Berco’s Billion Dollar Popcorn: World’s Most Expensive Popcorn Comes With Edible Gold

Popcorn is one of the most popular snacks in the world, and thanks to the versatile methods in which it can be prepared, popcorn is loved by virtually all age groups. It originated from Mexico, over 9,000 years ago, so it won’t be wrong to dub popcorn a snack legend. And you know what every legend deserves? A befitting tribute. Which is what Berco’s one of the world’s most renowned popcorn makers did by creating the finest popcorn with the best ingredients available and an edible 23 karat gold flakes adornment, dubbed Berco’s Billion Dollar Popcorn.

Release your breath! the popcorn doesn’t cost a billion dollar like the name implies, that will be way too preposterous…however, the price is way beyond your regular cinema popcorns. The Berco’s Billion Dollar Popcorn will set you back a cool $250 per gallon making it the world’s most expensive popcorn.

With that price tag, it definitely wasn’t made for the mouths of ordinary people. This is definitely the kind of popcorn celebrities, royals, monarchs and billionaire tycoons will be fetching into their mouths as they watch their favorite movies in their expansive home cinemas whose size gives some of our apartments the run for its money.

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Berco's Billion Dollar Popcorn world's most expensive popcorn

Only the 23 karat of edible gold flakes used to crown Berco’s Billion Dollar Popcorn is enough to drive up the price tag but there are other exotic ingredients used to compose this befitting tribute to the widely-loved popcorn, they include; organic sugar-based caramel, Laeso which is the world’s most expensive and rare salt, Nielsen-Massey Bourbon Vanilla, and Vermont Creamery’s choicest butter.

For the regular people who can’t quite shell out $250 to buy popcorn, Berco’s offer many other varieties which come with modest price tags, they include; Big Time Butter, Caramel corn, and Pretty & Skinny.

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