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Wrestling is a form of entertainment that cuts across the globe and its biggest purveyor is the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The organization has a lot of performers on its roster, one of those is Jeff Hardy, a multi-talented performer who in addition to being a well-known professional wrestler, is also a painter and a musician. He has won several championships, many of which he won alongside his brother, Matt Hardy. Jeff has been able to build a successful career as a wrestler and as such, his personal life has been a focus in the media, such as that of his wife, Beth Britt whom he got married to in 2011.

Here is a quick look at who Beth Britt is.

Who Is Beth Britt – Jeff Hardy’s Wife?

True wrestling fans and hardcore supporters of the sport are more than likely to know the identity of Beth Britt. It is the natural result of being the wife of one of the most popular faces in wrestling. She has been a part of the life of the wrestler since 1999 and she is credited for helping him navigate some of the toughest periods of his career, including a period where he was embroiled in a drug controversy.

Beth Britt, who very little is known of her background, was born on the 6th of April, 1978. Very little was known of Beth Britt until she met Jeff Hardy in 1999, in a North Carolina bar. Since that meeting and her subsequent exposure to the media, not much has been learned about Beth Britt outside of her relationship with Jeff. So far, we only know she is one of two children born to her parents. She has a brother named Phillip Britt.

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With nothing known of her education, Beth Britt is only so far known as the supportive wife of the popular wrestler.

Her husband is known for some of his quirky traits and this is also a trait Beth Britt shares. She is a known believer in the existence of paranormal activities and enjoys spending time at museums, monuments, and haunted houses which are known to have a dark history.

Their Married Life and Kids

Beth Britt
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Having met Jeff in a bar in Southern Pines, North Carolina, in 1999, the two have been together ever since. Although the road leading to making their relationship official has been kept away from the media, the couple clearly had a strong attraction to each other after their initial meeting. They went on to date each other for 12 years before they went in front of the altar and became a married couple in 2011.

Even as the length of their relationship paints a beautiful picture, it has had its share of struggles. Especially from Jeff Hardy, who for a long time throughout the 2000s was embroiled in substance abuse which led to suspensions from the WWE. It was a difficult time which saw him spend time in jail for drug trafficking. Fortunately, with the help of Beth Britt and a stint in rehab, Jeff Hardy was able to return to wrestling and do what he does best.

They Dated For A Long Time Before Getting Married

Being an influential part of Jeff Hardy’s life, their relationship was much welcomed by fans of the sport, with several fans, family, and friends subsequently pressuring that they both get married. After twelve years of being together, Beth Britt and Jeff Hardy eventually gave in to the pressure and got married on the 9th of March, 2011.

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The solidity of their relationship is based not only on the love they have for each other but also on their common interests. Beth Britt and Jeff Hardy have a number of shared interests which includes their love for animals, their passion for music, art and fashion. Her husband apart from being a professional wrestler is also a musician who has five EPs to his name.

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Before Beth and Jeff Hardy got married, they had a child, a daughter named Ruby Claire Hardy. The girl was born on the 19th of October, 2010. After they got married, they have another child, a daughter named Nera Quinn Hardy on the 31st of December, 2015.

Beth Britt can be found regularly posting pictures of her amazing family on Instagram via her account – @bethbritthardy.

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