Bert Kreischer’s Wife, Children And How Much He Is Worth

While Hollywood is primarily in the business of fiction and feel-good stories, the industry has also looked to real life for inspiration for several of its stories with biopics of important or notable personalities being a mainstay of the industry. Despite this, the industry has often found itself with stories that are too unbelievable to be considered true stories, like the story of Bert Kreischer.

When the stories are too unbelievable to be considered real, the industry often pivots to fictionalizing the truth, in order to make it marketable to viewers. It is this model that gave birth to the popular Van Wilder films by National Lampoon. The story is a portrayal of the college life of Bert Kreischer, who has now grown up to become a standup comedian and a television host.

Here is a quick look into the life of the man whose story was too crazy to be told as undiluted truth.

Bert Kreischer Biography

Bert Kreischer’s interesting life began on the 3rd of November, 1965 in Tampa, Florida, where he was born and raised. As the child of rich parents, the best was only the option for Bert and it reflected in his education history. He attended a private school, Jesuit High School, where he graduated before he headed to the university.

The foundation of Bert Kreischer’s reputation was built while he was at Florida State University. As a student of the university, Bert Kreischer was enrolled as an English major but instead spent the bulk of his time partying. Through the fraternity system in place at the school, Bert Kreischer developed a reputation as a top partier under the banner of Alpha Tau Omega. His party exploits drew attention far and wide, helping his school achieve the title of the number one party school in the entire country.

This drove journalistic curiosity from the publication, Rolling Stone, who sought to do a feature on the man responsible for the school’s reputation as a party coven. After granting an interview, the resulting six-page article became a national story that drew the attention of Hollywood.

However, Bert Kreischer reputation came at a cost. He spent six years completing a traditionally four-year course, graduating eventually in 1997.

His Wife and Kids Are Adorable

Bert Kreischer
Bert and his family

His crazy party life as a young man has metamorphized into a reserved life as a family man. Bert Kreischer is now married to LeAnn Kreischer, whom he dated for years before taking to the altar.

Their marriage has so far been blessed with two children – Ila Kreischer and Georgia Kreischer, both of whom are girls. An interesting trivia is that his daughter, Georgia, was named after his wife’s home state.

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Details Of His Parents

Bert Kreischer was born into a rather comfortable home. He was raised by his father, Al Kreischer, who was a real estate attorney and his mother, Gege Kreischer, who worked in early childhood development. He is assumed to be an only child.

Career Achievements

After eventual graduation, Bert Kreischer leveraged his popularity to kickstart a career in standup comedy. He took his talents to comedy bars across Tallahassee, Florida. Eventually, he moved to New York City after a recording of one of his performances impressed a talent agent in the city.

The move to New York City ended up becoming the turning point in his career. Known for performing standup routines without a shirt, Bert has since risen through the comedy industry to perform in multiple comedy specials, both on his own and alongside other comedians. His standup career has also seen him perform on national platforms like Jimmy Kimmel Live and Conan. He recorded his first comedy special, Bert Kreischer: Comfortably Dumb for Comedy Central. His Netflix Special, Bert Kreischer: Secret Time was released in 2018.

Outside of his standup career, Bert is also a television and podcast host. On television, he has hosted The X Show, Bert the Conqueror and a couple of others. He has been hosting his podcast, Bertcast since 2012.

Bert Kreischer’s creative projects also include a published book, Life of the Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child which was released in 2014.

What Is His Net Worth?

There are conflicting reports regarding the net worth of Bert Kreischer, with some publications reporting $1 million while others are reporting $5 million. The truth is believed to be somewhere in the middle. With a mildly successful career as a standup comedian that has seen him release a standup special on Netflix, there is no doubt that he is a more-than-comfortable man.

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