Ben Indra’s Personal Details and What We Know About His Marriage to Anna Faris

There’s no special secret to what makes a successful relationship. In addition to marrying someone compatible, striking a balance between your professional and personal life is the key. Building a marriage that will stand the test of time isn’t an individual goal, it must come from both parties. Additionally, having a blossoming career is also not a guarantee to a successful marital relationship, that’s why some of the famous celebrities, despite being successful in their career, never achieved same in their love life. As for the lesser-known Ben Indra, his marriage to the famous star actress Anna Faris has joined the long list of unsuccessful Hollywood marriages.

Learn more about Ben Indra, his marriage to Anna Faris, their divorce and other interesting facts below.

Who Is Ben Indra?

Benjamin Jeffery Indra popularly known as Ben Indra is an American actor, best known for his outstanding roles in movies including Tempest Eye, Love Inc., and Voodoo Academy. He came into the limelight following his performance in the film titled Raising Dads where he featured as Josh from 2001 to 2002.

The actor was born in Sonoma County, California on February 23, 1979. He holds American nationality and belongs to the white ethnic background. He is a very private person and hasn’t shared much information about his personal life including his childhood, family background, and educational background.

Indra started his acting career in 1999 playing the role of Marlon in the movie titled Undressed. Later on, he appeared in the series titled Raising Dad which catapulted him into the limelight. He portrayed the role of Josh, a widower who tries to balance his professional and personal life; at the same time be a good father to his two daughters. Ben also starred in other movies including Lovers Lane and Tempest Eye the same year. Additionally, he played the role of Mike McCready in the horror movie titled Voodoo Academy.

His marriage to Anna Faris and eventual divorce

ben indra
Anna Faris Indra’s ex-wife

Ben Indra met his ex-wife Anna Faris on the set of the 1999 movie title Lovers Lane. Faris is a famous American actress and producer. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland on November 29, 1976. She came into the limelight following her appearance in the comic series titled Scary Movie in 2000. The duo had a wonderful relationship which resulted in nuptial bliss. The couple tied the knot in June 2004 and their wedding was attended by their close friends and family members. After the wedding, the amazing couple had a blissful time together before their relationship hit the rocks. At the time, Faris was enjoying a bit of fame while Ben was struggling to carve a niche for himself in the same industry.

It was the third year after their marriage and the efforts of both parties to save their marriage were futile. They decided to try out the last option which was divorce. Anna filed for divorce in April 2007 and the process was finalized in February 2008. The couple cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their divorce, although it was clear that they weren’t mentally ready to face the hurdles of marriage. They didn’t have any kids from the marriage.

After the divorce, Ben Indra kept his life away from the media eye. Since he began to keep a low profile, it’s hard to tell if he has been in other relationships to date. As for Anna, she moved on and entered a relationship with another actor named Chris Pratt. After portraying characters with love interest in the movie titled Take Me Home Tonight, the duo was able to ignite a relationship. They got engaged in 2008 and tied the knot in July 2009. Their wedding took place in Bali, Indonesia.

Together, they have a son named Jack Pratt who was born in August 2012. After eight years of a successful marriage, Anna’s second marriage also hit the rocks. The couple got separated in August 2017 and filed for divorce in December of the same year. Currently, Anna has different views on marriage and doesn’t have plans of remarrying in the near future. The details of her marital journey were written in her autobiography titled Unqualified. It was written and published before she and Chris filed for a divorce.

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Other Interesting Facts You Should Know

1. Ben Indra’s birth name is Benjamin Jeffery Indra and he was born in California, United States.

2. Indra rose to fame while appearing as Josh in the 1999 movie titled Raising Dads.

3. He met his ex-wife Anna Faris on the set of Scary Movie in 2000 and they tied the knot in 2004.

4. He is two years younger than Anna Faris and they divorced in 2008.

5. Anna agreed to pay Indra the sum of $900,000 in spousal support, in addition to the split of properties.

6. Since after their divorce, Ben Indra started keeping a low profile, thus, disappearing from the limelight to date.

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