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Cosplaying has been in existence for a while now but only recently became mainstream; after which it rose to become a multi-million-dollar extension of the gaming and film community, with several high-profile names championing the cosplaying movement. But while there are plenty of established names, a few names like the cosplayer, Belle Delphine, are still breaking through the fog to cement their place in the hall of notable Cosplayers.

Belle Delphine has been able to achieve her fame and notoriety for her fairy cosplaying moves. To say her ideas and creativity has been well received would be an understatement, seeing as she has grown her Instagram account to over 3 million followers in just a few years.

For her fans and those who are curious to know what the fuss is about, learn everything you need to know about Belle Delphine below.

Belle Delphine Biography & Age

Belle Delphine was born as Mary-Bell Kirschner on the 23rd of October, 1999 in South Africa. When her parents gave birth to her, one doubts if they imagined their daughter would one day become an online celebrity; but since her popularity exploded in 2018, that has been the status of Belle Delphine.

Much is unknown about her as far as her childhood is concerned, particularly her education history. All we know so far is that her family relocated to London, England where she has earned her fame as a cosplayer.

Before she became a full-fledged cosplayer with financial income via the internet, Belle Delphine began her professional life at the age of 13 in a brick and mortar establishment, a coffee shop. After working at the coffee shop, she moved on to work in a restaurant where she worked as a waitress for 6 months.

When she was 16 years old, she worked as a nanny and used her income to travel around the UK. Following two extra years of living under her parents’ roof, she bought a van and traveled to France with the money she had saved from her various jobs.

After her vacation was over, Belle Delphine decided to focus on her cosplaying career, having begun posting pictures online since she was 14 years old.

Her journey from coffee shop to cosplaying on the internet required her to give up college and focus on her online career. While many would deride the decision, it has turned out quite well for Belle Delphine thus far, at least monetarily. She has been able to grow her Instagram account to over 3 million followers and her Twitter following to over 9,000. Her Instagram, through which she gained notoriety, consists of pictures of her lingerie, fairy dresses, and Japanese cosplay as well.

It hasn’t all been a smooth journey for Belle Delphine as she became the subject of a death hoax in February 2019. The hoax started after she uploaded a video of her dancing to a suicidal song, which caused her fans and followers to go into a frenzy, thinking she was going to commit suicide. The hoax was subsequently dispelled when she posted another video refuting the claims.

Belle Delphine’s Net Worth

When it comes to cosplaying as it is today, much of its earning potential is out of the sale of exclusive pictures to fans through various platforms, with the most popular being Patreon. On Patreon, Belle Delphine has over 3000 patrons who are paying between $5 to $2,500 per month for access to her exclusive content, which often includes raunchy content.

Such a level of financial revenue, along with her other sources of income puts Belle Delphine’s net worth at six figures, at the very least. At the moment, her total net worth is under review and has not yet been disclosed.

Belle Delphine’s Boyfriend

Considering she works in a profession that is mostly patronized by men, an interest in her relationship status is one of the most popular topics about her.

For those asking, Belle Delphine does not appear to have a romantic partner as all indication online suggests she is single. If she is in a relationship, she has done a good job of keeping it away from her online pages and the press as a whole.

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What Is Belle Delphine’s Height?

Despite the fact Belle Delphine does not possess a tall figure, she is reaching heights well beyond her physical limitations. The UK-based cosplayer has a height of 5 feet 6 inches and a very slim build that would almost make her pass as a teenager.

Other recognizable physical features include dark brown hair and brown colored eyes.

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