple has held on to each other for many decades without getting involved in any disputes that would attract public attention.

Following how well the couple has managed to maintain a very private lifestyle, it is difficult to verify if they have children or not. Details about Beverly Archer’s husband’s career are also not available. However, we believe that the veteran actress is living a good life, surrounded by love from her family.

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What Has She Been Up To Since Her Retirement?

Like many other celebrities who have been a target of death hoax stories on various social media platforms, Beverley Archer was in 2012, reported dead. The false news was even reported on reputable sites like Wikipedia and IMDb, and as expected, her fans from all over the world were devastated. According to the hoax, Beverly died in her home in Santa Monca, California, on October 1, 2012. However, this was later confirmed to be false by the retired actress, who at the time was, and is still alive and healthy.

Speaking on the death hoax during a telephone interview with, Beverly also answered many questions regarding her active acting days and also revealed what she has been involved in since her retirement. According to her, the first thing she did after she left acting was to open a shop in upstate New York, precisely an antique store in the Catskills. She ran the shop for about eight years, spending six months (May to October) in New York, and the remaining part of the year in California.

At a point, she was unable to deal with the constant bi-coastal movement, so she closed her New York shop and started the same business in California. The shop stayed open for a short time, but as Beverly Archer said, the more she became involved with clay, the more time she desired to spend with it. Consequently, she closed her shop to study sculpting in Italy. However, it was during her study in Italy that the fake news of her demise hit the internet in 2012.

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