Dissecting The Truth Behind Belle Delphine’s Fame, Net Worth And Controversies

Belle Delphine is the online alias adopted by Mary-Belle Kirschner who is best known for her cosplay modeling on YouTube and Instagram. Ever since she started in 2015, the internet personality has managed to create her own unique style of cosplaying thereby carving a niche for herself. Looking back at how she started, Belle Delphine’s quick rise to fame has wowed even her own fans.

However, Belle’s rise to fame has not been void of controversies and as with most controversies; they have made her more famous. This has also piqued the interest of many to know how she got her fame.

Belle’s Relocation To The UK Set The Stage For Her To Become A Celebrity

Mary-Belle who was born in Cape Town, South Africa, on October 23, 1999, immigrated to the United Kingdom with her family after her birth. When her parents gave birth to her, one doubts if they imagined that their daughter would one day become an online celebrity; but since her popularity exploded in 2018, that has been the status of Belle Delphine.

Much is unknown about her as far as her childhood is concerned, particularly her academic history. All we know so far is that her family relocated to London, England where she has started her career as a cosplayer and internet personality.

Prior to becoming a full-fledged cosplayer, Belle Delphine was just a lowly worker at a coffee shop. She also worked as a waitress at a restaurant for 6 months to makes end meet. The internet personality at the age of 16 worked as a nanny. Proceeds from her job as a nanny was used to fund her travelling hobby around the UK. Mary-Belle also bought a van and took a trip to France using the money she had gathered over the years. Upon her return from France, Belle Delphine decided to focus on her cosplaying career.

Her Whirlwind Success As A Cosplayer

Belle signed up on Instagram sometime in 2015 and has progressed to becoming a notable internet personality. Three years down the line after her popularity began to take an upward dive, Mary-Belle started uploading her cosplaying and modeling pictures on the platform. The attractive force for many of her followers was the unique aesthetic style coupled with the cat ears, thigh-high stockings and pink wig accessories she made use of.

The popular internet personality switched over to YouTube in July 2016. Her first ever upload on the video-sharing platform featured her explaining how to do a cat-eye makeup. The internet sensation uploaded another video in September 2018, this time around adopting an aesthetic similar to the one she used regularly on Instagram. This alien Disney princess porn star aesthetic was cited as the reason for the massive increase in the number of followers she had on Instagram. Kirschner had in excess of 4 million followers before the end of the second quarter of 2019.

Belle Delphine’s fame on Instagram has been replicated on Patreon, a platform that allows content creators run a subscription service for their followers. She created the account in March 2018 to allow her fans to pledge a monthly donation on her behalf. So far, she has over 4,400 avid supporters on the subscription service platform. It was reported one certain time that Mary-Belle accepted a $2,500 from one of her followers in exchange for a one-on-one Skype conversation.

As a cosplayer, Mary-Belle is notable for creating content on several popular characters. She has portrayed the likes of D. Va from the popular Overwatch video game and Harley Quinn. The talented cosplayer is often described by media outlets as an e-girl – a term used to describe a particular subculture and aesthetic common with young people. More so, Belle Delphine is acclaimed to be a major influence on other e-girls and e-boys. Most TikTok users adopt the e-girl aesthetic used by the popular YouTuber.

Delphine established her own online storefront on July 1, 2019. Part of the goods marketed there includes her famous ‘GarnerGirl Bath Water’ which according to her was the remains of the water she used in bathing. The product which was sold for about $30 was a huge commercial success.

Belle Delphine Has Had Her Own Share Of Celebrity Controversies

Belle has managed to maintain her spot in the limelight for a couple of years without any controversial issue . However, the cosplayer created an account on Pornhub, a well-known pornographic website, sometime in 2019. She initially uploaded a couple of videos which turned out a PR disaster for her. Apparently, Mary Belle’s followers wanted more than just troll videos with thumbnails and titles that bore no resemblance to what was contained in it.

The account which was intended just for laughs later turned into a marketing venture for her self-acclaimed ‘GarnerGirl Bath Water’. Mary-Belle attracted a lot of media attention as her Pornhub escapade went viral all over the internet. The bathwater product was also met with a lot of internet memes and controversy. The responses gotten from her followers included many of them allegedly drinking and cooking with the bathwater.

Belle Delphine
Belle’s bath water advert image source

Not long after her Bath Water merchandise went viral, Instagram deleted her account after they claimed she violated community guidelines. The above action by Instagram was reportedly cited upon several complaints against the internet star. Despite all of the troubles she faced, she received a nomination for a Pornhub Award.

It was also gathered that sometime in 2019, Mary-Belle was at the center of a death hoax. The hoax started after she uploaded a video of her dancing to a suicidal song, which caused her fans and followers to go into a frenzy, thinking she was going to commit suicide. The hoax was subsequently dispelled when she posted another video refuting the claims.

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The Nifty Ways The Talented Cosplayer Makes Her Money Is Applaudable

In a space of five years, Belle Delphine has amassed not just a  huge followership but tremendous wealth from her career as a cosplayer, and YouTuber. Just as we mentioned earlier, Mary-Belle has a Patreon account which enables her to earn subscription fees from her followers. The internet star has over 4,000 supporters who pay $5 to $2,500 monthly to access her exclusive content. Belle-Delphine’s net worth so far is placed at a whopping $500,000.

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