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2013 has come and gone, and it’s just about that time when we like taking a closer look back over the year and see just what resonated most with you guys at Listabuzz. As folks in the writing business, we’re always churning out, reading and, let’s be frank, sometimes skimming through news and articles, it can sometimes be difficult to remember what we read last week, much less what we read last year. We post articles all the time — from our network of sites and other sources — sharing them on Facebook, Twitter and “emailing” them to friends and family, sometimes too many articles require moving through the constant stream of feeds and profiles to pick out essays and blog posts that appeal to our interests. Amidst this endless flow of information, there are some stories that are not only hilarious but also thought-provoking and so well-crafted or deeply resonant that they pause the computer, iPad or whatever machine you’re reading it from.

Bookmark this page and return to it as you have more time. Better still print out the stories and take them on your flight anytime you travel. Happy reading!

The views have been tallied. The critics have been ignored. Nothing but the hits

Here are 10 Most Read Listabuzz Articles of 2013

1) 10+ Ugliest People in the World Right Now

If beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder, so is ugliness too, In this article, we’ve decided to collect photos of the ugliest people in the world. take a look

2) 10 Best Nelson Mandela Quotes of All Time

Towards the end of the year (2013) the world lost an icon who pioneered the anti-aparthied movement, and the first black president of South Africa. His death shook the world, and that’s because of the impact he made while alive. Nelson Mandela led the struggle to replace the apartheid regime of South Africa with a multi-racial democracy. Imprisoned for 27 years, in 1994 he went on to become his country’s first black president, find out more

3) 10 Irrefutable Facts That Make Alexandre Dumas Black

Alexandre Dumas is a well known french writer. Though he was born in france, lots of scholars and historians still refer to him as a black with obvious reasons. Find out whether this is true or not

4) 7 Most Mysterious Crimes in American History

America has had its fair share of crime, some they have solved while some has remained unsolved till date. This article highlights 7 most mysterious crimes in American history.

5) 4 Secret Illuminati Signs You’ve Never Seen

There are more to signs than most people think, they point to a much bigger picture and are always saying something important. The illuminati is a group whose activities has been enshrined in secrecy. This list contains 4 secret illuminati signs you’ve never seen.

6) 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Freemasons

This group has come a long way right from the middle ages and has succeeded in keeping most of its activities from the public over the years. The Freemasons also known as Masons are one of the most secretive and controversial religious groups in the world. Masons have existed for hundreds of years – and if what they claim is anything to go by, they’ve existed covertly for even longer, this article contains some of  the things you didn’t know about the Freemasons.

7) 10 Undisclosed Facts about Lionel Messi

The world of football has never remained the same since the invasion of Lionel Messi.Currently playing his professional football at the Spanish football club of FC Barcelona. A lot has been said about this football star, yet there are still many undisclosed facts about Lionel Messi.

8) 10 Lesser Known Badass Nelson Mandela Facts

The world today celebrate Nelson Mandela, mostly because of his impact, and the Giant strides he took in the world politics, but only few actually know who the real Nelson Mandela was, and the strong character behind all his achievements.

9) 80 Awesome Funny Images Taken at Unusual Angle

They say “Good photographs are taken not just with the camera, good photographs are taken with Mind, Soul, Eyes, and Imagination where Eyes like a shutter, Mind like a lens, Imagination like an object and Soul like a canvas.” This article is a compilation of photos taken at the exact right timing and angle, thus creating a humour side of the story; intentionally or unintentionally.

10) 10 Most Dangerous Prisoners Who Escaped From Prison

A lot of successful prison breakouts in the world have resulted to dangerous prisoners escaping from the bars of detention centres. Who are these dangerous criminals?How did they escape and where are they now? Find out more in this article

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